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PGA tour triple bogey



PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

There probably are very few people who enjoy the game of golf more than I do.  I play four rounds each week (I’m retired) and watch way too much of it on TV.  I track several golfers on the PGATOUR website and up until this past week it has been my belief that the PGA officials, announcers and sponsors have done their best to keep the PGA above the fray of politics.  That belief has just been shattered.

PGA tour: political bogey

While I had some very big issues with the PGA’s affiliation with a certain ex-president of very questionable moral standards, I do understand that money is the life’s blood of the tournament process.  So I merely turned off the TV while that predator was being touted as a humanitarian.

The PGA hit a triple bogey with its questionable associations.Most of us who delve into professional sports as an entertainment medium, do so not just because we admire and respect the professional athletes and what they can do with the God given talents which they have honed and nearly perfected, but it too provides a bit of escapism from the fear and trepidation many of us have relating to the perilous path of uncertainty this country is being forced to travel.

Now, the PGA has decided to collude with GM and to politicize the one entity that every fan, whether conservative or liberal, had thought they would never need to suffer. Please don’t impeach my intelligence or that of the millions of golf fans with a denial.  This move was an unmitigated political endeavor to impugn Donald Trump and the many people in this country who support him.  More evident in fact, than the Golf Channel’s relentless love fest with Jordan Spieth and its disdain for Patrick Reed.

GM, the company saved from its horrendous contracts with thieving union thugs, by way of tax payer infused funds which was pushed by the leftists in this government, now all of a sudden has no money to sponsor the Dural WGC Tournament!  The PGA can’t find another sponsor?  The PGA is moving this tournament to Mexico City?  Did any of you geniuses happen to see the mayhem and danger professional golfers had to endure in the last golf adventure in Mexico?

Boycott the PGA

I, and all you colluders in the PGA had better know this, am not alone and there are many fans who are totally disgusted with the lot of you.  And know this too, if one professional golfer or one of his family members is abducted, assaulted or God forbid killed, as a result of your politically infected collaboration to penalize Donald Trump and his millions of supporters, there will be no person with half a brain who will not place each of you high on the pedestal of culpability.

To conclude, I will not, under any circumstance watch one minute of the WGC in Mexico City.  I will not visit the PGA Tour website that week.  I will consider that tournament as the ideologically leftist non-event that it is.  I will also pray that the golfers who choose to go there will at least have enough sense to keep their families at home.

Editor’s Note: the author made a hard copy of his open letter available here.

Reprinted from TPATH

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