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Netanyahu: an American foreign policy



Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel--and a man without a theory. (Has he forgotten his earlier protest against empty reciprocity with the PA?) A secular man cannot understand the real Jewish theory--the Torah. Is he being a little too (Vichy) French for his country's safety? Maybe not. He took a stand against illegal immigration recently.

Israelis need to face the awful truth: the foreign policy of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu foreign policy is spiritually barren, intellectually stagnant, and politically defeatist – hence very, very American!

What Netanyahu keeps letting happen

We may credit Netanyahu for having contributed to Israel’s economic progress. But thoughtful Jewish citizens of this country must surely feel degraded by Netanyahu’s feckless and demonstrably disastrous policy of “territory for peace.”

Living in the most powerful nation in the Middle East, the citizens who have suffered in blood and treasure from Netanyahu’s perpetuation of that policy must be disgusted with his appeasement of a paltry consortium of Muslim Arab gangs called the “Palestine Authority,” whose villainy requires no illustration.

Netanyahu’s consorting with that vile and paltry enemy almost suggests that he does not want to sully the names of his six predecessors by standing upright with Jewish pride, which would make his Oslovian predecessors appear craven by comparison. Indeed, standing tall would expose their lowly or Lilliputian character.

Such an exposé might shake the 1948 foundations of Israel’s Government. The poorly designed structure of the State would become obvious, and this would reveal the political narrowness and philosophical mediocrity of those who founded this State – the source of Israel’s present malaise and lack of national vision.

A little candor and self-criticism, please

Clearly, the Government’s craven and ignominious fixation on peace has only resulted in

  1. the murder and wounding of thousands of Jews;
  2. the loss of sacred and strategic Jewish land,
  3. the expulsion of thousands of Jews from their homes;
  4. the spiraling Jew-hatred around the world, and
  5. the emergence in Israel of an apathetic nation which, despite its high GDP and hi-tech reputation, suffers incessant terrorist attacks, internal political fragmentation and corruption, along with a mind-numbing satisfaction of living in a democratic society devoid of any lofty sense of national purpose.

In this society the sports arena and shopping center have taken the place of a religion that exalts the intellect. Small wonder that most Israelis are content with their lot beguiled by the indiscriminate principle of one adult-one vote, and numbed by no thought of the future.

Wanted: a man of national pride and vision

Israel, Judea-Samaria, and Gaza. All these are the real birthright of the Jews. But does Netanyahu propose to trade them away?

Israel, its neighbors, and disputed territories. Graphic: Central Intelligence Agency

Never mind the abysmal fact that Israel’s otherwise mellifluous Prime Minster does not articulate any lofty sense of national pride and vision, none clearly and conceptually related to the teachings of the prophets and sages of Israel. But this is the inevitable consequence of his delusion of making peace with a relentless, bellicose enemy – a Muslim-Arab enemy enslaved in religion spawned by a barbaric war lord, Mohammad.

As early as 1995, when he first became Israel’s Prime Minister, Netanyahu has mendaciously minimized or turned a blind eye to the palpable fact affirmed by scholars and statesmen, that Israel, more than any Western nation, is involved in a clash of civilizations with Islam, a clash which transcends politics and diplomacy. Israel is moreover confronted by an enemy whose reputed monotheism actually rejects the ethical and intellectual monotheism of the Bible of Israel. In fact, Muslim theologians regard the Genesis concept of man’s creation in the image of God as blasphemy! This negation highlights the mentality of Muhammad’s disciples, of whom Netanyahu, like other democratic leaders lack the courage and wisdom to challenge on intellectual grounds.

Moreover, Netanyahu draws nothing of significance for policy making from the recognized fact that Mohammad is the role-model of the leaders of the Palestinian Authority with whom he mysteriously negotiates in the impossible Middle East “Peace Process.” In other words, Netanyahu stubbornly refuses to draw any practical policy conclusions from the fact that the leaders of the PA, as disciples of Muhammad, are professional liars culturally and psychologically addicted to war-making, not peace-making.

Netanyahu is therefore deceiving not only the apathetic people of Israel, but also the witless sheeple of United States, whose Congress continues to bankroll the Palestinian Authority, thereby promoting Arab terrorism and the murder of more Jews! ◙

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