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Gustav Flaubert on democracy



Flawed policies come from a flawed election system of proportional representation and endless coalition government. Israel turns out to be a democratically elected despotism. In fact its policies cast doubt on whether Israel is a Jewish State or not. A Prime Minister who changes this system can become truly great. But it means ditching Israel's democratic reputation. The Likud Party make it worse when, dependent on Arab votes, they let insurrection slide.

If you consider what has held center stage in the media of Israeli Democracy during the days of Yasser Arafat, and if you juxtapose that personification of evil and ugliness and with the Democracy that supports President Barack Obama’s nuclear weapons agreement with Iran, you may begin to appreciate the prophecy of the great French novelist Gustav Flaubert:

The world of today and existence in general weigh heavily and horribly on my shoulders.  I am so disgusted with everything … It is a world in itself, the world as it exists in the dreams of radical democrats, and as I shall never live to see it, thank God.  The things that will hold the center of the stage during the next two or three hundred years are enough to make a man of taste vomit.

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These words should be taken seriously by Jews who mindlessly relate their aristocratic heritage to Democracy – the Pavlovian tendency of Israeli politicians, judges, and intellectuals who have the audacity to say that Democracy is compatible with Judaism!

Arafat dead, but democracy still weakens the people

The Knesset: 61 years of parliamentary democracy. Or is it?

The Knesset, observing 61 years of existence. Photo: Itzik Edri, CC BY 2.5 Generic License

Although Arafat has been buried, his scourge does not abate. It continues, thanks to those who have the physical but lack the spiritual power to put an end to the evil which that Arab and his parasitic consorts loosed upon Israel when they consummated the 1993 Oslo Agreement.

Are these thoughts too difficult for Jewish champions of Democracy to digest?  Will they take comfort in the adage of Winston Churchill that Democracy is not the best form of government, but all others are worse?  Will they continue to burn incense to Democracy while the radical democrat Barack Obama is so keen to sacrifice Israel on the altar of American democracy?

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