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Liberally Progressive Cities

Liberally progressive cities like San Francisco don’t do so well. But their leaders won’t admit it. Nor do they care if San Francisco is the future.

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Direct evidence that liberally progressive San Francisco has a Third World enclave within its limits.

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today I will be talking about what it means to be a liberally progressive city here in 2019. I will talk about what the term progressive means in general since I often ask myself, “what does that mean, progressive, and what are we supposedly progressing toward”. I wonder, and I ponder, the meaning of the terms that are supposed to describe those who live there.

Liberally progressive city – definition and example

The idea for this Report actually came from the world of politics and the world of football, but ironically the same liberally progressive city. I read a football story a few days ago about a player who was taken number two in this year’s NFL draft by the San Francisco 49ers. The unusual thing about the player is that he once reportedly said something derogatory about a well known former 49er player and something positive about Donald Trump so the writer speculated that his value might fall due to his willingness to use forbidden speech and possess forbidden thoughts but apparently it did not.

Liberally progressive – or regressive? San Francisco

The player ended up with San Francisco anyway and the writer said that city is one of the most liberally progressive cities in the country so he didn’t know how its fans would relate to the player who is apparently not yet woke. That started me thinking about what the term liberally progressive really means. I know that San Francisco used to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but that was before it became as “liberally progressive” as it is now, so perhaps its when a city reaches third world status. I spent some weekends there in the 1970’s, and have visited it from time to time since then, but I would not want to visit now.

I choose not to visit San Francisco now because it has liberally progressed from most beautiful city in the country to third world outdoor toilet. It has become a drug-infested cesspool of filth, garbage, human excrement and used needles in a very short time so I guess I do know what the term liberally progressive actually means.

Enough to embarrass even the UN

In his recent article, writer Michael Snyder said,

Right now, nearly a quarter of the nation’s homeless population lives in the state of California, and more are arriving with each passing day. When you walk the streets of San Francisco or Los Angeles, you can’t help but notice the open air drug markets, the giant mountains of trash, and the discarded needles and piles of human feces that are seemingly everywhere. If this is what things look like when the U.S. economy is still relatively stable, how bad are things going to get when the economy tanks.

Leilani Farha, United Nations Special Rapporteur for Adequate Housing, in a recent visit to the city, compared conditions there to the slums of Mumbai, Delhi, Mexico City, Jakarta and Manila and said the crisis in San Francisco is comparable. I was in downtown Los Angeles a short time ago and I tried to avoid the worst of it, but I was walking to dinner at a downtown restaurant with my family just as it was getting dark and I noticed that I had to be very careful not to step on people sleeping on the side walk.

The governor sees no evil, hears no evil, speaks no evil

I’m not the only one to notice though, the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has also noticed his state’s liberal progression, although he apparently doesn’t like to hear about it. The Governor is also a former mayor of San Francisco, and while speaking to a local group recently, was quoted as saying, “I can’t read a damn article about this city anymore without “poop maps”. Give me a break.” Well, Governor, you might be tired of hearing about what you and your predecessors have done to San Francisco and Los Angeles, but if it were left up to me you would hear about it every hour of every day. You would see it on television and on the front pages of newspapers, and on the various social media sites you frequent, but that is not the liberally progressive way is it, Governor.

Liberally progressive control

No, those things are not to be talked about and certainly not to be laid at the feet of the Governor. My memory may be getting a little fuzzy but it seems that before Gavin Newsom the Brown family controlled California for my entire life. First it was Pat Brown as Governor and then his son Gerry who was approximately my age. During their terms things have changed in California. Things changed in the entire country but especially in California.

Political changes

Aside from the changes to the cities I have already mentioned, there have been many others. California used to be a solidly Republican state, at least in national elections, but now it will never again be anything other than what it is. Yes, California’s future is baked in the cake I’m afraid, and it is irreversible. Governor Newsom says California will always welcome and protect its immigrant community, but I wonder if he is willing to accept the full weight of that. It seems as if he is willing because of the sanctuary cities, and even the whole state is now a sanctuary. Illegal aliens, even criminal ones, are instructed by the Governor personally how to avoid capture and consequences.

Liberally progressive obstinacy

Right now there are about 139 million people living in Mexico and about 38 million living in California. Will the state of California accept the whole population of Mexico? What about El Salvador, Guatemala, and let’s not forget Congo, Benin, Somalia, and Sudan, because they all want to come as well. How much is enough and how will we know when we have enough? Surely the governor of California is smart enough to realize that the safety net we have created for the American people cannot be extended to the whole world because it would then collapse.

Recently Governor Newsom was quoted as saying,

America in 2019 is California in the 1990’s. The xenophobia, the nativism, the fear of others. Scapegoating. Talking down or past people. The hysteria. And so, we’re not going to put up with that. We are going to push back…what we’re doing is working..I think Democrats are winning right now..The GOP is headed into the waste bin of history.

Voting with their feet

Well, the Governor’s heaven is my hell, but he could be correct, at least about the GOP. I suspect it is headed for the Dustbin, but so is the Democrat Party. In fact, everyone is headed for the Dustbin and it has nothing to do with xenophobia, nativism, or any other ideology. It has to do with demographics. Demographic forces have been set in motion, which are irreversible for California and the entire country. For example, in 1970 California was 80% white, and now it is barely a third and falling. The state is already starting to crack under the weight obviously, but people are also starting to notice the cracks.

The homeless population is exploding in San Francisco, 17% increase in one year, and Los Angeles as well, while those who have homes are voting with their feet. In a recent poll 50% of Californians polled said they would like to leave the state if they could. CEO Magazine recently named California the worst place in America to do business, but the Governor countered with GDP figures of 3.5% growth in the last five years.

Big Tech hypocrisy and authoritarianism

What he doesn’t say is that the figure is heavily influenced by the tech industry in Silicon Valley, which has companies that now boast openly of making plans to alter the 2020 election by denying access to information for those with whom they disagree. Those are the giant tech companies, which constantly lecture the rest of us on diversity while hiring only a tiny percentage of women and an even tinier percentage of African Americans. Out in Silicon Valley the mantra seems to be, you do what we want you to do and you think what we want you to think, but since we are masters of the universe, we’ll do what we choose to do.

Liberally progressive hypocrisy

The Governor is consistent in one area though so I have to give him that. He continues to invite and protect the third world, even the criminals, he doesn’t seem to care whether they are criminals or not and he says he is sick of hearing about it. He doesn’t have to hear it anymore though if he doesn’t want to. He is safe behind his walled compound and his state funded army of protection that is always there for him. He can travel by armored limousine with windows blacked out so he doesn’t have to view the piles of human feces, while he lectures those of us out here in fly over country about Xenophobia. Politicians, such as Governor Newsom, tend to reside in palaces seemingly oblivious to the filth they have created outside their walls.

When citizenship loses its value

California freely issues drivers licenses to illegal aliens, which can then be used for voting, but the state is no longer alone in doing so because New York has joined them in diminishing, if not abolishing, American Citizenship. If all you need to do to get a license to drive, which also entitles you to vote, is show up in a state office, then what good is citizenship, or of what value is it. Think about this, folks, because it is probably more simple than I have made it sound in this Report. The entire third world is free to vote in American elections and elect candidates, like Governor Newsom, favorable to them by illegally crossing the border and simply walking into a DMV office.

Moral decline

The cause or the result of all this depending on how you look at it is that a new moral reality has been introduced and accepted in America. In only 50 years the moral view of the Western World has been replaced by something entirely different. A new vocabulary has been introduced to accommodate it, a vocabulary of victimhood, with certain forbidden words the mere mention of which will not be forgiven. The masters of all this new morality I will refer to as the legions of the woke. They are woke you see, they understand what us stupid, ignorant rubes in flyover country can’t understand.

Liberally progressive = refusal to survive

It seems then that the term liberally progressive is a euphemism for the cities’ refusal to follow the prime directive. For any organism, whether human, animal, or governmental, the prime directive is to survive. In California and other such places, the legion of the woke have taken the state and cities by the hand, as Dr. Kevorkian might have, and said, come on take my hand and follow me, it’s easy and you won’t feel a thing. The people of California have followed him right to where death is inevitable and irreversible, and that is too bad.

The burdens placed on the state of California and its grand cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco is like the man dragging a heavy bag of rocks up a hill to use John Derbyshire’s analogy. When the man is young and strong he does OK, although slower than necessary, but as more and more rocks are placed in the bag it becomes harder and harder and slower and slower until he stops and can no longer drag his load.

Moral inversion

Finally folks, the system created by the legions of the woke is based on a simple concept; anything that was good, moral, righteous, just, and desirable in the 1950’s is now bad, immoral, unrighteous, unjust, and undesirable. The very thought of opening a discussion about whether these new thoughts might not be true is absolutely unforgivable and no amount of groveling apology will save you. Utter an incorrect word or express an incorrect thought, and after you bow down and grovel, the legions of the woke will parade your head through the streets on a spike as an example to others.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

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“Failed State – Graffiti and Garbage in San Francisco”by fredsharples is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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