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The homotheism of same sex marriage



Do the American people really accept homosexual or same sex marriage?

Same sex marriage, from a political perspective, is the outgrowth of egalitarianism. Egalitarianism transforms the democratic principle of equality into an ideology to which all other values, such as merit or worth or one’s contribution to common good, are subordinated or ignored.

Same sex marriage: man claims to be like God

Egalitarianism dissolves not only all intellectual achievements and moral considerations, but even biological or natural distinctions, such as that between male and female. This disregard and leveling of differences obviously constitutes a rejection of the Creation Narrative of the Book of Genesis, whose profundity escapes the myopic vision of atheists, but enlightens the earnest seeker of cosmological truths. Same sex marriage pits man against the Creator of the universe. It is Homotheism,1 the deification of lowly man.

It required the efforts many generations of hard-working scientists before a team of astrophysicists from Harvard and the Smithsonian Institute made the historic announcement of March 18, 2013 that they had empirical evidence that the universe was created! As reported in the Times of Israel, the universe a definite starting point – a Creation – as described in the Book of Genesis. It so happens, however, that this scientific discovery appears in the Kabbalah, which contends that Creation occurred about 15 billion years ago!

Astrophysicists and Kabbalah aside, since the denial of the Creation Narrative fosters same-sex marriage, it can also conduce to bestiality. According to the Torah, bestiality along with sodomy led to the Deluge, a swift way, so to speak, of cleansing humanity of corruption.

The West delights to honor evil

Same sex marriage prevails in Africa where AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) or HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a selective and an unhurried as well as instructive way of eliminating noxious behavior hitherto deemed evil in Western civilization. same sex marriage has been made lawful by the Judicial Branch of American government. The legalization of a specific domestic evil has been generalized to the extent of becoming the foreign policy of decision makers in America and Europe.

Indeed, evil has in fact achieved an honored place in the West. America as well as Europe has seen fit to provide annual grants of hundreds of millions of dollars to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), or to its successor, the Palestinian Authority (PA), and has done so knowing that the PLO-PA is a consortium of terrorist groups responsible for murder on an international scale, but especially in Israel where these terrorists have slaughtered and wounded many thousands of Jewish men, women, and children

The American government has been a financial as well as a political supporter of the Palestinians, initially led by the Palestine Liberation Organization, now known as the Palestinian Authority. Since the PLO-PA are recipients of American largesse, America must be deemed complicit in the PLO’s and PA’s notorious record of murder, which should prompt us to recall the Book of Hosea in the Hebrew Bible (Hosea 8-7): “They that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind.”

The destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 by Islamic terrorists should be viewed in this light, whatever myopic academics and other experts say to the contrary.

Europe and the Vatican succumb to evil

The terrorists of 9/11 were disciples of Mohammad. So, too, are the invented people, the “Palestinians,” who have used their own children as human bombs to kill Jews. That the Holy See has supported the conferral of statehood on the Palestinian Authority now occupying Judea and Samaria is unsurprising, since it is only by means of the PA that the Church of Rome can undermine its most serious theological rival, Judaism. This is why the Vatican “recognized” the factitious state of Palestine despite its despotic and demonic character.

Since neither moral standards nor Islamic hatred of Christianity prevented the Church of Rome from supporting independent statehood for the Palestinian disciples of Mohammad, it should come as no surprise that Europe, the home of Christianity, having already been corrupted by nihilism, is now called “post-Christian.”

The pandering of the Vatican to the Muslims, who are at war with Jews in Israel, will not inhibit Muslims from slaughtering Christians in Africa. The Vatican’s many invitations to Yasser Arafat did not prevent the depopulation of Christians from Bethlehem. The Vatican is no exception to Hosea’s warning.

America in disarray

Meanwhile, the United States, having also ignored that warning, was led by an individual who is neither a black nor a white nor a red, white, and blue American, but an “empty suit” stuffed in cockamamie Islam. It’s ominous that the American people, having elected that chameleon as their President, are becoming the “post-American people” as factitious as the invent ed Palestinian people. What are we to call “Americans” that have abandoned the basic principles of their two foundational documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution?

With America in disarray, the world has gone mad. Same sex marriage is symptomatic of this madness. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, but Southeast Asia, in which same sex marriage is widespread, has suffered horrendous tsunamis. The 2004 tsunami, which was caused by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, killed more than 250,000 people in a single day. The wave traveled 375 miles in a mere 75 minutes affecting 18 countries and leaving more than 1.7 million homeless.

Dare humans judge God?

The devastation affecting so many innocents calls to mind the discipline of theodicy, which attempts to vindicate God in response to the evidential problem of evil that militates against the existence of an omnipotent and benevolent deity. Judging from the Book of Genesis, the Deluge was preceded by widespread sodomy and bestiality. Perhaps God uses “natural” catastrophes to rectify widespread evil, which results in the suffering of many innocents. Of course, if only wrongdoers were punished, this would preclude free will and human freedom, and thus result in unrelieved human wretchedness and the loss of all joy and human creativity.

We need to bear in mind Isaiah 55:8,

My ways are not your ways.

This may be construed to mean, inter alia, that such is the brevity of human life in this world, and such are the limitations of human knowledge, that we fail to see how the suffering of the innocent is or can be redeemed by a just and merciful as well as omnipotent God who transcends space and time.

But we now know from quantum physics, as we could have learned from our dreams, there is a metaphysical reality – call it “self-consciousness” or “memory infused selfhood,” or call it the “soul,” which also transcends space and time. Perhaps Shakespeare alludes to this reality in his theological play The Tempest: “We are such stuff as dreams are made on …” Who has not read the dreams of Joseph in the Hebrew Bible, some of whose descendants dwell in Israel and thus confirm the immortality of his soul?☼


1 Editor’s note: Homotheism derives from the Greek adjective homos like, alike, and the noun theos God. Thus homotheism refers to man trying to be like God. Satan himself boasted to Eve that she and Adam would achieve this. See Genesis chapter 3.

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