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Vatican against Israel



Pope Francis forgot to mention: the Vatican has walls. He also keeps protecting mistaken Catholic doctrine about Israel. And how can he support any part of Islam? President Trump made promises for building a wall. Has he broken them?

The Vatican has signed a treaty with the pagan State of Palestine. [Source: Reuters] This so-called state is nothing more than a consortium of pagan organizations dedicated to Israel’s annihilation. The Vatican is pursuing, in a covert way, the objective of former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: to “wipe Israel off the map”!

The Vatican’s embrace of the pagan Palestinians obviously represents a denial of the historic rights of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel. There is nothing new here about the venomous attitude of the Church toward the Jewish people. The existence of the Jewish people – hence of Israel – threatens the validity of Catholic Christianity, as the Vatican is fearfully aware.

Vatican teaches: God is through with national Israel

For millennia, the Church had propagated the theological doctrine that the Jews are eternally damned, rejected by the Almighty for having refused to recognize the Nazarene.

Ponder the reaction to Israel’s rebirth in 1948 by the Jesuit periodical La Civiltà Cattolica (Catholic Civilization) published by the Jesuits in Rome:

1827 years have passed since Jesus of Nazareth’s prophecy that Jerusalem would be destroyed, that the Jews would be exiled as slaves among the nations and remain scattered to the end of time…. According to the Holy Scriptures, it is incumbent on the Jewish people to live forever scattered and wandering among the gentile nations, in order to provide testimony to Jesus, not only via the writings, but also by means of their very existence.  Being that Jerusalem has now been rebuilt, to become a center for the renewed Israeli State, we are duly bound to add this is a direct contradiction to Jesus’ own prophecy.

Moreover, in 1948, the Vatican, in an English radio program, hailed the new Jewish state by describing Zionism as a “new Nazism” and Israel as “a grave menace to Christianity.” Apparently, the Roman Catholic Church cannot tolerate the State of Israel without placing itself in question, a religion that stands compromised by its participation and complicity in the persecution and slaughter of millions of innocent Jewish men, women, and children in this and in previous centuries.

The Vatican acting out of spite?

St. Peter's Square, Vatican City (within Rome)

St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City. Wide-angle view. Photo: Francois Milan. CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported License

Perhaps the Vatican fears that Jews, now in the forefront of Nobel prizes in science, will inaugurate a convergence of science and Torah in Israel that threatens worldwide Christianity, whose demise in the West is conspicuous in what is now called “post-Christian” Europe. Evident here is not only a theological, but also a political phenomenon – a matter of who and what rules.

This may explain the left-wing orientation of Pope Francis, despite the fact that the Left is notoriously atheist, hence anti-Christian as well as anti-Jewish. The Left and its atheism has long prevailed among American academics. The target of these academics is not Christianity so much as the Bible of Israel, without which the foundations of Christianity would crumble. This means that the Vatican’s cynical use of the Palestinians – pagans that use their children as human bombs to destroy Israel – is (unwittingly) an act of the Church’s own suicide!☼

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