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President Biden declares ideological war against dissidents



The President and Presidency is the ultimate command

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is September 17, 2021, Constitution Day for those of us who still recognize the document. So today I will be talking about the President’s speech last week in which he basically told us that government is no longer accountable to the people, but the people are now accountable to government. Several times during his speech the president portrayed the unvaccinated as a potential enemy, and a domestic danger. Those who don’t want the vaccine often tend to be conservatives with right of center views. So President Biden appears to have declared class or ideological warfare on dissidents.

President attacks all who disagree with him

The president attacked not only the unvaccinated but everyone he considers to be accomplices in their refusal to obey him. He said this is not a freedom issue when it clearly is. He wagged his finger in the faces of the American people and said we have been patient, but our patience is running out. I wonder who exactly he means by we? He seems to be saying we the elite, we your betters, have spoken and you will obey or else. He obviously thinks of himself as benevolent dictator who has been patient with his unruly children but now its time for corporal punishment.

He attacked, not just the people, but the infrastructure surrounding them which he thinks aids them in their disobedience. Dissident doctors were told that their medical boards should threaten their licenses to practice if they did not comply. Those who disagree will have the weight of the federal government brought to bear against them. He also said that the vaccinated would be turned upon them. Vaccinated America is growing frustrated he said, with the 80 million people who have not received shots and are fueling the spread of the virus.

A switch on the War on Drugs

The federal government has been telling Americans for many decades what they could not put in their bodies. In fact, the prisons are almost bursting at the seams with people who put something in their bodies the federal government did not approve of. The federal government is so certain that it knows what is best for us that it claims the sovereign right to tell us that if we consume something prohibited, we will certainly go to prison. Now, for the first time the federal government, speaking through its mouthpiece, Joe Biden, claims the right to tell us what we must put in our bodies.

The elites who run the government know what drugs we should not take and what drugs we absolutely must take, and furthermore their patience with us is running out. So, for the first time in the history of the world governments have claimed the right to forcibly impose mass vaccination on an entire class of people under threat of personal and professional destruction.

The President lays out the charges

He left no doubt that those who refuse the vaccine are really bad people and so are those who help them. He’s fed up with Republican governors who block his anti-freedom measures, and he blames them for what he tells us is exploding numbers of cases, rising hospital costs, and an increasing death toll. A small number of Americans are keeping us from turning the corner he said. These things are making people sick and causing unvaccinated people to die.

If you break the rules, be prepared to pay, the president told us. What kind of president is this anyway? He presumes the right to deny us the ability to feed our families, the right to medical care, the right to travel, basically most of the things that make life enjoyable or even possible. He used every federal threat his group of tyrannical handlers could think of to coerce us into accepting a drug we believe to be dangerous, and which was concocted by experts in whom we don’t believe and certainly don’t trust. Experts who tell us we should accept being vaccinated for a virus that experts invented to sell their vaccines.

A dire prediction

Now I want to talk about the logic or lack of it in the president’s words. To help with that I will call on writer James Howard Kunstler. (Apologies for the coarse language in the domain name. – Ed.)

Ol’ White Joe was back on TV yesterday issuing threats to his countrypersons. We are in thrall to a pandemic disease, you understand, this organism called COVID-19 and some 80 million of us have not availed ourselves of the magical vaccine required to prevent the transmission of said organism. We must take the vaccine in order to protect the people who already got the vax—many of them more than one shot—from catching COVID-19.

Hold on now—you say they got multiple doses of the vax but they can still catch the disease? Oh, a most excellent vax! And you must take it, or lose your income, forfeit your useful position in this economy, give up all the normal routines of existing in a free society.

Then—this is no longer a free society? Oh, but it is—as long as you take as many vaxes as we can force you to take—and by the way, don’t badmouth the vaxes. We will find out and we will deal with you. We’ll come for you. We’ll take away your access to banking. We’ll sic federal agencies on your case. You will become a non-person, perhaps an unperson! There, that’ll fix you!

The siren song of authoritarianism

Will they come for the unvaccinated as Mr. Kunstler predicts? If they don’t then how could the mandate have any teeth? Government always comes down to a contest between a decentralized system and a centralized top-down model. Top down ruled by the elite or bottom up ruled by individuals, that is the question. If you are president, in theory, the most powerful human alive and perhaps the most powerful person who has ever lived, it must be incredibly hard to resist the siren song of authoritarianism.

In Biden’s case maybe thinks he is right but those who stand behind the curtain and cut his audio feed when they don’t like his answer know otherwise. They know that power is and must be backed by brute force. So right now using brute force to make people accept a medical procedure they don’t want is the best way to exercise that power and control.

The President exceeds his authority

The problem for President Biden is that he does not have the legal and constitutional authority to force private businesses to comply with his mandate. If the government wants to exercise control over private business, in essence, confiscate private property, then there must be legislative action. The president seeks to get around the problem of no legislative action, congress has passed no law, by interposing a regulatory agency, I.e., OSHA between himself and the target. Congress makes law and the president doesn’t make law, so legally it won’t work.

It won’t work or at least it should not work because the constitution does not give him the legal authority to boss around people who do not work for him. If he orders federal employees to get the shot or be fired, can he fire a sitting member of congress, what about a justice of the supreme Court? Obviously not, because they are constitutionally authorized, but he can exercise control over executive branch employees.

The governors of several states, including mine, have objected to the mandates in very strong words. They say they will go into court and fight him for as long as it takes. The courts certainly should do their part to reign in this out-of-control government, but I wonder if it will work. If that is the task we take on and it doesn’t work, then we have truly lost our country and it has no future.

An exercise in case-law logic

Speaking of logic, my old friend, Richard Viguerie, poses an interesting question to the Supreme Court, and specifically to Amy Coney Barrett.

If Roe v. Wade and Griswold v. Connecticut remain good law, how can forced vaccination stand the privacy tests set forth in the decisions of those two cases? If the right to bodily privacy that would protect one from forced vaccination doesn’t exist, and one cannot refuse to be vaccinated based on that right, how can Roe still be good law? What would prevent a state from engaging in forced sterilization and abortion under the same public health theory?

That is a very good point and those are good questions. It seems that the president has admitted that my body my choice no longer exists as a principle.

If the state governors go to the courts with their complaint and are successful, that’s great. But what if they are not successful? What if this is really about politics and not about health at all? If so, then the courts including the Supreme Court might just play the political game as they see the rules. I would much prefer the governors to just say no. How many years have we been told to just say no to drugs? Here the governors should just say no to the president.

A blueprint for gubernatorial nullification

Mr. President, the governors could say, please give some more thought to your mandate because it is unconstitutional and illegal, and it therefore cannot be enforced in my state. The reason for not doing that is the federal purse which every governor fears. The federal government has imposed so many mandates on the states they are totally dependent on federal largesse. If the federal government threatened to cut off funds because of noncompliance, then the governors would need to have an answer.

My answer would be, Mr. President are you sure you want to go down that road? Because two can play that game. If you cut off federal funds then:

  1. No more federal mandates number one, and
  2. Number two, no more federal income tax from this state. I will impound all federal funds, all federal property, and I will tell employers to redirect taxes withheld from paychecks to this state rather than to the IRS.

If nothing else, it would be a very interesting battle and would force the discussion of many issues the federal government would probably prefer to remain in the dark.

Mr. Castle here repeats the exact grounds Mr. Dan Miller of the Texas Nationalist Movement cites as grounds for secession.

The courts are no longer reliable

It is sad that the courts could possibly choose not to reign in the federal power grab. With each succeeding crises the federal state grows stronger, and the rights of individuals grow weaker. This might be a good time to reestablish the concept of state sovereignty and individual rights. I would certainly hate to see the states surrender the rights of their citizens to not be forced to have invasive medical procedures against their will. That just might be a hill worth dying on for the right governor.

In conclusion the heads of governments across the Western World issue COVID mandates as if they are dictators who have no accountability to the will of the people. We are accountable to government and government is accountable to a small ruling elite. Heads of state no longer recognize their legitimate power and roles and they consistently exercise power they don’t have.

Finally, folks, what is the government’s real purpose in this fear driven COVID campaign against the American people. The final purpose is a worldwide passport or pass which will be needed to conduct business, to buy and sell. If you are a Christian and that does not send a chill that serves as a warning, then perhaps you should go ahead and take the Mark.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

This article first appeared on the author’s website. It appears here by permission. – Ed.

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Darrell Castle is an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee, a former USMC Combat Officer, 2008 Vice Presidential nominee, and 2016 Presidential nominee. Darrell gives his unique analysis of current national and international events from a historical and constitutional perspective. You can subscribe to Darrell's weekly podcast at

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Dev Dev

Mr Biden should NEVER be referenced as President and Mrs Harris as Vice-President. While Mr Biden meets the requirements to serve as President Mrs Harris does not. Thus under Amendment 12 and the way the President/Vice-President team is currently being selected she invalidates their selection by the Electoral College.
When one looks at Mrs Harris’s birth condition she is not a US citizen. Her parents were here on Student Visa and Amendment 14 did not give US citizenship. And even if it did she would not be natural born Citizen of the US since to be a natural born Citizen of a country one must be born in the country of a mother who is a citizen of the country and a father who is a citizen of the country. At best she would be naturalized citizen of the US if she was naturalized but she is still not eligible to be President or Vice-President.
For more detail on Amendment 14 read the US Supreme Court’s 1875 Elk and 1898 Ark cases. Keep in mind the Ark case conflates subject and citizen that while similar are not the same. A real immigrant request permission to enter and live in the US and swears an oath of fealty putting them under the jurisdiction of citizenship. Consider, a foreign national visiting in a country can not be charged with treason or sedition since they do not have fealty to the country. An immigrant, like a citizen or subject, can since they swear an oath of fealty to the country.

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