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Two Americas, two marches



Planned Parenthood kills more than guns. An anti-abortion and anti-gun control message from the 2013 March for Life. This represents one of the two Americas.

As a woman who has never felt professionally (or otherwise) oppressed because of her gender, the Women’s March held in Washington, D.C. on January 21st had puzzled me. Having grown up in a stable family and conservative neighborhood, I have always believed that obstacles to success were rooted in something other than discrimination – running the gamut from poor work ethics, to lack of talent, or perhaps unqualified credentials. Obviously, has-been feminists strongly object, since their success restrictions need to have a scapegoat disguising itself under the cloak of victimization. Personally, the cloak of victimization never fit me well.

Two Americas, two marches

Two January marches have expanded the scope of my understanding. I watched in disgust as unaccomplished actresses and aging pop stars longing for the limelight occupied center stage on January 21st. After witnessing the amateurish performance of a certain failed actress and understanding why she no longer could be seen on the silver screen, the venomous displays of hateful vulgarity were eclipsed by the hypocritical and immoral claims of those marching for their civil rights that eviscerate the rights of the innocent. Apparently, logic does not exist for those who choose what’s right in their own eyes. For them “right” is what they say it is at any given moment. The symbolic hats they wore best described their mental capacities, which illuminated the fact that their genitals occupied the space were their brains should be.

Ironically, these pro-choice supporters place a higher value on the lives of those who would obliterate ours. They protest the temporary ban on refugees from hostile nations but fail to care a whit about the lives of people like Kate Steinle, or other victims of illegal and/or hostile immigrants. But there is more that should be observed about their crass behavior. It can be seen in their apparent disdain for all things godly by calling good “evil” and evil “good.” It is demonstrated by their MO of accusing others of the very vile attributes they themselves embrace.

What happened to respect for the environment?

It is further made obvious by their total disrespect for the environment that their trash-spreading behavior decimated – which is ironically the environment that they profess to defend. These character flaws are also demonstrative of an evil character known as Lucifer. And unfortunately, their vociferous actions garner them more attention than their under-defined cause deserves. While those in the Conservative Movement have earned the title of Silent Majority, this group has gained attention through the sheer volume of their noise. The real concern is not their Luciferian causes but their growing number, for liberty and sanity cannot exist in a land where the like of these rule.

The March for Life

Contrast their behavior with the March for Life held in D.C. a week later on January 27th and the restraint of the protestors that could have easily capitalized on the horrific carnage of abortion and demonized both those who performed such actions as well as those mothers who submitted to them. These people marched in an orderly fashion and did not leave a sea of trash in their wake. Their speakers, including Vice President Mike Pence and Kellyanne Conway, spoke with dignified passion and did not vilify their opposition. They never accuse women who have chosen abortions as murders, but insist on treating them with compassionate understanding. Neither was there any rhetoric that accused their opponents as being Hitlertarian (although a good comparison with the leaders of their opposition—especially Barack Obama – could be made).

They did not mock anyone’s appearance or make terrorists threats of a physical nature about blowing up anything. They made their points with kindness and logic, supported by science, humanity and morality. Indeed their behavior as compared to the behavior of their counterparts a week prior drew clear and evident lines about the battle for the soul of America. These battle lines could not be more clearly defined by these two opposing contingents than by the participants of these two marches.

Two Americas in spiritual battle

Make no mistake about it. The battle for the future of America is not a battle about conflicting ideologies. It is a spiritual battle that has been made obvious by those who support good vs. evil. And who would have ever thought that a reformed billionaire playboy would be leading the charge for good?

Yes, God does work in mysterious ways, and He who used the corrupt and womanizing Sampson to defeat the Philistines can raise up the most unexpected warrior to champion His cause. But just as there were those that accused Christ of being Satan incarnate, there will be those who refuse to recognize that God is working in America today. Much to the dismay of our 44th President who did all within his power to destroy us, America is still standing for what is right – and because of that America is still standing. It’s your job, oh righteous Citizen, to stand with her and to make your voices heard.

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RoseAnn Salanitri is a published author and Acquisition Editor for the New Jersey Family Policy Council. She is a community activist who has founded the Sussex County Tea Party in her home state and launched a recall movement against Senator Robert Menendez. RoseAnn is also the founder of Veritas Christian Academy, as well as co-founder of Creation Science Alive, and a national creation science speaker.

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