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True descent of man



Charles Darwin, father of modern evolution, source of two prime secular falsehoods in America today.

Countless people still believe in the Darwinian hypothesis concerning the descent of man.  To this day die-hard evolutionists contend that mankind–Homo sapiens–evolved from lower forms of life through a process of chance mutation and natural selection; and this process is said to be progressive.

Descent into plagiarism

To state the matter more graphically:  Many learned professors proudly boast that we (and they) are nothing more than clever orangutans.  And these professors bristle with indignation should we take issue with them.  It were as if we had offended their honor by denying their descent–a curious characteristic of these neo-orangutans, no?

At the risk of being called a Neanderthal, it seems to me that the evolutionary hypothesis–it is not a scientific theory–is a modern hoax.  In fact, contrary to universal opinion, it now appears that Darwin was not even the sole or original author of his most famous works, The Origin of the Species and The Descent of Man.  Current research in South America, where Darwin did most of his research, has led certain naturalists to conclude that he purloined the manuscripts of both books from a Jew he met in Peru.  Apparently, earlier drafts of the manuscripts have been discovered.  But what is most incredible, the researchers contend that Darwin inverted the manuscripts’ zoological conclusions regarding the descent of man!

Although the present writer reserves judgment on this startling discovery–if it is such–one thing is clear.  Today, many linguistic scientists, microbiologists, paleontologists, mathematicians and other rigorous scientists reject the causal or mechanistic dimensions of the evolutionary hypothesis.  But perhaps the best refutation of this hypothesis, so far as it involves the descent of man, is to be found in certain well-known historical and contemporary facts which may be recounted by way of a rather familiar story.

Descent from head to…

We all know that Jews have had the most profound impact on mankind.  Consider this story which I have named “The True Descent of Man” in honor of that Jew in Peru whose manuscripts were allegedly corrupted by Darwin some one hundred and sixty years ago.

Initially, and thanks very much to the unsurpassed genius of Moses, man’s essence was thought to be centered in his head, the intellect.  (Aristotle’s successor Theophrastus referred to the Jews as a “nation of philosophers.”)

Some fourteen hundred years later, however, a Reform Jew–today he would be more conservative than most Jews–taught that man’s essence lies in the heart, that is, in the emotions.

Again many centuries passed, until man’s descent from his head to his heart was carried further by Karl Marx.  Marx, born a Jew who knew little of Judaism, taught that man’s essence lies in the abdomen–in the economic needs of mankind.

After Marx the evolutionary descent of man was accelerated by another Jew: Sigmund Freud (who knew even less than Marx about Judaism).  Freud lowered man’s essence even below the abdominal level.

Obama: progress, or the last descent of man?

Barack Obama, in multicolored shadow, imitating Lenin or Stalin. Artist unknown.

But it wasn’t until a champion of same sex marriage became president of the USA that the descent of man reached its climax. As a consequence, the male gender is unheard of in America. Members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff must be women – Amazon-like females like Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

In Israel, the macho General Moshe Yaalon, who has boldly spoken up for same sex marriage, is being primed for the premiership – although the ever mellifluous Benjamin Netanyahu may preempt him. Rumor has it that Yaalon’s same-sex marriage announcement is really a trial balloon for Bibi.

True, Netanyahu may well be in lock-step with Barack Obama. This makes the presidential bid of Donald Trump all the more interesting, since Trump wants to outlaw the use of teleprompters. That would make Obama speechless, and put an end to the definition of man as a speaking animal.☼

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Which Peruvian jew?


I was wondering that myself. A cursory Google search on the topic doesn’t reveal anything other than Dr. Eidelberg’s publication of versions of this essay back in 2008 (link to and 2014 (link to, when he was apparently complaining about soccer fandom. Perhaps there was some relevant news about Darwin manuscripts from 2007/08, but I couldn’t find any.

Given the overall tone of the article, though, it’s more likely this is just a made-up satirical claim, like this one: link to


Correction – there is yet an earlier version from 2007 at link to

Perhaps the site owners here could inquire as to what Peruvian Jew Dr. Eidelberg was referring?


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