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Barack Hussein Obama: Con Man & Criminal Admits He is Foreign-Born



Alleged long form birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama

“Three years ago, I visited Kenya as The first sitting president to come from Kenya.” You read that right. Barack Hussein Obama actually said that.

Barack Hussein Obama v. the Constitution

While many Americans are still waiting on indictments and prosecution of the Clintons, and rightfully so, don’t forget about the crimes of Barack Hussein Obama who has yet to be lawfully dealt with as well.

This criminal not only was given a free hand by the American people to transgress the United States Constitution 1,180 times, but he had the audacity to play it down by lying (John 8:44) over and over again that he was not a foreign-born citizen.

As a matter of fact anyone who dared point out that he was a foreigner (I was one of them) and ineligible for the presidency of the United States (Article 2, Clause 5) was called by the CIA-controlled media, today’s conservatives (yesterday’s lawless liberals) and the professed Christians, a conspiracy theorist or a “birther.” Names, of course, were used to demean and discredit anyone and everyone that dared call out the obvious when it came to Barack Hussein Obama because they were unwilling to deal with him themselves.

I guess that when the foreign criminal served 143 days in the Illinois Senate, and mysteriously becomes the United States President, then takes a break after his “57 state U.S. Tour”, you would think that was enough to tell on himself, and the American people would then lawfully respond.

Apparently not!

Instead of putting a stop to his campaign run, the American people simply laughed it off so they themselves did not have to lift a finger to put a stop to this criminal (Jeremiah 5:19).

Michelle Obama blew the gaffe earlier

Even when his wife (?) blurted out the truth in her confusion, that was not good enough for Americans. They still ignored his ineligibility.

Think of this, even with all of the information concerning Barack’s falsified birth certificate, his falsified social security numbers, and his falsified college records all filed way, literally every conservative radio talking head or otherwise avoided to confront and address the issue concerning this criminal’s eligibility. They literally stayed as far away from the topic as they possibly could. Cowards!

Even when Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s team clearly exposed the fraudulent document for what it was, and is, the conservatives were found to be derelict of duty when it came to taking a stand against the crimes of Barack Hussein Obama’s criminal administration, even while all the well knowing that Barack’s effeminate and criminal czars were entertaining America’s sworn enemies within the people’s White House (Jeremiah 5:31).

And of course, now that Barack Hussein Obama finally admits to the truth that he is foreign-born, you can rest assured that today’s conservatives will remain silent, hoping that you just forget that they are just as treasonous to you and your country as Barack Hussein Obama (Luke 22:48).

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Editor’s Note

This conservative will not remain silent, not now, not ever. CNAV thanks Bradlee Dean and the Sons of Liberty for expressing the obvious better than anyone else could.

These and other facts remain, and clearly suggest we had an ineligible President. Emmerich de Vattel clearly defined the phrase natural born citizen as one born in-country to two citizen parents. See Chapter XIX, section 212. Furthermore, ingress records for Honolulu, for the week bracketing the birthday of Barack Hussein Obama, disappeared from the National Archives. Most of all, the purported birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama is an amateurish forgery. As CNAV has written time and again.

Obama’s gaffe-blowing speech clearly suggests that his mother, Stanley Anne Dunham Obama, flew back to the United States from what was then British East Africa with the young Barack in her arms. And she did so in the week bracketing his birthday. Some person, or persons, working for the Deep State sanitized the Archives to hide that fact. Only this can explain the absence of the ingress records for that critical week.

Even if that did not happen, Barack Hussein Obama cannot ignore this salient fact. His father was a British colonial subject. That alone would disqualify him, according to Vattel. Who was the go-to source for the Constitutional Convention.

And if he is not the son of a British colonial subject, then he is the bastard son of Stanley Anne Dunham’s adulterous lover, Frank Marshall Davis. But why, then, would Obama call himself “the first President of the United States born in Kenya?”

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Bradlee Dean is an ordained Christian preacher, Radio show host for the #1 show on Genesis Communication Network from 2-3 p.m. central standard (The Sons of Liberty), a National Tea Party favorite. He also speaks on high school and college campuses nationwide. Bradlee is also an author, a husband to one, daddy to four boys. You have probably seen Bradlee through such outlets as The New York Times, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, The Weekly Standard etc.

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Rob Pommer

Please, the horse is not only dead but putrefying.
Hitting it just makes you seem even crazier “than usual”!

Terry A. Hurlbut

Neither I nor my contributor gives an unripe fig. Truth is truth.

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