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Obama interferes in Israeli elections. Does he also use taxpayer money to pay for it?

Confronted by a hostile Obama Administration, Jews must recognize that Israel is all the more in need of a clearly defined Jewish national strategy. Needed is a strategy to unite and galvanize the Jewish people against an American President who identifies with Iran and who is therefore committed to Israel’s destruction.

What a Jewish national strategy means

The Knesset: After 61 years, a Jewish national strategy must intervene.

The Knesset, observing 61 years of existence. Photo: Itzik Edri, CC BY 2.5 Generic License

Going beyond the vague idea of Jewish leadership and the equally vague goal of a Jewish State, Right-minded Jews must clearly articulate and pursue the axiomatic requirements of a Jewish national strategy which, by contrast, will expose the paltry and subversive nature of the Left.  Required are the following public affirmations:

  1. Public affirmation that Israel is the State of the Jews.
  2. Public affirmation that a Jewish polity must be based on Jewish principles and values.
  3. Public affirmation that the primary source of Jewish principles and values is the Torah.
  4. Public affirmation that Israel’s system of government – its laws and institutions — must be consistent with the foregoing axiomatic requirements.

A flawed system that needs correcting

The Right – an authentic Right – must acknowledge these four self-evident truths.  Having done so, the Right must then to expose the basic flaws in Israel’s system of government which make an authentic Jewish polity impossible.  These basic flaws, which are largely responsible for Israel’s disasters and humiliations, may be enumerated as follows:

  1. The dictatorial concentration of power in the Executive Branch.
    1. An Israeli Prime Minister can make agreements with foreign states and even criminal organizations without Knesset or public debate, as PM Netanyahu did when he endorsed the creation of a Palestinian state on June 14, 2009;
    2. An Israeli Prime Minister can dispose of parts of the immemorial homeland  the Jewish People;
    3. An Israeli Prime Minister can release Arab terrorists who have murdered Jewish men, women, and children;
    4. An Israeli Prime Minister can ignore the convictions of those who elected him to office.
  2. The impotence of the Legislative Branch
    1.   Lacking constituency elections, Knesset Members cannot hold Cabinet Ministers politically accountable for their errors, however pernicious.
    2.   Lacking constituency elections, MKs are subservient to party leaders, hence are incapable of exercising independent judgment vis-à-vis Government policies.
    3.   Conversely, citizens lack power to influence Government policies via their own elected representatives
  3. An unrestrained Judicial Branch
    1. The Aharon Barak dictum that “everything is justiciable” violates the rule of law, and has bestowed upon the Supreme Court the power to ignore and make a mockery of fundamental Jewish principles and values.
    2. The Court has substituted its own judgment for that of the Executive Branch even on matters of national security.
  4. A grotesque Parliamentary Electoral System.
    1. Proportional Representation (PR) with a low threshold has resulted in the insane phenomenon of 33 parties competing for seats in the Knesset. The average duration of Government is only two years. And since the Cabinet consists of 5 or 6 rival parties, the Government is incapable of developing coherent and long-term national policies.
    2. The multiplicity of parties in the government conduces to corruption as well as to foreign influence. PR has resulte in fragmentation of the Cabinet ad has made the Government appear contemptible to friends and foes alike.
  5. The lack of a clear, concise, and coherent body of fundamental laws facilitates not only corruption, but also facilitates abuses of government power.
  6. The lack of a clear, concise, and coherent body of fundamental laws means that Israel lacks a political document by which to educate youth and thereby promote civic virtue and national unity. This means that Israel needs a Constitution.

Summing up: Israel is in dire need of a Jewish national strategy. Israel will be incapable of developing such a strategy under her present system of government, a sink hole of incompetence and corruption that undermine Jewish national pride.

Israel is in dire need of a Constitution that prescribes institutional checks and balances and promotes the rule of law. Without such a Constitution there can be no authentic Jewish Republic, which means that Israel will continue to stumble along like a drunkard.☼

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