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To the soldiers who protect us

However one classifies his book “American Sniper,” Chris Kyle refers to the Muslim insurgents in Iraq as the “bad guys.” He does not insert inverted commas around the word “bad,” the practice of American academics tainted by moral relativism.

Chris Kyle: exemplar of moral clarity

Kyle, a 100% red, white, and blue American and a Navy SEAL, knew without a college degree, that the insurgents in Iraq consisted of bad guys, not because they were Muslims, but because they used Muslim children as decoys. Since this barbaric behavior is condoned by Islam, it would be reasonable to conclude that Islam, whatever its positive qualities, harbors intrinsic and enormous evil, a judgment reached by former Muslims such as Syrian-born psychiatrist Dr. Wafa Sultan, now living in America.

Marine recruits. How many professors, or moral relativists, appreciate the role of the military? You won't find moral relativism in the ranks!

Raw Marine recruits fall in for inspection (and chewing-out) by a drill sergeant. Photo: Lance Cpl. Benjamin E. Woodle, USMC

However, such moral judgment is taboo not only among morally neutral American college professors, but also among college-educated officials of the American State Department, such as John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, appointees of President Barack Obama. In fact, John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, has written in his book Surrender Is Not an Option, that “moral equivalency” permeates the State Department.

This pernicious doctrine obviously precludes moral condemnation of regimes, such as Iran, and terrorist organizations, such as the Palestinian Authority, which have used young children to explode mine fields or as human bombs – and in the name of Allah.

The officials of the American State Department, the most highly university-educated department in American government, conduct foreign policy under the aura of moral and cultural relativism. It’s hard to see how America can survive with such people at the helm. Indeed, why would any sensible soldier want to risk life and limb in the service of a country led by such people?

By the way, it was reported on November 16, 2007, that the number of U.S. Army deserters was up 80% since the Iraq War started in 2003. To be sure, there were several causes – such as an inept American President – but it would be a mistake to disregard the moral and cultural relativism that flourishes in academia, and which today saps the fighting spirit of Americans despite the war Islam declared against America on 9/11.

Indeed, although American Sniper will not go down as great literature, it reveals some of the patriotic and humane qualities of American soldiers, qualities which are being undermined by academic moral relativism.☼

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