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Phony conservative establishment



Donald Trump at a conservative gathering in 2011. Does he truly pass the test? It would appear so--for he is now the voice of the silent American majority. He at least stays grounded in the real world.

Now that Donald Trump has apparently secured the Republican nomination, it is time, actually it’s well past time, that we consider just exactly what it is about Trump that has the so called conservative establishment frothing at the mouth in paroxysmal gurgitations. One might surmise they had just swallowed a piece of over sized and under chewed chunk of reality.

Caution Mr. Trump, even as those several closed door meetings which took place yesterday have produced warm accolades all around, the daggers and knives have not been stashed away in the weapons locker but merely cloaked behind a pretentious veil. There will never be a true accord between Trump and the crony conservative establishment. He is the enemy of the bloated bureaucracy which fuels their gravy train. Trump knows it and they know it.

What’s conservative about Trump’s critics?

The Trump Train and the so-called conservative gravy train are in collision.What have we heard most from the buffoons who label themselves with monikers such as “political expert” or “political adviser’ or “conservative pundit”? Mostly retched vitriol and endless lies and misrepresentations posing as commentary, editorials and the learned concerns they each harbor for the country and the Party. However the reality is quite different. Their own piece of the corrupt system is where their concern lies.

Understand that this commentary is not about the leftists who infest over 80% of the media. It’s not about the Democratic Party which has so totally and completely imploded in on itself and is being crushed under the weight of extreme socialist policies and its support of the communists and America haters who have taken up positions of leadership. Those people and groups have a right to fear Trump. They know he is the only person on this planet who has the ability and the desire to launch the required effort to undo the 50 years of destruction the left has wrought upon this nation.

This is about those who have staked a claim in the establishment hierarchy of Republicanism; those who assert that they fear this Trump guy will destroy conservatism and the Republican Party. It’s hypocritical and it’s hogwash! Oh, they fear what Trump will bring alright, but it has nothing to do with despoiling the values and foundation of conservatism. These people have been consistently and unabashedly fouling conservatism, with no help from the likes of Mr. Trump, for many years.

For example, what have they all, in unison, like mimicking parrots, railed on and on about? That Donald Trump is not a true conservative? The big question here is, since when did anyone of these wags concern themselves with such stringent conservative guidelines as they supported candidates like John McCain, Robert Dole, Mitt Romney, John Kasich, Jeb Bush and many, many others. Now that Trump is turning the “party controlled” primary elections upside down and on their ears, danger lurks for every phony crony politician, from sea to shining sea.

So is it Trump’s moderation they dread? Don’t count on that my friends. If his lack of pure conservatism lies not at the heart of this obnoxious fear, then what does?

The reasons (to them) are frightening and varied. We can start with Donald’s past and his success with everything he tackles. His ability to move things the way he needs them moved. His honesty, which cannot be tolerated, inspires the most dread from those many politicians who have long ago forsaken any allegiance to such nonsense. They have heard the many testimonials proffered by even his most ardent adversaries. People he has met and utterly defeated in the battlefield of business, those vanquished and overwhelmed, have one very important thing to say about Donald Trump. He is honest. He does what he says he will do. His word is a bond more powerful than a written contract.

Therein lies the fear.

From the lowest echelons to the highest positions of power in this bloated government there exists the infestation of corruption, mismanagement, tax evasion, double dipping, regulatory extortion, payoffs, shakedowns, thievery and treachery. It is probably not required to mention these government agencies by name. There are many and it is very unlikely that there exists even one that is run efficiently and honestly. As you read the short list offered below keep in mind that the pockets being lined extend far beyond the agencies themselves. This infectious malignancy, inspired by greed and apathy, has its roots firmly embedded in every aspect of this corrupt entity we call the government.

The Military– Forced to purchase weapons and equipment they don’t want or need.

The IRS- Uses special legal powers to control and intimidate the citizens including religious and patriotic groups.

Social Security– Corruption, unqualified recipients, misapplication of funds, no over sight of outdated payments. (Much more soon to be discovered)

Veterans Health Care– Veterans dying every day for lack of treatment while administrators collect outrageous salaries and benefits.

Pharmaceuticals- No bid purchases of prescription drugs.

ObamaCare- Insurance companies making a financial killing at tax payers expense ahead of the eventual departure from the system.

Charities and government sponsored collections where most of the money goes into the pockets of the unscrupulous.

Super Pacs- and other groups flooding politicians with donations (bribes) in order to help rip off the taxpayers and purchasers of products.

Donald Trump has promised that he will do everything in his extensive ability and tireless energy to clean out every fibrous tentacle, no matter how deeply they have spawned.

Now, tell us again you so called protectors of conservatism, what exactly is it that you fear about a Donald J. Trump Presidency?

Reprinted from TPATH

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