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Racism, voodoo, and the Pope



Israel, Judea and Samaria (occupied territories?), and Gaza. All these are the real Jewish and Israeli birthright, from the beginning. A God-given birthright, as Trump should recognize.. Which now-in-force international law and treaties recognize, going back to the San Remo Resolution. Even UN Resolution 242 couldn't change that. Disengagement from any of them spells disaster. A two-state solution violates this birthright. (As a candidate for ambassador clearly understands.) Why won't the Likud Party protect this birthright? Why do some accuse champions of Judea-Samaria of having crypto-Nazi tendencies? What can dispel the confusion on this point? And will The New York Times correct their own record in this regard? Or does a generation of the unteachable prevent a properly sober discussion? And now a new battle cry sounds: no taxation without annexation. Where is the proper statecraft Israel needs? Note: Israel is also a safer place for Christians than any other country in the Middle East.

Leftists often use the voodoo shibboleth racist to denounce their opponents. In former times such persons might be called “wicked,” and some sort of explanation would follow. No more. Today, politicians as well as intellectuals, typically use the voodoo language like racist or racism to slay an opponent, which is enough to short-circuit public discussion or debate. This Voodoo frees Leftists from the intellectual discipline required to refute a person’s political views on rational grounds. Thus, when it was proposed in 1948 that the President of the Jewish State of Israel be Jewish, its left-wing opponents cried Racism, enough voodoo to kill the issue!

Karl Marx invented the voodoo concept

Karl Marx would approve of people who cry racism to shut people up.

Karl Marx. Portrait: John Mayall, 1875.

The fact that democratic politics now substitutes voodoo for criticism testifies to the victory of Karl Marx. That’s right: Marx is very much alive, especially on the campuses of the democratic world, where the minds of countless students are being corrupted by their voodoo or crypto-Marxist mentors.

Marx wrote:

Criticism is not the passion of the head, but the head of a passion. It is not a lancet, it is a weapon. Its object is an enemy it wants not to refute but to destroy. It is no longer an end in itself, but simply a means. Its essential pathos is indignation, its essential task denunciation.

The term “criticism,” as used in the nineteenth century, and as used by Marx, signified philosophic analysis or refutation. With Marx, philosophy ceased to be a dispassionate quest for truth and became propaganda, a weapon to silence an opponent, which is precisely what characterizes contemporary democratic discourse.

Denigrating your adversary a “racist” (with its Nazi connotations) is an argumentum ad hominem, a cheap ploy symptomatic of a dishonest mind. With a single word – Voodoo – you kill your enemy. Today, verbal voodoo is heard on college campuses to demonize Israel or anyone critical of Islam. Scholars like Daniel Pipes have been silenced on American college campuses as “racists.”

Is it racism to question loyalty on the basis of evidence?

It is in Israel, however, where verbal voodoo is most prevalent, especially among Leftists. These crypto-Marxists are especially fond of denigrating as “racists” those who would revoke the citizenship of disloyal Israeli Muslims. By disloyal Israeli Muslims I mean the following:

  1. Muslims who are members of a terrorist organization defined as such by law.
  2. Muslims who commit terrorist acts against the State of Israel, its citizens or property.
  3. Muslims who aid and abet terrorist acts. (Many homicide-suicide bombers in Israel are assisted by Israel’s Muslim citizens.)
  4. Muslims who support any domestic or foreign entity committed to Israel’s destruction, such as the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hezbollah.
  5. Muslims who incite other Muslims to kill Jews. (For example, former Muslim Knesset Member Talib a-Sana, in an interview on Abu-Dhabi TV, praised a suicide bombing attack in Israel and called for more of the same. Although a-Sana was indicted by the Attorney General for incitement, the indictment was quashed by Israel’s Supreme Court headed by Judge Aharon Barak, a multicultural moral relativist.

That nowadays one has to stress that Rights involve reciprocal Duties is indicative of the moral decay of democracy, especially of judges and their educators. Hence it needs to be firmly established or re-established that those who enjoy the political rights of citizenship in the Jewish State of Israel forfeit those rights when they commit acts of disloyalty to the State, such as those enumerated above. The legal authority to revoke their citizenship will be found in the 1952 Citizenship Law. Revoking the citizenship of Muslims who commit such acts is simply a matter of justice, and has nothing to do with racism. And if it becomes a practical necessity to deport such Muslims, it’s the duty of Israel’s Government to do so.

The trouble is that the mentality of Judge Barak pervades Israel and needs to be discredited. For example, Judge Barak held that there is no conflict between Judaism and Democracy, a position expressed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This being the case, let us suppose, solely for theoretical purposes, that demographic trends indicated that Muslims will eventually constitute a majority in the State of Israel. Given the democratic principle of one adult/one vote, Israel will then cease to be a Jewish state! Contrary to the teaching of Judge Barak, we have here a clear contradiction between Democracy and Judaism.

Rabin knew the difference between racism and caution

The late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was aware of this dilemma. Indeed, on May 6, 1976, the year after the UN General Assembly equated Zionism with racism, Rabin said this to high school graduates about to enter the army:

The majority of the people living in a Jewish State must be Jewish. We must prevent a situation of an insufficient Jewish majority and we dare not have a Jewish minority… There is room for a non-Jewish minority on condition that it accept the destiny of the State vis-à-vis the Jewish people, culture, tradition, and belief. The minority is entitled to equal rights as individuals with respect to their distinct religion and culture, but not more than that.

Rabin’s last sentence obviously refers to Israel’s Muslim inhabitants. It clearly implies that their equal rights as individuals do not include equal political rights!

Was Prime Minister Rabin a racist in 1976? Or was he unaffected by the voodoo that stupefied former Justice Aharon Barak? And this is not all. Barak once said that the Supreme Court should represent what he called the “Enlightened” members of Israel’s population, by which he surely meant the Radical Left, perhaps then 20 percent of Israel’s population. The guru of this minority was Hebrew University Professor Yehoshafat Harkabi, the mentor of Shimon Peres, the spearhead of the disastrous Oslo Agreement of 1993, to which PM Benjamin Netanyahu genuflects as if that Agreement was stamped with the seal of the Pope!☼

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When I tell friends of mine that the Pope is socialist, they laugh it off and say he is not. When I prove it to them, they understand why the Pope is a climate change champion. The Pope knows that the third world is key to Catholic recruitment against Islam, Islam being the fastest growing religion in the world. If the Pope thinks he can recruit Catholics by subscribing to Socialist redistribution schemes he is wrong. As a Catholic, I am appalled that the Catholic Church feels the need to elect a man that has a clear Marxist agenda. Having grown up in Argentina… a country that is falling apart again under the weight of big government, this “Pope” continues to try to sell Marx when he should be selling Jesus Christ. We need the Catholic Church and it’s leadership more than ever right now, instead we have failed leadership at the very to of the Catholic Church. A fish stinks from it’s head down and it I’m praying for our leadership in the Vatican to recognize that we are losing our way by subscribing to Marxism in the guise of caring for the poor and downtrodden via redistribution schemes that only make the poor poorer and our Pope should know this. What truly scares me is he believes in it enough to preach it to the flock. Scary world we live in.


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