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Socialism: not manna



The faces of collectivism, communism, and to a lesser degree, socialism. Note Mao - because cultural upheaval is made in China. The clock is ticking. Will a descendant of these three win? The Equality Act furthers this goal.

Advocates of socialism, like Bernie Sanders, want the American people to believe they will be rained upon by a plethora of free stuff, like manna from heaven. Those who are naïve and gullible enough to believe this palaver will have a very long wait ahead of them. Nothing in life is free. It is only gained by hard work, industry and the freedom and independence to go out into the world with the willpower and determination to get things done.

Socialism in theory and practice

Karl Marx. Inspiration for advocates of socialism everywhere.

Karl Marx. Portrait: John Mayall, 1875.

What Bernie has to offer is economically crushing high taxes, menial jobs in low paying fields and a complete government take over of your life to the point where the people will no longer be able to prosper or gain control of their own futures or the future of their children and grand-children. The average citizen will be left in devastated circumstances while they wait for the rain of manna to begin as their prospects diminish and their hard-earned pay disappears into vast governmental coffers.

Like obedient little bobble heads nodding in agreement with the wind, those who follow the Socialists Agenda proudly boast of the desire to dumb-down the fine citizens of these United States of America. Taking a moment to understand the meaning of the phrase “dumb-down”, it is easy to see why the diminishing of prospects is about to occur. The word “dumb” has two prevalent definitions: 1) stupid, i.e. lacking in intelligence and 2) mute, i.e. lacking in speech. Such language would give any normal thinking person pause for thought. Yet those who are willing to follow this line of behavior are also those who are willing to be both stupid and voiceless about their personal options in life.

Our great country was founded on the belief that All People Are Created Equal. We cannot diminish our capacity to the point where only those who are in control have the ability to make prominent decisions for us while the rest of us are left floundering in the gray area of stupidity and the lack of a voice.

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[…] Socialism: not manna […]

[…] Socialism: not manna […]


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