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Land of Israel and ballad mongers



Paratroopers visit Yad VaShem, greatest memorial to Jews, to remind themselves why they defend the Land of Israel. This is indeed a reminder of appropriate vengeance. Here also they remember a special class of Kedoshim, namely martyrs.

I never cease to be astonished by the chutzpah of most Israeli Prime Ministers. Their policies suggest they personally own the Land of Israel and can dispose of it or sections of it to whomsoever they please. Of course, they count on the pliancy of cabinet ministers. They rely also on the pusillanimity of Israel’s religious parties, which are more fearful of Washington than of God. Still, the arrogance of these Prime Ministers appalls me.

Adhere to agreements already in breach?

The latest Prime Minister would have us believe he must adhere to the disastrous agreements of his predecessors. This although they themselves have violated them.) None but fools are deceived by Bibi. The Palestinian Authority have murdered 800 Jews while he and his ilk have been at the helm. Yet he still regards that terrorist organization as a “negotiating partner.” It’s as if PA chief Mahmoud Abbas were some mighty god!

And then there are Lord Bibi’s apologists. His arrogance does not appall them. He is simply a victim of circumstances doing the best he can, bowed under American pressure. Some admit he is not the stuff of heroes, but they cry “there’s NO ALTERNATIVE.” End of story.

I prefer silence to apologetics. If we can do nothing more, let us stand in silent awe, appalled by the humiliation of Israel and the Jewish people by paltry Arab scoundrels. Nevertheless, suffer me to say a few words, however inadequate, about this people.

Land of Israel waits for its own

The Jewish People, dear reader, are the only people in world history that remained a Nation even though they were expelled from their homeland, deprived of statehood, and scattered to the four corners of the earth. For 2,000 years this dispersed and despised People never surrendered their title to the Land of Israel. They ceased to hearken to these words of the Torah: “If thy outcasts be at the far ends of the heavens, from there will the Lord your God gather thee, and from there will He fetch thee; and the Lord thy God will bring thee back to the Land which thy fathers possessed, and thou shall possess it” (Deut. 30:4-5).

The Land of Israel is like no other. Despite its remarkable fertility, this land remained desolate and neglected during these past two millennia no matter which foreign nation occupied or controlled Eretz Israel. It were as if the Land were silently waiting, waiting to be redeemed by its only rightful and worthy owners. And lo and behold, only when the Jews returned in significant numbers to this desolated land did the land burst forth in joyful abundance.

No other State or provincial capital in the Land

How Providential, for none of the foreign nations – thirteen in number – that trespassed and occupied the Land of Israel ever established a state or even a provincial capital in this Chosen Land of the Chosen People. Had any done so, the Jews would never have been able to return to Eretz Israel and re-establish therein an independent Jewish State. Now we can understand why Arab tribes – nomads – that dwelt in the Land of Israel never established within its confines a distinctive culture of their own.

Let all mankind know, therefore, that the Land of Israel, including her heartland Judea and Samaria, belongs eternally to the Jewish People. No transient Government, no transient Knesset, has any right, legal or moral, to barter away any part of this Holy Land to foreign entities and thus preclude future generations of Jews, wherever they may be in the Diaspora, from exercising their inalienable right to dwell in their God-given land.

God does not lie or change His mind

The agreements of Israeli Prime Ministers surrendering Jewish land to foreign entities will never supersede the covenant God made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob:

For God is not a man, that He should lie; nor the son of man, that he should change His mind. Should He promise and not fulfill it, or speak and not do it? (Numbers. 23:19).

Know well that the agreements Israeli Prime Ministers made with the PLO-Palestinian Authority will eventually collapse like a house of cards. Suffice to consult the Prophet Isaiah 28:14-18. There the Prophet describes certain scorners of the Torah as the “ballad-mongers” of Jerusalem. Surely these “ballad-mongers” are glib politicians or phrase-mongers. They have made a “covenant with death” (brit et mavit, which the Targum of Onkelos translates as a covenant with terrorists!). They try to conceal the true nature of this covenant with fine sounding words like peace and security. But the Prophet exposes what hides in the minds of these politicians:

“We have made lies our refuge, and in falsehood have we hid ourselves.” Hence the Prophet warns that the duplicity of these “ballad-mongers” of Jerusalem will not prevent disasters. Moreover, he prophesies: “Your covenant with death shall be annulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand …”

Jerusalem, the City of Truth, has thus become a City of Lies. But soon the liars will be no more. And Jerusalem, with God’s help, will flourish in Truth as in days of yore. ☼

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Ron Chronicle

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Richard Fletcher

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Radar Reilly

In years past, our USA leaders in good faith and stupidity pushed Israel to give up land for peace. Then give up more land for peace. Then give up more land for peace. Then give up more for peace. NO PEACE.

Radar Reilly

We are not connected anymore. What happen?

Terry Hurlbut

Some mistake somewhere. Anyhow, I added you back. All you need do is accept.

Edward Krol

According to Bible that small part of land belongs to Jews.

Michael Cupp

I strongly stand with the Jewish state But wasn’t it the Jews and Romans who had Jesus crucified the religion confuses the hell out of me

Terry Hurlbut

That same Jesus commands us to remember the Jews favorably as His final operation approaches.

Michael Cupp

well alrighty then lol

Edward Krol

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