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Our whispering commander-in-chief



Joey Biden - our commander-in-chief can't keep a campaign promise, and trying to excuse a bad Midterms

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday the 2nd day of July in the year of our Lord 2021. On this Report, I will be talking about the Commander-In-Chief of the United States armed forces who at least once recently relayed vital information about the American economy to a group of reporters by leaning over the podium and whispering or at least pretending to whisper to them. This is also the 4th of July weekend so we will be talking a little about independence and what that concept means to Joe Biden and his Democrat Party.

Here in the Castle family, we are all looking forward to three days off work to celebrate the 4th of July this Sunday. We will take Monday off work from our law practice as part of the Holiday. Independence Day has its patriotic meaning that we are all familiar with and we celebrate that of course, but we celebrate in special ways for this mid-summer holiday. The Castle family normally has hot dogs for what is usually the first and only time of the year. I’m not yet sure what the family daughter will be doing in the City of Angels, but I’m sure she will tell me soon.

The commander-in-chief holds a news conference

The President of the United States who is also Constitutionally the Commander-In-Chief of the United States armed forces, recently held an informal question and answer session with a group of reporters who had been pre-selected from the White House press corps. The questions he was to respond to were also pre-selected as were his notes for the answers, but something unusual happened at that meeting. He accidentally, negligently, intentionally, or through mental decline, told the truth about a vitally important subject.

When the conference was almost over one of the reporters went off script and asked him for a response to the issue of millions of jobs available, but workers refusing to fill them. President Biden leaned way over the podium toward the reporter and replied in a very creepy whisper, it’s because I gave them 1.9 trillion. Now there the President admitted that he was paying people not to work, but then it got worse. Continuing his whisper, he told the reporters that he gave them the money so employers would have to pay more for labor.

What about that whisper, and what was he whispering?

I want to reserve comment on the whisper for a moment, but no, on second thought I’ll go ahead and address it. The whole thing was indeed very creepy and appeared to be the result of cognitive deficit to the point that he was unable to control himself. The whisperer has gotten a lot of airtime on Russian TV and I’m certain the Kremlin was amused by it. I wonder what Mr. Putin and Mr. Xi think about the video of the President doing such a weird thing, but I have a fairly good idea. The whisper did call more than normal attention to his remarks, but because of the whisper no one pays attention to the merits of what he said.

Now let’s address what he actually whispered rather than the whisper itself. He said “I” gave them 1.9 trillion and money is continuing to be sent and that is not insignificant. He made it sound as if he was using his own money but instead, he was using yours and mine. That is a slight exaggeration because he was only adding to the debt, but the debt service must be paid by those who pay taxes.

Deliberately driving up the cost of labor?

The concept of using taxpayer money to drive up the cost of labor thus bankrupting thousands of small businesses is perverse and non-sensible to me, but I wonder if others understand what he is doing. Was anybody besides me listening to his words or were you too creeped out by the whisper. It is hard to exaggerate the importance of his words to the US economy right now. First, there are Millions of jobs, but no workers and yet millions are on unemployment. This week the jobs report reflected 3.5 million on unemployment despite millions of jobs available. We used to deny unemployment compensation when there were jobs being offered to out of work people, but I guess that is just not the Biden way.

If you raise the question of whether he was right about raising the cost of labor, then yes, he certainly has done that. Even McDonald’s in Memphis is advertising $15 per hour plus a bonus to take the job. Restaurants cannot open because they have no workers but what about jobs with no benefits. Would it not be better to just stay home until the President’s plan worked?

Contributing to inflation

The problem with that is that even top-notch companies like FedEx, by far the most sought-after job in my city of Memphis, is advertising for people. Good pay, great benefits, paid time off, free medical insurance, profit sharing, and retirement but no takers. The outdoors company, Bass Pro Shop, is also running similar ads to Fed Ex but not enough takers. I thank God that the people who work in my law firm have stayed with me through this.

So not enough workers, but what are some other effects of the Whisperer’s plan? Massive inflation which hurts everyone and is rightfully seen as extremely dangerous and on the verge of spinning out of control. Inflation in the cost of labor is only one aspect of it. Everything the consumer needs is rising in cost including the most important items like food and fuel. Just take a visit to any supermarket and you will see the results of rising costs.

I talked about this last week I know, but the subject is important enough to mention again. Inflation destroys our standard of living, and therefore that is what the President is doing, destroying our standard of living. Rising fuel and food costs cannot be pushed immediately into the labor market so the standard of living of people of normal means continues to fall. In addition, the future economic standing of the nation is threatened by increasing debt service which must be covered through taxes.

Taxes increase, but work to pay them does not

Taxes increase, as has my property, sewage, etc. taxes this year, but there is no corresponding increase in the work to pay them. In fact, business is so stagnant, thanks to the whisperer, that one must keep tightening the belt with each passing month. There is another aspect to paying people not to work that perhaps you have not considered and that is that work has a freedom and dignity that seems to be lost on Democrat politicians, especially President Biden.

Apparently, he wants people to become dependent on him and people like him, and to never rise above their dependent status. Independence of the people is a perpetual advantage for a nation, and it fosters the ideals that made us great. It seems that more that 240 years of those ideals and the resultant success they produce are completely lost on this man or on whoever is running this country.

Protecting and nurturing independence of people to ensure a perpetual advantage for those people apparently does not buy many votes, but I suppose giving money to those who refuse to work does buy a great many of them. Creating and fostering a nation of dependent people pays better in terms of votes than protecting independence. I just hope and pray that on this Independence Day even Democrat voters will see what this man from Dementia is doing to the nation.

What is the commander-in-chief doing?

OK now, I admit that man from Dementia is pretty harsh, and I normally would not make such a mockery of the president, but this President mocks himself and the jokes write themselves. Who is running this country? Does it worry anyone besides me, that the president’s powers including the power to launch nuclear weapons, or to make undeclared war anywhere on earth or in space anytime he wants to give the order is in the hands of people whose names we don’t even know.

Maybe Jill runs the country because she certainly controls the President in his appearances and his movements in public. I still remember the photo of her behind the desk provided for him, and her stating “I am preparing for the G7 meeting.” She has also been given a diplomatic assignment to be conducted during the summer Olympics in Japan. I have read that the real power is in chief of staff Ron Klain. He was also Biden’s Chief of Staff when he was Vice President.

Mr. Klain got an undergraduate degree from Georgetown and of course, his law degree from Harvard. He came into government service under President Obama where he held the title of Ebola Coordinator. He was then appointed chief of staff to the Vice President. He has apparently been taking calls from foreign governments intended for the President.

Is Kamala a scapegoat?

If President Biden did indeed choose Kamala Harris because he knew her to be weak and therefore no threat to him, he got at least one thing right. However, I perceive her to be the scapegoat to take media heat instead of Biden who is off limits for the media. She is certainly weak, and one wonders how she was elected to the US Senate even in California, but the way she became Attorney General of the State of California is obvious according to Democratic power broker Willie Brown. She gives me the impression that she has nothing to offer except that silly or insane, depending on your point of view, cackle when she is asked a tough question. She was probably assigned responsibility for the border to take the heat for Biden on an issue that is unsolvable by any Democrat.

The border is hers now, and she is certainly keeping the heat off the President by coming across as totally incompetent and uncaring about anything. She is so obviously unqualified and cannot make even a reasonable guess at what to do that she might be scarier than the Man from Dementia. What a team these two make and they are supposed to be running the US Government. Again, I ask, who has the launch codes and the nuclear football. We the American people should have a right to know who holds the power to start another World War.

Kamala would make a worse commander-in-chief

I used to wonder how long before the Democrat Deep State Machine removed him as medically unable to continue and placed the Vice President as the new figurehead of power but after seeing her in Guatemala and on the border that is no longer my fear. Can you imagine Kamala Harris taking a call from Vladimir Putin with a warning about US warships in the Black Sea or President Xi with a warning that US Carrier Battle Groups were too close to China?

The two of them represent the Democrat consensus to destroy Western Civilization, in which they apparently find nothing of value. The only things they see are racism, sexism, homophobia, colonialism and inequality and they intend to put an end of those things as long as that end doesn’t inconvenience them or cost them any money. If their end costs the rest of us freedom and the ability to live a normal life, well too bad. With what will they replace Western Civilization, 2000 years in the making, give or take 500 years? Perhaps socialism in the tradition of Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Castro or perhaps Islamism in the Mullah tradition or just plain totalitarianism as we see in China today. Maybe some form of tribalism with Somalia or the Central African Republic as prime examples, but I think chaos is the most likely result.


Finally, folks, I know the Democrats are hellbent on destroying my country and my way of life, but what are all those elected Republicans doing about it. Just give us one more year and then you’ll be happy they say. Just one more year and you’ll be happy we promise. Yes, those Republicans are brave warriors. I’ll bet if they had been in the lead landing craft at Omaha Beach the Germans would have surrendered in a week.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

This article appeared first on the author’s website and appears her by permission. – Ed.

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