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Barbarism, Israel, Islam, and the Pope



What a Jihad recruitment poster would look like if they were honest about the rage and hate they bear toward anything non-Muslim. (Does that include mass rape as well?) This is the true face of the Muslim faith, and disqualifies it as a religion. Words like islamophobia will not change that. No room for moderates here. It turned Europe into Eurabia. This is World War III. It also captures the spirit of sedition in prominent American Muslims. not only sedition, but also barbarism - refusing to recognize anyone else as human. Take offense at this! Considering this attitude, intolerance of Arabs by Jewish residents of Israel has a sound warrant. The more reason, by the way, never to tolerate it. One does not tolerate the intolerable. (And by the way: radicalization always happens between two people. No one self-radicalizes.)

Barbarism1 means as the inability or unwillingness to recognize another person as a human being. This definition fully applies to Muslims who refer to non-Muslims as dogs and pigs. This Muslim attitude has been clarified by Catholic theologian George Weigel. In Faith, Reason, and the War against Jihadism (2007), Weigel lucidly explains:

The notion that there are ‘no innocents’ [in Islam] – that the enemy is ‘guilty’ simply by reason of drawing breath – logically entails a strategy of open-ended mayhem based on the radical dehumanization of the “other.”

Barbarism in Islam: since at least 1985

This clarifies the meaning of barbarism. What is more, the barbarism inherent in Islam virtually went public in 1985. In that year, Iran’s delegate to the United Nations, Said Raja’i-Khorassani, declared that the very concept of human rights was “a Judeo-Christian invention” and inadmissible in Islam.

We can thus show that Muslims harbor an inhuman or barbaric religion. Furthermore, this fact has not only been well publicized, but also exhibited by thousands of acts of terrorism perpetrated by the Muslim Palestinian Authority. So what shall we say of an Israeli Prime Minister who consorts with such barbarians? Why has he done so, year after year for decades, with the avowed purpose of establishing peace between these Muslims and Israel, despite the ceaseless acts of murder and mayhem committed by these Islamic barbarians?

If this Prime Minister is acting under American compulsion, does this justify his mendacity concerning these Muslim barbarians? Does that justify his telling the Jews of Israel that he is engaged in a diplomatic effort to establish peace with those barbarians?

Say external pressure or compulsion explains this Prime Minister’s behavior. So is there no person in Israel—a more intrepid and wiser person—that can resist and circumvent this coercion? Is deception or lies about Israel’s Muslim enemy the modus operandi of Israel’s government? Are we to expect this of a government based on the consent of the governed, the key principle of democracy?

We assume Israel is the most powerful nation in the Middle East. So does this spectacle make democracy or popular government a dubious if not degraded form of government?

The Pope doesn’t get it

On the other hand, does the Muslim population in Israel, on the one hand, and Israel’s reputation as a democracy on the other, prevent any peaceful resolution of the Muslim-Israel conflict? Surely it does, so long as Muslims qualify as “barbarians”. Which they do given the opinion of Catholic theologian George Weigel. The stated position of Iran’s delegate to the United Nations, Said Raja’i-Khorassani, confirms this.

However, it appears that Pope Francis does not share the opinion of Catholic theologian George Weigel regarding Muslims, if we juxtapose the Pope’s support of a Palestinian, hence Muslim, state in the land of Israel. Add since Prime Minister Netanyahu has in effect adopted the Pope’s position by endorsing a Palestinian state, one cannot avoid the conclusion that falsehood on all sides pervades the issue in question! I will let the issue rest at this point. ☼

1From the Greek noun barbaros, meaning one speaking a language the hearer doesn’t understand. The other language sounds only like “bar-bar” to the hearer; hence the name. In the modern context, barbarism expresses not inability but refusal to hear the other person.

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Radar Reilly

Could not say it better. I stated, “that a Christian who would vote for hillary, should take a long hard look at their belief system.” Yet we had millions of Christians voting for something that was against them. Just like in the days of Saul and David. The pope???? just another community (clown) organizer.

Bennie Sue West

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