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Democrats now in full panic mode

Democrats have flown into a panic, as they realize that, their false polls aside, they will lose. For with defeat will come fines and imprisonments.

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The traditional mascot of the Democrats: a donkey

After the 2016 presidential election, Democrats were consumed with anger, indignation, and a burning unquenchable fury. They had basked in smug satisfaction during the previous eight years as Barack Obama began to fulfill his campaign promise of October 28, 2005 of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” from our Democratic Republic into a socialist utopia. And they were blind with rage that the electorate denied Hillary the next eight years to complete the mission.

Even more infuriating, everything the 2016 victor stood for was a repudiation of nearly a century of leftist strivings. In fact, candidate and then President Trump promised to overturn the Regressives’ most cherished “values.” These include sky-high taxes, open borders, a weakened military, flawed foreign treaties, ongoing wars, the illiteracy roadmap called Common Core, and generations of impoverished, uneducated, imprisoned Blacks, et al.

The world’s biggest temper tantrum

Rejecting nearly 250 years of the peaceful transition of presidential power, Democrats launched a four-year war against President Trump, manufacturing a Russian-collusion hoax, a Ukraine hoax, a Stormy Daniels hoax, an impeachment hoax, on and on. All came to naught. But their efforts did expose the deep systemic corruption at the highest reaches of the Obama regime—corruption involving crimes as serious as sedition and treason!

Democrats are like passengers hoping their own plane will crash!

“Coincidentally,” on the heels of the impeachment failure came the China virus. Which not only brought our economy—and the entire world—to a halt, but also gave rise to unrestrained violence. The violence, by bought-and-paid-for anarchist groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter, broke out in about 15 Democrat-run cities.

Then, President Trump tested positive for the corona virus. He then went to hospital, to the everlasting—and unseemly—glee of his opponents. However, that glee had a short life. Because the President also triumphed over this assault. He left the hospital after three days and has been out campaigning in full Ironman mode ever since.

Democrats now in full panic mode

It is only a couple of weeks till the presidential election. And the anger that once animated Democrats has given way to fear—stark, bug-eyed, white-knuckle, deadly fear and dread.

Wherever their marching orders come from—leftist billionaire globalists, or China, as writer Daniel Greenfield spells out—they have now been reduced to holding their collective breaths in the hope that:

  • Joe Biden can stay vertical and passably sentient till November 3rd,
  • His VP choice, Kalamity Harris, can continue to conceal her close ties—familial and political—to Communist China,
  • The escalating Hunter/Joe/Burisma scandal doesn’t get even more explosive and scandalous. As writer Andrea Widburg predicts it will. Or, as she wrote: …. the e-mails “also indicate that his father pimped Hunter to foreign governments to act as a bagman for bribes”…. Not to omit Hunter’s alleged appetite for child pornography.
Democrats have a scandal worse than that of Bill Clinton

The Democrats have their worst candidate ever

Journalist Jack Cashill asks: “Can Democrats Sell Their Worst Candidate Ever?” “For all their talk of empowering women and minorities,” he writes,

leftists have used their vast media, tech, and deep-state power to sell America a corrupt old white guy of diminished mental capacity…by suppressing the fact that—by any standards—Biden is a pedophile, a plagiarist, a liar, a hypocrite, and—by the left’s standards—a racist, sexist, warmonger as well as a credibly accused sexual predator.

But obviously, character is not what Democrats care about, as they demonstrated with eight straight years of watching Bill Clinton spit in Hillary’s face every single day with his serial affairs, or Barack Obama trot around the world bad-mouthing the country that gave him everything.

What they care about, as they brazenly showed over the past four years, is getting rid of the guy who exposed their deep corruption, the better to avoid their inevitable prison sentences!

All hands on deck!

In short order, the now-hysterical Democrats have jumped into action.

Classy Democrats like Kristopher Jacks, Chairman of the executive committee of the Colorado Democrat Party, threatened violence and murder if Trump wins, or as he said, “Guillotines, motherf…r.” Kind of reminds you of Madonna’s equally classy threat about burning down the White House, doesn’t it?

But Jacks and Madonna and their quite numerous ilk are small potatoes. The bigger fish are also in full panic mode:

  • Quick, they demand of their media whores. Report a rise in Covid-19 cases and NOT A WORD about Hunter Biden.
  • Hurry, they call to Twitter. Shut down the president’s multi-million-followers account and that of his press secretary. And also the account of White House physician, Dr. Scott Atlas. For daring to suggest fact-based information that contradicts the leftists’ so-called experts on Covid-19.
  • Attention, they tell their pollsters: Increase those Biden-Kalamity numbers!
  • Head’s Up, they call to tech giant Facebook. Kill the ads and positive messages about Trump.
  • Yoo Hoo debate moderators: With Trump, get out your machetes!
  • Listen Up, they say to their ballot harvesters and voter-fraud experts. Quadruple your efforts. Of course, they thrill to read reports of their successes, such as Mark Tapscott’s report: New Data Analysis Finds 353 Counties With 1.8 Million More Registered Voters Than Eligible Citizens.
Democrats rely on the media, and Trump can more than match them.

Actions have consequences, and the Democrats know it

Why this desperation? Because the Democrat poohbahs also read the inside polling numbers. From them they know things are looking grim for their basement-dwelling candidate. They are especially terrified because they know that a Trump victory will bring the two outcomes they fear most:

  • A swift avalanche of overdue indictments and ultimate imprisonments to all the corrupt operatives of the Obama regime. Including Obama and Biden, and also the corrupt functionaries they appointed in the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, State, et al.
  • An absolute death sentence for the Democrat Party as it is currently constituted.

That’s why the Democrats are quaking with fear and dread. And we are all seeing it play out in living color as the few days till the election elapse.

After all the treachery, violence, duplicity and hypocrisy that Democrats have displayed not only since citizen Donald J. Trump and his magnificent wife Melania descended the elevator in Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for POTUS, but for the past four years of the Democrats’ manic, vulgar, obsessed and irrational behavior.

Right now, it is fascinating to see these leftists in their full infantile-dependency mode, calling on their mommies and daddies in the media, big tech and the Big Daddy billionaires to save them.

Given the choice between the systemic corruption and hate-America mentality of the left and the burgeoning peace, prosperity and love-America administration of President Trump, pulling the right lever on November 3rd is a no-brainer!

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Joan Swirsky is a New York-based journalist and author. Her website is and she can be reached at

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