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When will we return to normal?

Our society might never return to normal if normal means having a vaccine. Which the government will not let you collect damages from.

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The coronavirus or COVID virion or virus particle, in profile and section. New normal? Or are we seeing bogus morbidity and mortality statistics from it?

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday the 18th day of September 2020, the day after Constitution Day.1 That is a day set aside each year to remember and honor the U.S. Constitution. (May it rest in peace.)

Castle Family weather and other news

Here at the Castle Family we are doing just fine enjoying the cooler weather Hurricane Sally (which just came ashore in the Gulf) kicked up. The family daughter is getting back into living in a first world country which has modern marvels like a:

  • Machine which dries clothes,
  • Nice bed, and
  • Real bathtub.

It is good to live in such a wonderful country. And once you have been away it is easier to appreciate that.

We might never return to normal

Today, we turn our attention to the subject of normal. Whatever normal is, will we ever see it again? For purposes of our discussion, let’s say that normal means whatever existed for you before the virus and the government’s reaction to it tore our world apart. People ask me from time to time, when do you think this will all be over? My answer is always the same: when we have a vaccine.

A more truthful answer would be never, but most people are not ready for that answer. That is what I believe; however, we will never return to normal. But why depress people with the truth? I could be wrong of course and normal could be just around the corner. I don’t think so, but I hope, and I pray that I am wrong. If normal is as simple as a vaccine, when will one be ready?

Right now, there are about 35 companies working around the clock to be the first to have an approved vaccine. The profits for that company will be enormous. Investors are aware of that and all the publicly traded companies stock prices are booming. The losers will eventually crash, but the winners will continue to make people very rich. It usually takes many years, perhaps a decade to develop a vaccine, but these companies are tasked with doing it in a few months which implies fast track approval.

The Astra-Zeneca trials illustrate the problem

One of these companies is the British firm, Astra-Zeneca. Which is working in conjunction with Oxford University, and is currently conducting trials. The other day one of their test subjects developed “serious neurological symptoms” and went to hospital. The last report I was able to get said that the patient is still in the hospital with, well, no one seems to know. Brain damage perhaps, maybe but they are playing it close to the vest. The FDA admitted that the results were disturbing, but Astra denies that their vaccine caused the problems. The company suspended work for 3 days but is back at it now, I believe.2

Some normal – no recourse from adverse events

Some of these companies competing for the first vaccine lack experience with vaccines and apparently have not made vaccines before. What happens if their vaccines win approval and you allow them to inject it into your arm? Perhaps nothing more than you are becoming immune to the Covid-19 virus. What if the vaccine is somehow defective or contains some ingredient that permanently injures you? Suppose it gives you brain damage, or renders you susceptible to auto immune disease, or any number of other conditions and diseases?

What then, is your recourse against the manufacturer of the vaccine? The answer is none, nothing, as in zero. You have no recourse against the manufacturer because they are immune by federal law from any lawsuit for the damage they cause. The federal government has agreed with the manufacturers that they are so vital to public health that they should be immune from the damage they cause.3

Both the federal government and the manufacturers know that a significant number of people who take a vaccine will have permanent, life altering reactions to the vaccine. Plaintiffs would win lawsuits. Then the jury would award sums vast enough to cause the companies to get out of the vaccine business. So Congress has immunized them, as their vaccines are supposed to do for us.

The vaccine courts and how they work

Do any remedies exist at all for injured people? Yes, the federal government has established two vaccine courts to hear the cases. One court is in Atlanta, and the other is in Los Angeles. Should the injured plaintiff prevail at the vaccine court and win an award for damages, the money will come from taxpayer funds, not from the manufacturers.

The other oddity about the vaccine courts is that it is almost impossible to prevail without an experienced attorney. But you may not pay the attorney and the attorney may not collect a contingency fee should he prevail. Only the court can decide what, if anything, the attorney should receive. The attorney must:

  • Travel to either Atlanta or Los Angeles at his own expense,
  • Remain there during the pendency of the trial, and
  • Just hope the court decides to pay him.

What is the purpose of that charade, to deprive injured people of counsel and thus save money?

Mr. Bill Gates, his toady Tony Fauci, and the government, all want us vaccinated and that is an obvious fact. Recent polls have revealed that only 42% of people at this time are willing to accept the vaccine. I’m sure the propaganda surrounding an acceptable and approved vaccine will raise that percentage. But the fact remains that a great many do not want to take it.

And if you refuse…

I had some people at my house the other day, leaders among this community. They asked me if the government could legally force us to take the vaccine. My answer is that there is Supreme Court precedent for making a vaccine mandatory. The case of Jacobson v. Massachusetts decided by the United States Supreme Court about 115 years ago held that the state has the power to make vaccination mandatory.

Mr. Jacobson refused a vaccine that the state had declared mandatory and the state fined him $5. In today’s money that would be about $140. If that case applies, then yes, the state can make acceptance mandatory. But that involves a penalty such as a small fine. In today’s world, I would expect a very different form of coercion than just a simple fine. Perhaps no doctor, nurse, or hospital would be permitted to treat you or would be willing to treat you. The government might also prescribe a denial of:

  • Permission to enter any government building.
  • Permission to fly on an airplane or use any other public transportation.
  • Renewal of your driver’s license or other actions which now require a license or permit.
  • A passport. That might include cancellation of existing ones.

Those are all coercive measures that I can foresee being brought to bear against dissidents who refuse the vaccine. Even with all that power exerted against citizens by the government, mandatory and forced are two different things. A driver’s license is mandatory, but it is not forced. No government agency forces you to get a license to drive, they just make it far easier if you do.

Loose talk?

I have seen talk of law enforcement showing up at your door to either vaccinate you, or forcibly take you to a doctor who does it. Constitutional attorney Alan Dershowitz believes that under the authority of protecting public health, that would be legal for the government to do. He is wrong about that and is apparently confusing mandatory and forced.4

The new normal and the Constitution

The constitution has very little hold over the government these days. I suspect that in the post virus days it will have none at all. I’ve seen estimates from those who are supposed to know that it will take 60% to 90% of the population vaccinated to eventually reach herd immunity. I don’t know it that is true or not. But I do know that it will be difficult to get to that number.

The plan seems to be a worldwide exercise in government control. Everybody across the world locks down at the same time. The rare independent such as Sweden does not lock down. (And as a result suffers less than their completely locked down neighbors.) Here in America states of harsh lockdown such as California and New York suffer worse conditions than South Dakota with no lockdown at all.

The new normal – long-term plan

What is the long-term intent of those people and organizations who insist that we take vaccines no matter what? For the answer to that I defer to our old friend Bill Sardi:

The globalists will let nothing stand in the way of their objectives, to:

  • Eradicate borders,
  • Erase history and culture,
  • Antiquate and replace religion via technology (immortality via AI),
  • Eliminate free enterprise, and
  • Destroy the economies of the world and individual livelihoods

in order to coerce the world to beg for relief, for vaccines and a global currency, via a single world governance led by arrogant unelected elites whose godless technocratic, transhuman world view will be forced on 7.8 billion souls, or else you or your kids will be taken to quarantine camps.

So quickly the fear of God has [yielded to] the instilled fear of Covid. What is so unexpected is the almost universal voluntary compliance with this out-in-the-open overthrow of modern society operating under the banner of equality. The masses have largely volunteered to comply.

What if people refuse to voluntarily comply? You don’t have to worry about that; The New York Times has the answer ready and waiting for us. The government will pay us to take the vaccine. How much is it worth for me to let the government and its elites put something potentially poisonous into my bloodstream? $1000 per person the Times suggests. That would cost $300 billion which is pocket change for today’s government.

The Times also notes that when we see how this subsidy solved the COVID crises, we will submit to a carbon tax to solve the crises of climate change.

Beyond the new normal – what next?

Now as you know I try to save the best for last and today is no exception. In a recent press conference Bill and Melinda Gates, the high Priest and Priestess of the new messianic global system, when they heard that people were starting to recover from their fear of the COVID Virus, said simply “the next one will get their attention.” Melinda just smiled, but what did he mean by that? Have they scheduled a new strain for distribution? No one asked. So we will just have to wait and see what Bill and Melinda have in store for us.5

Finally, Folks, I don’t say it with any joy, but it seems to me that this government together with the worldwide elite are not going to let the world relax and recover, ever. Right now, there are a lot more of us than of them so why do we put up with it? I’m afraid too many of us are ignorant and we perish for lack of knowledge.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

Editor’s Notes

1 As usual, this radio address aired on Friday and did not become available to CNAV before today. A verbatim transcript first appeared here.

2 Another company, Moderna, has its own problems with adverse reactions. According to Joseph R. Mercola, D.O., several Moderna insiders are “dumping” the company stock. Dr. Mercola also mentions Astra-Zeneca suspending its vaccine trial. The National Vaccine Information Center (Barbara Loe Fisher, M.D., chairman) will hold its Fifth International Public Conference on Vaccination on 16-18 October 2020. CNAV has taken an initiative to share this link where interested parties may register for this event.

3 See the relevant federal law: Title 42, United States Code, Section 300aa-22.

4 See also this scathing commentary by Y. Tony Yang and Dorit Rubinstein at The Hill.

5 See Bradlee Dean’s excellent analysis of Bill Gates’ arrogant posture and earlier damning statements and associations.

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