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Donald Trump, pragmatist

Listening to the many talk shows, watching interviews with politicians and clicking on an array of videos splattered across social media, it dawned on me that there were various reasons and multiple types of people as well as many groups, which either despise Donald J. Trump, fear him or in some cases, both.

So it’s time to analyze these entities, lay out the reasons each of them have for the positions they hold and why they have done so.

Let’s identify these groups and individual types. They can be easily defined simply by assessing their characteristics, activities and attitudes over many decades. As we define these people and groups, it is quite possible one could find purchase in several categories.

Here then, a list of the frightened and the haters:

Donald Trump in 2011. He took on McCain. Maybe he's right.

Donald Trump speaking to the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference. Photo by Gage Skidmore; CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported License.

The Republican Establishment-This group, while those who are part of it work constantly and diligently at preventing outsiders from joining, actually deny that they even exist. These people are the self-anointed elites, the ones who have spent years if not decades encouraging support for platforms of moderation. They are the keepers of the gate, and the defenders of the status quo.

The Democratic Party –This group too has its elites but who is permitted membership carries little concern provided any aspect of their ideology represents or supports the defeat of conservatism, capitalism, liberty, the expulsion of God, the family structure and of course, the rule of law which is represented by our Constitution.

The Media– This entity gives the word “elite” a whole new meaning. They no longer even consider purveying the truth, of which they care less about than they do the future of this country. Insulated from responsibility or reprisal and void of morality and conscience, they inhabit a sort of kingdom where ideology is the only guiding parameter.

Government agency bureaucrats– this bloated collection of taxpayer-funded bottom feeders is by far the most corrupt of them all. It consists of millions of leftist ideologues who interfere with productivity and drain financial resources from individuals and businesses alike. They rule outside the confines of constitutional law as they not only waste billions of dollars every month but are stealing more than anyone could possibly put a number to.

Lobbyists and donors– despicable is by far too weak an adjective to describe these enemies of a democratic society. These people are either employed by or under contract with foreign governments, corporations, hedge fund purveyors and unscrupulous individuals. Their job is to hand out hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to the members of the two parties and the bureaucrats (referenced above) in exchange for whatever it is they need. They profit handsomely and the corporations make billions and the politicians build substantial nest eggs. All of which occurs at the expense of the American people.

The conservative republican voter– these individuals agree with much of Trump’s platform but harbor concerns that he may not do what he is campaigning on or that he will just not be able to.

The unaffiliated or independent voter– some of these people are not comfortable with Trump’s tone and base that on the false perception that hard rhetoric and lack of political correctness is not presidential.

The left leaning democrat voter –these people are for the most part either under-informed, under-educated or indoctrinated into the belief that they should get what others have earned. They will only support candidates who promise them free stuff and will never consider the consequences of that free piece of cheese sitting prettily on the mouse trap trigger.

The envious or jealous voter– these people compare their own failures or successes to those of Donald Trump and instead of admiring what he has accomplished they have turned envy green and as such have lost all perspective of what he can do for the country. This a small group and probably will have no sway nor an inclination to reevaluate, as this type of emotion overwhelms all ability to reasonably process logical thought.

Here now a list of things which have fired up the fear and hate:

Trump has promised that:

  • He will do all he can to prevent businesses from leaving this country.
  • He will do all he can to bring businesses such as Apple, Ford, Carrier and many others, back to America.
  • He will make it possible for businesses to bring back to the US, many trillions of dollars in offshore banks so that the money can be used to build and invest here.
  • He will lower tax rates on corporations and the middle class.
  • He will simplify the tax code and trim down the IRS.
  • He will save Social Security without cutting benefits of those who have paid into it.
  • He will audit the Federal Reserve.
  • He will investigate and prosecute government officials and bureaucrats who have stolen from the American people. This includes every single department.
  • He will take care of our veterans, root out the corruption in the Veteran’s Administration and put people in jail.
  • He will end Obamacare, replace it with a more efficient system and will make sure those who can’t afford health care will get it.
  • He will end Common Core, a Washington DC based education program put together by leftist ideologues.
  • He will return education to the local and state level.
  • He will protect the Second Amendment.
  • He will give a free hand to his Attorney General and FBI to root out and prosecute all crimes and corruption. This includes Hillary’s illegal server usage.
  • He will build a wall and it will be a real and effective wall.
  • He will stop illegal drugs from pouring into our country.
  • He will get the law which prevents churches from exercising free speech revoked.
  • He will not allow lobbyists or special interest groups to interfere with his agenda.
  • He will send over a hundred thousand illegals serving time in US prisons back to the countries they came here from.
  • He will send Syrian refugees back to Syria and get the Gulf States to pay for a safe zone for them, over there, not in your backyard.
  • He will end state monopolies created by health insurance companies and open up competitive bidding across the country.
  • He will end the no bidding of pharmaceutical purchases by government agencies which will save tax payers hundreds of billions of dollars every year.
  • He will stop TPP and negotiate with every trading partner on an individual basis.
  • He will get the laws changed that now prevent our government from using enhanced interrogation on terrorists who are plotting to kill Americans.
  • He will untie the hands of our fighting men and women by removing the dangerous engagement rules put in place by Obama.
  • He will destroy ISIS and use Generals who know how to get it done and get it done quickly.
  • He will stop sending tax payer dollars to countries that hate us and interfere with our foreign policy.
  • He will review then override every one of Obama’s illegal Executive orders.
  • He will support the police.
  • He will work to get a law in place that would hold news outlets accountable for intentionally lying to the public.
  • He will appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court.
  • He will not allow the terrorist state of Iran to acquire nuclear weapons capable of being loaded on intercontinental missiles.
  • He will treat every American equally and with respect but will not allow fringe or lunatic groups to hold the people hostage.
  • He will never swap dirty rotten traitors for dirty rotten Islamic terrorists.
  • He will make hedge fund managers pay taxes as earned income and not allow anymore tax evading deferments.
  • He will try to get an agreement between Israel and Palestine. He admits this will be his most difficult project.
  • He will evaluate the EPA and trim it to the size which is needed to protect the environment but not allow for that agency to crush industry and jobs.
  • He will reinstate patriotic Generals Obama has removed and remove those who are not patriots Obama has appointed.
  • He will build up our military but do so with equipment the officers want and need, not what special interest groups force on them.
  • He will charge countries a fair price for the protection we give them.
  • He will make Mexico pay for the wall on our southern border.
  • He will not schedule a world apology tour and he will never bow to a foreign leader.
  • He will make America rich again.
  • He will make America Great Again.

As you read these 44 items try to bear in mind the 9 Trump hater types listed above. Then place yourself into the appropriate category. It’s quite likely many will find they fit into more than one. Great Americans will find a home in none.

Will any other candidate do anything Trump promises to do?

A question one should present to him or herself, is this. Will any of the other candidates even try to do any of these 44 things? Or will they just play the traditional lip service which has been the establishment’s election play book?Fool us once, shame on them. Fool us for 50 years, shame on us.

So, maybe Trump can’t get all of these things done. Maybe he won’t be able to get even most of them done. But beware, those who have underestimated him over the past 45 years have paid dearly for those errors in judgment. Clearly the establishment and the media are not so sure.

Hence the fear.

The hatred.

The lies.

Maybe Trump will do it. Certainly no other candidate will.Abandoned patriots in this country have dreamed of a third party, dreamed of someone who would and could do what this country needs. That dream has become reality in the form of Mr. Trump. He is that third party. Not because he wanted to be but because the haters, the crooks and the back room dealers have forced him to be. Thanks to Mr. Trump, if the Republican Party does not wise up, their party will be the new third party and it may never recover. Haven’t heard from the Whig Party lately, have we?

By now you may have either placed yourself into one of those 9 Groups or quietly disengaged from them. You may in fact chose to remain there. But for the rest of us, many millions of us, we have decided to go with the “maybe” associated with Donald Trump as opposed to the “absolutely not” guaranteed by the establishment. Which by the way does not exist, just ask them.

The Republican Party over the years has supported Ford, Dole, McCain and Romney and now it has the “pelotas de laton” to declare that Trump is not conservative enough? Talk about disengaged.

Reprinted from TPATH

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I want Ted Cruz to the next President of the United States of America because he know and will follow the Constitution. That being said, make no mistake that if Donald Trump does win the nomination I will vote for him because he is much much better than the angry old white Socialist man or the Criminal old Socialist woman the democrats are running.


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