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Israel, act like a sovereign Jewish state!



The Damascus Road. An apt illustration of how "Let's pretend" is a dangerous game to play in diplomacy in the region.

Fools aside, everyone knows that the so-called Jewish State of Israel is at war with the factitious Palestinian Authority (PA). Unless Israel acts like a sovereign Jewish state, the PA will welcome ISIS into the Land of Israel.

Muslims threaten Israel, and what happens?

Didn’t these Muslims demonstrate for Hamas during Israel’s “Operation Protective Edge” in Gaza? Indeed, many of Israel’s own Arab citizens have participated in Islam’s war against Israel, a fact obscured by Israeli governments that regard the PA as its “Peace Partner.” How often and how recently have these Muslims freely traversed the roads of Israel assaulting Jews in Jewish cars? And how often have they brazenly raised the PLO flag, even on Israeli campuses, while the Government blinks? These Muslims will welcome ISIS. Oslo will be their Trojan horse.

Since the Labor Party foisted the disastrous Oslo Agreement on Israel in 1993, the cockamamie Government of this country has been led by a procession of liars too timid to tell the truth about the implacable nature of Israel’s enemy. The brutal crimes of this enemy against defenseless Jewish women and children are a terrible reflection on Israeli Prime Ministers and on the manhood of the Israel Defense Forces now led by Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya’alon. Given Israel’s milquetoast Government, the IDF behaves more like police on horses than as a war machine. It often seems that PM Netanyahu’s primary mission is to harass Jewish settlers rather than destroy Israel’s enemies.

Meanwhile, the religious parties twiddle their thumbs, silent spectators paid for servile political correctness. This is Democracy Israeli style, where all parties jockey for place, perks, and power, lusting for a ministry or fiefdom which, under color of law, squanders the treasure of harassed Jews

This is what David Ben-Gurion said years ago, when the Left was the Left, and the Right was the Right. Today the Left, devoid of any serious ideology, is a mere pack of paltry jobbers. As for the Right, the less said the better.

Does Israel act like a sovereign Jewish state?

Such is the abysmal fragmentation of politics in Israel that one may wonder whether Israel is a truly distinctive sovereign state. Israel’s 1948 Proclamation of the State is a travesty. At least 20% of Israel’s population hates its Jewish vestiges, while roughly that number represents another disaffected section of the population.

But what then is a “State”? My dictionary says that a State is “an independent regime representing a distinctive people and occupying a stable swath of territory. This definition of a State contains three elements. (1) A State must be a politically independent entity; (2) this entity must represent a unified people; and (3) this people must occupy a definite territory. Let’s apply this definition to Israel.

  1. Far from being a politically independent entity, the State of Israel, judging from the behavior of Benjamin Netanyahu and his predecessors, seems tied by an umbilical cord to democratic America to which it genuflects on territorial issues. Moreover, Israeli Prime Ministers slavishly imitate the moral indifferentism of America in dealing with despot ic regimes. This compels Netanyahu to consort with Mahmoud Abbas. It compels him to lie repeatedly about the “peace process.” He must therefore degrade himself by hobnobbing with kleptocratic Arab despots: yesterday Arafat, today Abbas, who exalt murderers. Notice, too, how pathetically concerned Netanyahu is about “world opinion.” Does this posture fit a sovereign State?
  2. Israel’s reputation as a democracy is also a lie. The Government parades this lie to endow its ministers with legitimacy and respectability, especially in the U$A. Does the Government represent the people – what people? – when the people are divided into a 30 parties during an election!? What indeed is a “people”?

What goy really means

In defining a people, the Torah makes a distinction between an Ahm and a Goy. Whereas an Ahm signifies a collectivity united by a religious heritage, Goy signifies an aggregation of groups united only on the basis of a common territory or homeland.

Let us therefore define a people as a monocultural entity united not only by language, but by shared beliefs and values rooted in an immemorial past. Can this be said of an overwhelming majority of the people in Israel? Is this why a considerable number of people in Israel would have Israel become a bi-national state?

Be this as it may, consider only Jews and Muslims. Since the Jews and Muslims in the Land of Israel have antagonistic beliefs and values, the State of Israel represents not an Ahm but a Goy – the position of Israel’s Left!

This reminds me of Barack Obama’s First Inaugural of January 20, 2009. As noted by Prof. Edward Alexander, “Obama jettisoned the long-established locution that embodies the generally-accepted notion of “the Judeo-Christian tradition. This American tradition mandates the phrase “Christians and Jews,” In contrast, Obama said “We are a nation of Christians and Muslims,” and then, after a slight pause, “Jews and Hindus,” another slight pause, “and unbelievers.”

In Yiddish, this makes America a Goyishe state!

Those who control the political and judicial institutions of the Goyishe State of Israel represent only themselves or their party factions. Consider the Knesset. It’s not uncommon for MKs to hop from one party to another and thus betray those who originally voted for their parties. Since they are not individually elected by, or accountable to, the voters in constituency elections, these MKs – including cabinet ministers – can and do ignore the voters with impunity. Thus, when Yossi Beilin was a member of the Labor Party, to those who said the people would oppose his territorial retreat plan, replied: “When have we ever listened to the people?”

By the same token, did Ariel Sharon listen to the people when he nullified the January 2003 election by adopting Labor’s policy of “unilateral disengagement”?

Beilin’s arrogant remark reminds me of Israel’s Supreme Court, whose former president, Aharon Barak, brazenly admitted that the Court represents Israel’s “enlightened population.” These “Illuminati” consists of Israel’s ultra-secularists, a small minority of the population led by those responsible for the Oslo disaster. These “enlightened” ones are indeed represented by the high priests of Israel’s Supreme Court.

This priesthood substitutes its own benighted pagan predilections, such as same-sex marriage, for the refined ideas and values of the Jewish sages. Their ideas and values are still cherished by Jews whose number in Israel far exceeds those whom the erstwhile Judge Aharon Barak called the “Enlightened population.” The Court exalts this multicultural minority. Judging from the power and character of this ruling class, Israel has no decisive and distinctive Jewish character; it is merely an ensemble of discordant ethnic and religious groups. It’s not an Ahm but a Goy!

What happens to Judea and Samaria?

Israel, Judea-Samaria, and Gaza. All these are the real birthright of the Jews.

Israel, its neighbors, and disputed territories. Graphic: Central Intelligence Agency

Finally, contrary to the above definition of a “State,” which requires the people to occupy “a definite territory,” consider the 330,000 Jews residing in Judea and Samaria. Where will these Jews live if Bibi fulfills his “Goyishe” vow of June 14, 2009 to create a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria?

The conclusion is inescapable: What is called the “State of Israel” does not contain any of the elements of a genuine state. The State of Israel is a fiction.

This fiction is exploited by paltry politicians, by politicians who lack the intellectual capacity and stamina to liberate Israel from its bondage to Oslo..

Dear reader: Do not be alarmed or disaffected by my critique of the so-called State of Israel and or of Bibi. Although Bibi’s Goyishe world outlook renders the Land of Israel up for grabs, it also presents Jews having keen minds and lofty ambition with a monumental opportunity. Surely such Jews can tap considerable venture capital, enough to put an end to Israel’s 20-year reign of Oslovian decadence. A propos of Passover, surely such Jews can liberate Israel from the bondage of Oslo and from the illusion of making peace with Arab thugs and savages. Surely they can arouse the fervor of young religious Jews whose zeal will be felt by the Israel Defense Forces which at last will be given the objective to defeat and disarm the Palestinian Authority that has so long afflicted the Jewish people.

I am projecting a Government that would liberate Israel from the Middle Ages, i.e., from Israel’s feudal regime of thirty petty political parties. This will produce a majority party, which Israel has never had, a party that represents sacred ideas and values of the Jewish people, a party that may inspire mankind and save us from the Evil Empire of Islam and its spearhead, ISIS.◙


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Ged Todd

Absolutely! The time has come for the Israelis to STOP trying to placate the disingenuous Palestinian mob and their radical Islamic terrorist cohorts. Palestinians have NO honest desire to find peace with Israel. Palestinians want to destroy Israel. There will be no peace and it is time “that reality” be recognized and acted upon by Israel with the United States’ total support (as soon as IslamObama’s tyranny is gone)! TRUMP will do the right thing by Israel, whom he calls, “Our only true, democratic, friend in the Mideast”! Palestinians have numerous Muslim Arab States all around them; let an Arab Muslim State give Palestinians land for their State! They won’t because this controversy has nothing to do with a Palestinian State and everything to do with destroying Israel.

Ged Todd

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Ron Chronicle

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