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Israel: play it again, Sam!



Obama interferes in Israeli elections. Does he also use taxpayer money to pay for it?

Why does Machiavelli say in his masterpiece The Prince that it’s good to be both loved and feared, but that if you can only have one: better to be feared than loved?

Macchiavelli. Israel should learn from him.

Niccolò Macchiavelli. Portrait by Santi di Tito

The problem in Israel: would rather be loved than feared

Why? Because fear depends on you and what you do, whereas love depends on the other, and nothing is more fickle than love.

Why can’t Israeli Prime Ministers act on this teaching? Why? Because they go to the university, where they are Americanized and semi-Christianized!!!

Educators in Israel should study the “pedagogy” of Sparta, but only to counteract the milquetoast education of Americans.

Israel exists in the most violent area of the world, where virtually every Muslim has been taught since being weaned that hating and killing Jews is a religious imperative.

Contrast how Jews are taught, especially when they enter college where they are brainwashed with moral relativism and “conflict resolution.” Not a single Prime Minister in Israel has had the wit to deal with this pedagogical problem. If they have been inspired by anyone it’s a Mother Theresa  – certainly not a George S. Patton.

Thus, when Operation “Protective Edge” emerged, Israel’s mellifluous Prime Minister said something like this: “It’s not our purpose to defeat Hamas.”  Play it again Sam.☼

Editor’s Note

American students get the same vitiating education Israeli students get. This includes two heresies that have formed part of mainstream Christianity for decades: pacifism and “replacementism,” the notion that God is through with national Israel. Add to it: modern university educations no longer teach Christianity. They teach secular humanism. And they selectively teach pacifism. “Conflict resolution” teaches something worse: how to blame yourself for an evil someone else does.

These vitiating notions cripple any American effort to comprehend, much less defeat, something calling itself “The Islamic State.” They do so as surely as they cripple national Israel in dealing with this third generation of Philistines. (They might control only one of the original Five Cities. But their very name in Arabic sounds like “Philistine.” No wonder: Emperor Hadrian renamed Judea to “Palestine” to invoke the name of ancient Philistia. This although Nebuchadnezzar II wiped out the second generation of Philistines half a millennium earlier.)


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