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Mushroom diet and ideas



The ascendancy of Islam – please, no adjectives – is the punitive correction for the West’s rejection of the Creation narrative of the Book of Genesis, whose theology is also rejected by Islam.

Indeed, it’s providential that Judeo-Christian, Capitalist America, once the leader of the Free World, is retreating from the Islamic Middle East under the aegis of Barack Obama, a self-professed Muslim further impoverished by Socialism.

A stale mushroom diet and an attractive but poisonous one

Obama’s rise is symptomatic of America’s decline. America has forsaken its raison d’être, its world-historical purpose. Until Obama, it was America’s grand purpose to safeguard political freedom, hence to prevent any imperialistic world power from obliterating the existence of the independent nation state. The destruction of the nation state was precisely the goal of Marxist Russia and of Nazi Germany – two totalitarian regimes which have been succeeded by totalitarian and imperialistic Islam.

Enter Obama. Animated by egalitarian envy and racial animosity, Obama has combined a cockamamie version of Marxism and of Islamic supremacism for a double-barreled assault on the diversity and creativity of nation state system mandated by the Bible of Israel.

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Isn’t it significant that both Marxism and Islam reject international borders? Isn’t it also significant that Marxism and Islam reject the primacy of reason and moral suasion, as opposed to primacy of force and coercion? Can it be that Islam is animated by paganism, and that Marxism, which has been called an inverted religion, is also animated by paganism – say by homotheism?

Seal of the Islamic State. The poisonous mushroom attracts those on a stale mushroom diet.

Seal of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. Uploaded to Wikimedia Commons in 2008 Original author: User Monotheist on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported License

Accordingly, it should not be too surprising that some college-educated American youth are joining ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. ISIS is a manifestation of politico-religious nihilism. It attracts bored and disillusioned American youth who, like youth in general, want adventure. They are disgusted with academia and its sterile mushroom diet of multicultural moral relativism.☼

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<a href="" title="Mushroom diet and ideas">Mushroom diet and ideas</a>

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