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The worst enemy the United States has ever had

The New York Times today is the worst enemy the United States has ever had. It willfully suppresses or distorts truth to serve the cause of tyranny.

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The New York Times, the media madam.

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday the 23rd day of October in the year 2020. In this rather difficult trying year, we in the Castle family are doing fine. We certainly have had our problems with business and personal life in this plague year, but who hasn’t? The family daughter has her new dog now and seems very happy so that translates to happiness for us.

The cultural war enemy inside the gates

I would prefer to make this Report about the real problems that confront the nation right now. These are problems the candidates are not debating or even talking about. But I can’t do that quite yet. I still have another Friday before the election so maybe I will do that next week. Today I must continue the discussion of the war, the cultural war and the various combatants who wage it.

Remember folks, this is commentary on the news or the comments of one person, me. I endeavor to report only what I think I can defend but still the words are mine.

The enemy: The New York Times

Wikipedia defines journalism as

the unbiased production and distribution of reports on current or past events based on facts and supported with proofs or evidences. The word journalism applies to the occupation, as well as citizen journalists who gather and publish unbiased information based on facts and supported with proofs or evidences.

That definition twice uses the word unbiased as a requirement for the profession of journalism. I would submit then, that there are no journalists at The New York Times. I further maintain that newspaper does not even pretend to meet the very basic requirements of unbiased investigation and reporting. To illustrate my point about the Times I turn to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:

The vast majority of The New York Times’s subscribers are white people. These are people who are apparently so emotionally and mentally weak and so full of guilt and self-loathing that they support a rabid anti-American propaganda organization that brands its readers “racists” and delegitimizes the founding principles of the United States.

The US Defense Secretary, Espy, distracts us with the “Russian and Chinese enemies,” while the worst enemy that the United States has ever had—The New York Times—carries on its deadly attack of deconstructing America. The New York Times’ position is that America is a racist nation by design and thus illegitimate. Neither Putin nor Xi Jinping—or both together—could do our country such great harm as does The New York Times.

So The New York Times wants you to renew, does it?

By a strange coincidence when I read last Sunday’s edition of the Times, I received an email telling me that it was time to renew my yearly home delivery subscription. Once again, I had to ask myself if I was one of those self-loathing, mentally deficient people. Or if I might have some other reason to renew. I need the information from that paper, and notice I did not call it a newspaper, for information of my enemy’s tactics and propaganda. It’s similar to having a subscription to The Berlin Times in 1941.

The Times’ notice of renewal told me that it was time to renew my subscription to

the most powerful journalism of our time.

They lie with straight faces at the Times and that is for sure. It is unfortunately powerful, but it is not journalism under the definition that I read earlier. In fact, The New York Times does not even pretend to print the truth. Instead it serves openly as the ministry of propaganda for the Democrat Party and the woke culture.

The hatchet job on the President…

Let me give you an example of what I mean from last Sunday’s edition.1 The entire editorial section, 10 full pages of the paper was devoted to lies and half truths about Donald Trump. The front page of the section said:

Lies, Anger, Corruption, Incompetence, Chaos, Decay, End our National Crises the case against Donald Trump.

The second two pages said, in giant headlines, “A Man Unworthy of the Office He Holds.”

Then the Times went on to print one slanderous lie after another just as the communist instruction manual Rules for Radicals suggests:

Accuse your enemy of what you are doing.

Following that rule the headline says, “His Unapologetic Corruption”. Not a word about Hunter Biden’s corruption and his father sending him around the world to sell access the Vice President of the United States for 10 million per copy.

… that ignores the Biden family

Strangely enough the Biden family’s business dealings in Ukraine, China, and Russia never came up in this expose. A real journalist might consider that omission journalistic malpractice. That story is about the laptop computer Joe’s crackhead son, Hunter, left in a repair shop and never picked up. The laptop apparently contained details of the many services the Biden family performed for various influential people both in government and in the corporate world, for millions of dollars.

Joe Biden would not be able to hide and ignore this scandal in a free country. When there is no free press which looks for the truth, there is no free country. That leaves people to wonder what truth is and what is just lies and deception. Finally, after many years of relentless propaganda the people come to realize that it is all lies, and nothing is believable.

The spin on the email story works something like this. Hunter is a bad son, a black sheep. But every family has one, and it has nothing to do with Joe. What about the documentary evidence, the videos, the audio recordings, the statements of foreign leaders and business leaders? That is all just Russian disinformation. No, it is not says DOJ and FBI. But OK then it’s just part of the right wing conspiracy nuts’ illusions. In war, the rules of civilized behavior go out the window and the only thing that matters is who wins.

The evidence The New York Times ignores

See old Joe, i.e. Mr. Big in the emails is just a nice warm old grandfather. He wouldn’t hurt a flea and would rather just watch TV, but his country demands his service. He is not demented, not corrupt, not an abuser of women and girls. I know that there is clear video and documentary evidence of all those things. But who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes? That sounds funny and ridiculous, but I have personally talked to Democrats who say they believe every word of it.

The foreign influence peddling scheme operated by the Biden family while Joe or “Mr. Big” as the emails apparently referred to him, while he was Vice President amounts to selling out the United States for money. That is the accusation and that is what the evidence points to. Joe was carrying out official tasks of the United States in the very countries that were paying his son huge amounts of money for doing what amounts to little or nothing, and Mr. Big received a portion for his influence and help.

Deliberately trying to hush it up

The evidence in the emails and videos clearly contradicts Joe’s claim that he never spoke with his son about his business dealings. The evidence also clearly indicates that Joe, Mr. Big, or Pops as the text sometimes called him, received his cut of the filthy lucre Hunter obtained in his business dealings. In a country with a free press some type of official investigation would happen quickly before the presidential election coming in less than two weeks. But this is no longer a normal country and it no longer has a free press.

The result of all this is that people who are not well informed to begin with, are very susceptible to propaganda. When the email scandal emerges and the documentary evidence is in front of our eyes The New York Times, as official ministry of propaganda, must put forward a story that the 10% of undecided voters will believe. Democrat Party officials have a ready-made story to explain it and that is Russian disinformation. The Justice Department says no that’s not what this is, but its at least enough to cloud the picture.

A rival paper scoops The New York Times

The New York Post finally broke the story. Then Twitter labeled it unsafe and banned all transmission of the story. While Facebook quashed any reference to the story on Facebook. The New York Times was right there with the tried and true tactic of blame the Russians. The Ministry of Truth prints only the truth because whatever it says is truth.

Let us return to the Times for a moment and look at page seven of the case against Donald Trump. The headline reads “His Incompetent Statesmanship.” I suppose the article referred to the three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize he received for his peace making in the Middle East.2 No, the article wasn’t talking about that or his trade deals. Nor his pressure to rebuild manufacturing jobs for American workers. No, the criticism revolves around his willingness to pull troops from Afghanistan. Because continuing the idiotic, no win wars seems to be an important leg of the deep state, Democrat, stool.

Super spreader agenda? Huh?

My favorite headline is on page 8 though because it reads, “His Super Spreader Agenda.” Now folks just take a moment and think about how a paper with the history and reach of The New York Times could print those words with a straight face.3 The writers must have laughed about it. Or perhaps they were filled with such vitriol that they are no longer capable of laughter.

His super spreader agenda implying that his rallies intentionally spread the virus I suppose. He also appeared in public without a mask which makes those who demand compliance angry. For some reason the report did not mention the many black lives matter and antifa protests, rallies, riots, and looting. In some Democrat states such as California and New York churches and Synagogues must stop meeting. But riots go on as planned.

Go with an alternative…

I wonder if it will bother anyone that the case against Donald Trump came out just a couple of days before The New York Post broke the story on Hunter, Joe, and the Biden family corruption. Is the Post story true? As soon as I read it and saw the attacks against it by the Times, CNN, and the social media giants, I bought a subscription to the Post. That was my few dollars of support for a paper still willing to print the truth.

Did the big guy really get 10% of equity from a deal Hunter negotiated with a Chinese company? Is that email just invented lies and if not, who is Mr. Big? If it is true and not invented, could Mr. Big be as Fox News said, Joe Biden? Will this story go away considering the Times is trying to print it out of existence each day? Will more come to light before the election or will keeping Joe hidden from the press work?

The truth sometimes has a power of its own and it sometimes can overcome all sorts of organized evil. Will the truth overcome this time? Time will tell. But this story is about The New York Times and its agenda. Which is apparently to destroy the United States and Western Civilization. When I speak of the Times as our greatest enemy I mean literally and symbolically as the representative of all corporate media.

… and take The New York Times strictly for its enemy intel value

Finally, folks, the Defense department and the State department tell us that we have numerous foreign enemies. But the real enemy is inside the gates. It is delivered to my driveway each morning and to my computer each day. Why do I pay to have the enemy delivered to my home? Obviously because it’s the world’s greatest newspaper.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

See also:

Joan Swirsky, three years ago, had this take not only on The New York Times but also on all conventional “news” media.

Editor’s Notes:

1 CNAV will not provide a link here. It is not our policy to link to an article behind a pay wall. That especially applies to The New York Times, considering its attitude.

2 To be specific, two of the three nominators made specific reference to recent treaties the State of Israel signed. They signed one with the United Arab Emirates and another with Bahrain. The third nominator pointed out that, for the first time, the United States didn’t jump into a foreign war. That alone merited the Peace Prize, according to the statement.

3 To say nothing of its slogan, “All the news that’s fit to print.”

About the image

Joan Swirsky offered this image of The New York Times building in an article CNAV published three years ago.

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