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A national disgrace



New symbol of a national disgrace - checking one's wristwatch

Good day Deano,

I am trying to wrap my head about what has transpired over the last month or so, in regards to the withdrawal/collapse in Afghanistan. While I usually defer to the bastions of fair, unbiased reporting such as The Times, or CNN…I just don’t know if I can in this case.

Military debacle

You see the right has been vehemently condemning just about every move made by what they call, this mentally addled puppet installed as the POTUS. This is what they have been saying. Before we examine some of his major miscues and blatant lies, just remember the most important one. As of today Joey “ice cream” Biden has left American citizens in the hands of the Tailban (who now apparently sets policy for the United States), and ISIS.

This, after his now famous interview with Biden lapdog George Stephanopoulos, saying the “United States military will not leave Afghanistan until every American is out.”

Well, I believe this qualifies as a blatant lie , by the 5 deferments coward-in-chief. As, alas, of this writing our military is gone, and there are 100’s of Americans and there are additionally 1000’s of Afghan refugees who have been abandoned, that’s right Jen “Goebbels” Psaki, abandoned. This is an absolute national disgrace!

National disgrace compounded

You see Deano, most believe Joey Talibiden picked this arbitrary day in order to have a photo opportunity on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It seems Joey went against all military advice and removed our air cover by closing Bagram Air Base in the dead of night this last July 5th. Then removed the 2,500 ground troops. Brilliant strategy, wouldn’t you say Deano, you know remove the military before civilians. When his generals woke him from his late morning nap (not to be confused with his afternoon nap), they advised him his plan was imploding. Well, Joey ordered 7,000 troops back in, genius, pure military genius, remove 2,500 and then install 7,000!

Our brave servicemen and servicewomen

As a result of this catastrophic quagmire, we now have 13 brave service men and women dead. This the result of a decrepit, feeble, stubborn, mentally challenged, installed puppet, looking for a photo op on 9/11 saying that he brought closure to the war in Afghanistan. Well, Joey…how did that work out for you? Matter of fact, all you Trump protest voters…how has it worked out for you? I suggest you ask the families of these heroes who gave their lives due to the incompetence of an inept, feeble-minded old man, who should be residing in the Shady Rest retirement home instead of occupying the White House, enjoying pudding cups, and Judge Judy.

His handlers felt it would be a great gesture to show Joey accepting the return of these brave warriors in Dover Delaware. That was until the liar-in-Chief began to frequently check his watch. Nap time, snack time, tv time, just plain bored? Well, whatever it was, it was a helluva lot less important than paying the proper respect to these fallen heroes…disgusting. Surprisingly, minuscule to no media coverage of this…go figure.

A tale of two borders

It’s seems Joey’s administration now has some universal pictures of babies being tossed over barriers too. First, almost daily down at the Southern border. Not too much mention of that lately, you know 200,000 illegal aliens streaming to the border monthly! Well, now Afghan refugees were throwing their babies over barriers in Kabul. Ah Joey, his polices are spanning that globe. President Trump is a racist!

It seems our allies are just as disgusted as most Americans are, with the exception, of course, of the likes of Pelosi, Schumer (dancer extraordinaire, with dance partner Stevie Colbert), Jen “Goebbels” Psaki, aka Peppermint “Propaganda ” Patti. Maybe Kamala feels this way, one can only wonder, as she is incommunicado. Well, she did make one comment when she was on her crucial Singapore/Vietnam tour. When asked about Afghanistan, she replied with her trademark ridiculous, sophomoric, moronic cackle. No word if her former boss, Willie Brown accompanied her on her vacation.

Our allies’ opinion

Former British Prime Minister referred to the whole operation as “imbecilic,” which seems pretty accurate, as Joey is often referred to as an imbecile. The French also had strong words for this military debacle. Except you really wouldn’t know that, as the White House had all criticism of the operation redacted from the transcript. It now reads like a lovely fictional novel, ala Andy Cuomo’s now out of print fiction. Ya have to love the transparency(campaign/propaganda promise) of the Harris administration, don’t ya, Deano old sport?

Has anybody been brought to task over this catastrophe? Clueless Joey, globe trotting Kamala, woke General Milley, honest Tony Blinken (so sincere), Lloyd Austin (race relations expert), the list goes on and on. Finally, just recently , someone is being held accountable. It is heroic Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Schiller, who was relieved of his command and later resigned. Why? He questioned “why none of the higher ups are taking responsibility for this strategic debacle and acknowledging that they messed up.” So, this is the one person who gets punished for Joey and his administrations gross ineptitude…seems reasonable. When they asked Joey who should be held accountable he said, “I finished an 8 piece jigsaw puzzle of Winny the Pooh and “Dr.” Jill put it on the White House refrigerator! President Trump is a racist!

Calling the Taliban helpful

General McKenzie, commander of the US central command said the Taliban were being useful and helpful. Doesn’t it just warm your heart that the Taliban (extreme terrorist organization) is going out of their way to be helpful. This by the way, as reports come in that this “helpful” organization is going house to house executing Afghan’s who cooperated with the previous Afghan government and American’s. Ya see Deano, I didn’t see or hear mention of any of this in your bastion of honest reporting, The New York Times. Now that I think about it you have been leaving a lot of details out about Afghanistan lately. I see you’re keeping up with the important issues, like President Trump’s tax returns or Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti (former Democratic candidate considered for President). Word is, he is considering running in 2024………if he is out of jail by then, that is.

Little Red Lying Hood

It has been a little tough getting answers from the press secretary Little Red Lying Hood Psaki. Republicans say Psaki is busy blaming this disgraceful debacle on President Trump. Word is she is now blaming President Trump for the Titanic sinking, the Lindbergh kidnapping, the Hindenburg disaster, as well as all natural disasters since the Galveston hurricane of 1900. When they asked Joey about this he replied, “Dr.” Jill said I can have two pudding cups today!

Speaking of Joey, he has been on top of his game as usual in regards to press conferences. His reading off the teleprompter has been top notch. When pressed for questions, this is where he really excels. Joey just turns around and shuffles off and out the door. CNN reportedly has been showering Joey with accolades. No, not on his comments, but the fact that he knows how to open the door to run away, sorry I mean leave. The right says this should be his Presidential portrait, turning his back… know like he turned his back on Americans in Afghanistan.

Where’s Kalamity?

Many Republicans as well as Democrats have been asking, where is Kalamity, I mean Kamala? As the self described “last person” in the room with Joey in regards to decisions in Afghanistan. Well, it seems first thing Heels Harris did when the stuff hit the fan was to obviously, board a plane for Singapore and Vietnam. You know Deano, this trip must have been imperative, no way to reschedule. What was it again that she accomplished, oh yeah, she did her best to distance herself from this debacle and political suicide. Then she had to cancel her stop over in California to campaign on behalf of the grossly incompetent Governor Gavin Newsom.

Well surprisingly, she still hasn’t been seen with Joey working on the Afghanistan catastrophe. I mean it must be bad, when the 2nd worst Governor in America (Andy will always be #1 in American hearts) tells you to please not campaign for him, to please, please stay away. As far as that “last person in the room” comment, maybe she meant Willie Brown, not Joey.

7 short months – one national disgrace after another

Well Deano, let’s take a look at Joey’s accomplishments in 7 short months, shall we. Bear in mind, these were done by the over 50 executive orders that were shoved in front of old Joey, mostly by resident anarchist’s Pelosi and Schumer. You know after Joey said this is how dictators govern, using executive orders. The rumor that Joey tried to sign in crayon is false……..I think.

Let’s look at some of the magnificent political moves by Joey

  • canceling the Keystone pipeline, costing numerous jobs and trying to make America energy dependent versus energy independent.
  • lifting of sanctions on the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Well at least Russia is energy independent and are making money exporting their gas.
  • halted all gas and oil leasing on federal land…there is that pesky jobs lost thingy.
  • opening the Southern border to illegal aliens at a rate of 200,000 a month. They are redistributed throughout the United States in the dead of the night. Mostly to political swing states, I wonder why? No concern over covid, even by the esteemed political stooge “Dr.” Fauci? Fentanyl pouring in, gang members coming in. They can join in with the Taliban coming in masquerading as Afghan refugees.
  • rampant inflation with no end in sight. Oh, the CPI index excludes food and energy. To be fair, who really needs food and gas? Oh yeah, price of lumber and other essentials are through the roof. Who needs lumber and such trivialities anyway.

Hey, big spender!

  • promised bipartisan unity, claiming he was not a radical progressive…enough said.
  • had a plan to conquer covid while campaigning. We are still waiting to hear this plan as covid and variants rage. It’s almost like anything and everything he says is a LIE.
  • bailed out grossly mismanaged Democratic states with $350,000,000,000 taxpayer dollars, no questions asked. If not for the voter fraud, many of these states would be facing bankruptcies. Thank goodness for all those dead grandparents votes and illegitimate mail in votes (you know covid)…never let a crisis go to waste.
  • endorsed a covid relief bill, you know the one that 15% actually went to covid. The remainder of the money went towards a Democratic wish list, you know important stuff, gender studies and the like.
  • not acknowledging Andy Cuomo’s nursing home deaths and subsequent coverup, as well as 4 other Democratic Governors who sent sick seniors with covid back to nursing homes. Shockingly the DOJ doesn’t seem to think there is any need to investigate this either…shocking I tell ya!

And the biggest national disgrace of all time

You see that is a mere fraction of the things Talibiden Joe has accomplished in 7 short months. Oh, and possibly the biggest military blunder in this nations history. Sleepy Joe can Blame President Trump, the Afghan government, the Afghan military, global warming, covid, alignment of the stars, etc, etc. but according to a majority of Americans including 90 retired Generals and Admirals who addressed this in a letter, the blame lies strictly with Joesph Biden, period! My guess is a few more active Generals and Admirals would say the same, except they would experience the same fate as Lt. Col. Stuart Schiller.

But Old Joe isn’t the only one to blame Deano. Maybe the biggest partner in this national disgrace is the media. Yep, Deano, you and the Times, CNN, ABC, NBC CBS, MSNBC, Jackie Dorsey(Osama Bin Laden look alike)and Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc, etc. You are all complicit by censoring, (you know Twitter bans President Trump, but allows the Taliban to tweet), seems very reasonable. Editing clips, distorting the truth, concealing blunder after blunder by this incompetent, mentally deficient, morally corrupt individual occupying the White House. One moderate Conservative said it this way, “he is just a weak, frail, figurehead not elected, but installed by a criminally corrupt political system.”

Blood on his hands

You, in the media, and also the corrupt swing state governors who circumvented legislative procedures to install a fraudulent voting system. You know, non verified mail in voting due to plandemic covid hysteria. When science is convenient, it is the go to, unless of course you are celebrating Barack Hussein’s birthday, or Pelosi’s fundraising garden party(or getting her hair done), or Chuckie Schumer dancing the night away with political stooge Stevie Colbert in Central Park, or incompetent Newsom dining maskless, during the height of the pandemic. Move along nothing to see here…..but, but, but, the science!

I take the last and by far biggest quagmire by this installed occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, personally. As I have relatives who have served in the military, as well as some who are presently serving. The blood of these 13 heroes is on Joe Biden’s hands, due to his incompetence, stubbornness, diminished mental acuity, and on the hands of those who were complicit in this national disgrace. Including, of course the media, who runs cover for this buffoon. Also, in a way, all the Trump protest voters have a hand in this also. Any voter remorse out there?

“But Trump…!” doesn’t cut it anymore

Say what you want about President Trump, call him crass, egotistical, bombastic, etc. But I can guarantee you this, that this would have never happened on his watch. Not by a long shot. If you deny that fact, then you are just in denial or delusional. Ah, whatever helps you sleep at night.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend there Deano. Maybe you’re having a BBQ at your non diverse affluent estate over in Larchmont, California. Or perhaps, you are vacationing up at Barack Hussein’s non diverse affluent estate in Martha’s Vineyard? I wonder if those abandoned, stranded, inconvenienced (whatever semantic, you like), will be celebrating. Or will these abandoned Americans and refugees be running for their lives trying to survive. I think the latter.

Well, keep up the fantastic work over there at The Old Gray Lady, Deano. I’m sure your family is proud that you were in charge while all this has been going down with Old Joe. Yep, proud indeed. The example you set for our children is immeasurable, great job.


Chris Cirino

P.S. Just curious, how is Hunter’s flourishing artistic career working out. How many anonymous $500,000 sales so far? Asking for a friend.

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Chris Cirino is a retired New York City fireman. He previously worked for the IBEW, Local #25. He was born in Brooklyn NY. He now communicates with liberal news outlets, to address their biased, hypocritical, double standard reporting techniques using satire.

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