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New Hampshire: 1979 to 2016



Donald Trump, pragmatist

Let us contrast some results of the New Hampshire Primary of this year with a study made in 1979 reported by the eminent Prof. Samuel Huntington.

He writes:

The more educated people are, the less likely they are to think that Communism is the worst form of government … In line with this belief, the more educated are less likely than the less educated to believe that the United States should be stronger than the Soviets: in a 1979 poll, for example, 35% of those with a college education thought that it was necessary for the United States to be stronger than the Soviet Union, as compared to 59% who thought otherwise.

New Hampshire today validates that 1979 study.

Donald Trump in 2011. Trump took New Hampshire because a lot of non-college-indoctrinated New Hampshire voters turned out for him, even crossing over to do it.

Donald Trump speaking to the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference. Photo by Gage Skidmore; CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported License.

Contrast this 1979 data with the 2016 data concerning the political profiles of the New Hampshire primary voters: See: here. Now consider this:

  1. Donald Trump pulled a disproportionate number of voters – 45 percent – who said their highest education was high school or less, underperformed with voters holding a postgraduate degree – pulling just 20 percent of that vote….
  2. Trump did much better among voters who never graduated college, grabbing 38 percent of this group, to 27 percent of college graduates who voted for him.

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Now juxtapose Trump, whose slogan is “Let’s make America great again,” and Obama, who deplores and wants to diminish America’s Greatness. Look again at the voting data, We here see that, just as in 1979, lower-educated Americans wanted to make America stronger than her enemy, Imperialistic Communist Russia (i.e., the USSR), so today our lower-educated Americans want America to be stronger than her enemy, Islam, the Muslim (Iranian) counterpart of Soviet Communism.

What is the connection between 1979 and 2016? In the 1979 report cited by Huntington, at least 75 per cent of professors then in the Social Sciences were Leftists. This Leftist domination of academia, including political science, continues to this day.

This is why Trump did better with the less educated – because American colleges and universities (as well as the law schools and the State Department) are dominated not only by the Left, but also by the University–bred doctrine of moral relativism, an anti-American orientation now personified by Barack Obama!☼

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