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Harvard against America



Harvard University Widener Library. In 2017 Harvard started black-only college graduations. Do universities even value freedom of speech anymore?

The significance Israel’s conflict with the Muslim-Arabs of the Palestinian Authority has been trivialized by political scientists and journalists throughout the world. Let me start this expose with sardonic humor. There is only one solution to Israel’s conflict with the Muslim-Arab of the Palestinian Authority. Replace Israel’s Prime Minister with a pure-blood Comanche Indian who has never attended Harvard University or been influenced by its prevailing political mentality.

From Harvard to the end of American civilization

Harvard University Widener Library

Widener Library, the central library of Harvard University. Shield: gules three books blanc; legend: “Veritas” (Truth). Credit: Joseph Williams on, CC BY 2.0 Generic License

Indulge me for a moment. Let me first mention the accommodationist left-wing mentality of Harvard Professor Zbigniew Brzezinski. This Harvard academic, an individual tainted by anti-Semitism and steeped in moral relativism, became the National Security Advisor of President Jimmy Carter. It was Jimmy Carter, whose disciple now occupies the White House, who facilitated the return of Ayatollah Khomeini to from exile in France to Iran.

Hence we may infer that it was the Harvard-educated Brzezinski who opened the door to the Islamic revolution, perhaps the greatest revolutions in history. Brzezinski led Carter to believe that Khomeini was merely a “social reformer.” The same Brzezinski was also an early adviser of Barack Obama. Like Brzezinski, Obama is a left-wing moral relativist. He not only pooh-poohs Islamic terrorism, but not unlike Brzezinski, he deplores the world leadership of capitalist America!

The left-wing mentality of the Harvard-educated Brzezinski therefore animates the fool in the White House, who once touched base at Harvard. Moreover, Obama concluded a nuclear weapons deal with Khomeini’s successor in Iran, President Hassan Rouhani, that will hasten Iran’s acquisition of such weapons, which will not enable Teheran to dominate the Middle East and endanger Israel’s existence, but even to launch nuclear-tipped ballistic missile that threaten the United States!

Obama’s soft policy toward Hassan Rouhani, President of terrorist Iran, is comparable in principle to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s milquetoast attitude toward Mahmoud Abbas, President of the terrorist permeated Palestinian Authority.

It must surely be of strategic significance that Bibi studied political science at prestigious Harvard University, whose political science department is dominated by left-wingers. This left-wing preeminence at Harvard University is typical of American higher education. Indeed, it was evident in all the social sciences as early as 1976 in 75% of American universities!

These universities provide the leading officials of the American State Department, as has been indicated by former US Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton. Bolton’s book, Surrender is Not an Option (2007) deplored the moral equivalence prevailing in American foreign policy, which is most conspicuous in its policy toward democratic Israel and the Palestinian Authority, a Muslim-Arab kleptocracy.
This indiscriminate egalitarianism animates not only the Executive Branch of American Government, but also its Judicial Branch, which is evident in the U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions that legalize sodomy and same-sex marriage, decisions that strike at the roots of Judeo-Christian civilization.

But in as much as this indiscriminate egalitarianism is fostered by the university-bred doctrine of moral relativism, it follows that higher education in the United States has emasculated American foreign policy, indeed, has disemboweled America. This means that higher education in America – at least in the social sciences and humanities – is the primary cause of America’s worldwide retreat from power, hence of America’s political and moral decline!

We are therefore witnessing America’s decline as a civilization, which logically entails the disintegration of America’s Judeo-Christian ideas and values. This is the inevitable consequence of the moral equivalence manifested in America’s policy toward Israel, a nation that upholds the political ideas and moral values of Western Civilization opposite the Palestinian Authority, whose Muslim-Arab minions utterly scorn and violate those ideas and values and therefore worship Nihilism the name of Allah!

But what is it that can propagate and provide an alluring and seemingly rational justification of this Nihilism, if not American higher education of which Americans are so proud?

This education, which filters down through levels and worldwide media of education, corrupts mankind. It transforms America into a Black Hole from which no light can emerge, and thus renders America a colossal calamity on its way to oblivion.◙

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Pamela Ballinger-Brinkman

Terry, the right wing attacks on higher education remind me of Pol Pot, the Cambodian dictator who killed anyone with a smattering of education, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, to create a dumbed down agarian society.

Christina Hawkins

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