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Nancy shows us the way

Nancy Pelosi gives the latest example of imperious hypocrisy. But who is the bigger fool? Does that distinction go to those who elect her?

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Nancy Pelosi stepped in it on Operation Fast and Furious

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday the 11th day of September in the year 2020.1 Or the 19th anniversary of the day the world changed, and everything became different.

Castle Family reunion

There is good news for the Castle Family this week because the family daughter is back in Los Angeles, California. She managed to escape from her jungle confinement this week and made her way home via Auckland New Zealand. It has been a long six months away for her. And in many ways, she is coming home to a different world than the one she left.

Like the Barry Maguire song “The Eve of Destruction” says,

You can leave this world for four days in space,
but when you come back down it’s the same old place.

In many ways it is the same old California. But she left when the virus was only infecting people in China. And she went to a land completely devoid of the virus. Now she comes home to experience the panic and paranoia that is California.

Joan and I are very grateful for her safe return and that is for sure. We prayed for her consistently and God was gracious to us. The family daughter is 36 years old now, but she is still our little girl. We are grateful to God for her release and for her safe travels.

Nancy Pelosi – not your friend in high places

The entire experience has made me even more grateful that I live in America and specifically in Germantown, Tennessee. Thank God for a country that decent people still want to live in, where every modern convenience is at your fingertips and where ordinary people can pay $100 to watch multi-millionaire athletes lecture them about privilege.

Here at home she will have to deal with the effects of the Covid Virus. She will have to get used to wearing a mask wherever she goes, and to going fewer places. Six months without the amenities we are all used to has made her more grateful for them. Fortunately, she lives in California, the guinea pig state, and she has a very fine example of how those in high places handle the virus and the government regulations we are expected to obey. I want to thank Nancy Pelosi, on behalf of my family, for demonstrating once again the gutter character we have come to expect from those in high places.

Nancy Pelosi has a bad hair day

Nancy Pelosi represents a San Francisco district in the United States House of Representatives and currently serves as Speaker of the House. Which makes her the most powerful person in the US Congress and third in line of succession for the presidency.2 In California, an edict from Democrat Govenor Gavin Newsome closes all hair salons in the state by reason of the virus.

If the ordered closing causes the salon owner to lose his business and have to lay off all his employees that’s just too bad. But it only serves as collateral damage for the public safety. We all must sacrifice something for the common good, especially in California. It turns out though, that order to close and other such orders apply only to little people like us. They do not apply for Nancy, Marie Antoinette, Pelosi. No, it seems that 80-year-old Speaker of the House, Pelosi wanted to get her hair styled. So she just ordered the salon to open only for her.

The camera catches Nancy Pelosi out

The security cameras of the salon captured the whole scene.

Here you see Nancy, without a mask, in a salon the governor ordered to close. Next day she delivered a speech on television in support of a nation-wide mask requirement Joe Biden was then proposing.3 The true colors of a career politician, and the blatant, in-your-face hypocrisy of the ruling class, have never been more evident. First she patronized the salon without a mask. Then she went on national TV to lecture us about the requirement to wear masks.

When she was caught, she used the same defense as the former mayor of Washington DC, Marion Barry, when he was caught smoking crack with a prostitute: “B***h set me up!” I’m surprised she didn’t say it wasn’t me, orange man bad did it or made me do it.4

It must shock you to learn that Nancy, let them eat cake, Pelosi,5 is not the only hypocrite in California. No, it seems that gym owners in California have orders to close their gyms. And if they end in bankruptcy, too bad. They all recently learned that despite their plight, gyms in government buildings are open and operating.

Policies and politics can’t disguise the shallow hollowness that exists in the hearts of politicians. They use any disaster or emergency as an opportunity to grab for more power and concurrently more money. The tactic of identity politics is a clever disguise for the hollowness of the message. This is the post-responsibility era, or the age when nothing can be our fault. All our mistakes are due to something or somebody outside our control.

The whole government has stolen our substance

The government, as a whole, serves as a bad example for all of us through its lack of fiscal restraint. This fiscal year, which ends September 30th, has a projected deficit of over four trillion dollars. Furthermore, it is working hard to waste a trillion more within the next couple of weeks. Like the government, people who can barely make ends meet, rely on credit to cover the gap between their income and their lifestyle. Few, if any, in or out of government, will tell the people to put down their signs protesting this or that and go to work. Maybe things are not ideal for you because you simply refuse to work to make them so. To see the one responsible for your plight, go look in the mirror. Who would vote for someone as honest as that?

Observe the results

The real effect of all this, one can feel every day. Labor Day weekend is a good time to remind people of what we have lost. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us that American productivity has increased 70% since 1973. The real average hourly pay (adjusted for inflation) has barely increased 12% over those years. The American worker is a hamster in a guinea pig state jogging quietly in place inside his cage.

To put this abstract in common terms I turn to economist Bill Bonner:

In 1971, you could buy a new Ford F-150 for $2500. At $4 an hour, it took 625 hours to buy the truck. Today’s model costs $30,000 and the average hourly wage is $26. So, the wage earner has to work for 1,154 hours to get a standard F-150. Put another way, he has to sell almost twice as much of his time to get a set of wheels.

Do the same calculation for housing. An average man paid about $24,000 for the average house in 1971. Today, he pays $371,000. Priced in time, the house cost 6000 hours in 1971and 14,269 hours today.

Credit is the only way to fill the gap between income and lifestyle. And in that regard governments at all levels set the example for us.

Andrew Cuomo beats Nancy Pelosi in the hypocrisy department

Well, as usual, I saved the best for last. This time its not Chicago although that City has 23 people shot to death in the first 9 days of this month. No, the honor this week goes to the Democrat governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo. Who has exceeded even the Speaker of the House as a living example for us little people. The governor of New York gets the honor this week of being the worst lying hypocrite out there. The competition was fierce between Governor Cuomo, Nancy Pelosi, and the mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler. Mayor Wheeler, after allowing the city he is responsible for to be burned and looted in a never-ending process for months, said that when his term is up, he would be moving to another city.

Governor Cuomo, along with Mayor Bill De Blasio, destroyed the economy of New York City and turned it into a virtual ghost town. The worst thing he did, however, was personally order New York nursing homes to accept patients already known to be infected, thus spreading the virus through the elderly, and vulnerable populations of nursing homes and killing thousands of the most vulnerable people in New York. He is therefore, a lying hypocrite and a “granny killer.”

To make a bad situation a lot worse, when it became obvious that he was responsible for almost all the deaths in New York he refused to accept any responsibility. In an act of lying hypocrisy, and gross cowardice enough to make any Democrat politician proud, he said oh no. It’s not my fault, I didn’t do anything, it was orange man bad, he did it. The Donald forced me to do it.

Summing up

Finally, folks, the river of progress, ever advancing carries with it more than just cold statistics. Those cold figures represent human beings, real flesh and blood ones. They work, they struggle, they worry about violent crime unfeeling, power-mad politicians unleash on them. But they continue to elect the same people. Should they try to rebel and elect an outsider, well, you’ve seen what happens.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

Editor’s Notes

1 This article is a transcript of a radio program the author actually delivered on September 11th.

2 See the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, as amended; Title 61, US Statutes At Large, Section 380.

The Presidential Succession Act of 1947. Last amendment: 2006.

3 The was is deliberate here. Joe Biden has since withdrawn that proposal after admitting publicly that enforcement would be impossible.

4 She would have been barely more respectable simply to declare, “Rank hath its privileges.”

5 Or “let them eat ice cream.” Recall her appearance on a late-night TV show, showcasing her two Sub Zero refrigerator-freezers holding gourmet ice cream.

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