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They are coming for your children



The Pied Piper of Hamelin leading chidlren - metaphor for Barack Obama? Definitely a metaphor for eternal childhood and false leaders.

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 29th day of October in the year of our Lord 2021. Today I will be talking about Pfizer’s COVID vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 and its approval by an FDA advisory panel last Tuesday. Children are expected to start getting vaccinated as early as next week. The other vaccine companies are working feverishly to gain approval to sell their products. to 28 million unsuspecting parents.

The Castle family is very excited this week as the family daughter makes another visit, she is in fact here in Germantown as I speak while she transitions from the hell that is now the golden and glorious state of California and the even more difficult city of angels. In any event we are glad to have her although for only a short time most likely.

Setting aside the Prime Directive of non-interference

Today I must violate my own prime directive under which I have generally tried to live. You remember the prime directive from Star Trek as the Enterprise sought out new worlds and new civilizations and boldly went where no man had gone before. The prime directive was: don’t interfere in those civilizations. My prime directive has been don’t interfere as well but in how the individuals I meet along the journey live their lives. Leave people alone to make what might turn out to be mistakes and to enjoy their successes.

I violate that directive and plead with people not to deliver their children into the hands of those vile, wicked, soulless, Godless, people who sell COVID vaccines. I once had a five-year-old daughter, so I ask myself what would I have done to save her. The answer is anything it took. If you want my daughter, you will have to kill me first and I will endeavor to make that as difficult as possible. The same question I now pose to you. What would you be willing to do to save your child? I tell myself that if enough people had my philosophy these merchants of death would have to find another death cult to force on us.

Vaccinate your children – Fauci

Dr. Fauci said earlier this week on ABC’s This Week,

If all goes well, and we get the regulatory approval and the recommendation from the CDC, it’s entirely possible, if not very likely, that vaccines will be available for children from 5 to 11 within the first week or two of November.

Well, I suppose it is appropriate that this ghoul appear just before Halloween to assault your children, but it is still your choice. You don’t have to do it yet, at least not in my state. Out in the great state of California, specifically in Los Angeles, no vaccine, no public school.

The Biden Administration has said it is prepared to roll out the vaccine to the target age group immediately, pending approval. So, the testing period for the use of this vaccine on 5-year old’s is the amount of time it takes for an FDA panel of experts to meet and discuss it. That should make you feel really good about it folks, I mean experts have approved it.

Skewing the data about the danger to children

We are told by the FDA advisory panel that targeted children represent about 9% of all cases in the country. That sounds like nonsense to me but even if true the FDA should try to at least pretend to be honest and tell us that the survival rate among those under 19 is 99.9973%. I would wager that number is far higher than the survival rate for the vaccine when they start giving it to children. The experts respond that although the danger to unvaccinated children is small many of them live in high transmission environments.

I know you understand what that means folks. It means that they know your kids do not need the vaccine, but they justify giving it to them by saying they are concerned your kids will transmit it to you. I suggest then that you tell them you are willing to take that chance.

A Nancy Pelosi doctor

Now I want to give you a Nancy Pelosi style of doctor. You remember when the congress was debating Obamacare and when confronted with the fact that she didn’t know what was in the bill she said we have to pass it in order to learn what’s in it. Well, Dr. Eric Rubin of Harvard University, said,

We’re never going to learn how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it.

I would have to say that for an obviously smart man that is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.

It sounds like Dr. Rubin is sold out to a political agenda and looking for some way to justify or explain it. The vaccine is here to stay that much I will concede. It seems that it is destined to remain in the human population like the common cold or ordinary flu. Where I disagree is with the comment made by the FDA advisor, Jeannette Lee, “We have to find a way to live with it, and I think the vaccines give us a way to do that.” Yes, a lifetime addiction to boosters might give us, that is those of us who do not die from the vaccine, to live with it just as lifetime addiction to opioids might give us relief from pain.

In contrast, an honest doctor asks these questions

From an article appearing in American Thinker on Wednesday of this week by Dr. Thomas Siler we learn five questions to ask before you decide to allow your kids to be vaccinated.

First: what is the risk of my child getting seriously ill or dying from COVID-19? We already know the answer to that question, but it would be interesting to hear what your doctor said.

Second: will my child spread the virus to teachers/me/family? This question is apparently alluding to the fact that the vaccinated are worse spreaders than the unvaccinated.

Third: how long does the vaccine last? Will my child need boosters? Evidence shows that the effect of the vaccine wears off after about six months so the answer of whether you child will need boosters is obvious. Your child will be a lifetime vaccine addict as you now are.

Fourth: is the vaccine safe to take? What are the short-term side effects I might expect? The answer which is so nicely phrased is also very obvious. No, it is not safe if it were safe why would we be talking and what incentive do you have doctor, to tell me the truth. A better way to phrase this question might be, what is the effective casualty radius of this bioweapon? What is the kill ratio to those who are fortunate enough to survive your biological attack?

And last, and possibly most important

Fifth: what are the long-term side effects of the vaccine for my child that I could expect? I doubt if any doctor who administers the vaccine knows the answer to that question well enough to truthfully answer it. Doctors are supposed to be supportive of and not unduly critical of the medical system just as lawyers as officers of the court, are expected to remain uncritical of the court system. I am not a doctor so I can say that some of the side affects you can expect for your child are, life-time addiction to vaccines, infertility, or inability to have children, auto-immune disorders, weakened lung capacity and last but not least, death. Those are all possible side effects of the vaccines which you are told will protect your child.

Dr. Siler closes his interview by stating that basically the risks outweigh the rewards.

In my opinion, the government, mainstream media, and pharmaceutical companies have overestimated the danger of COVID-19 infection in children inducing fear and underreported the risks of the vaccines. I would not give these new mRNA vaccines to my healthy child, because…

He then goes on to list six reasons why but I will not take the time to list them for you.

Too few doctors (or parents) feel that way about their children

Good for Dr. Siler but many people do not feel the way he does. I have met people who intend to have their children vaccinated. I don’t understand it at all, but they intend to do it. So I renew my original question, what would you do to save your child from someone who intended to destroy your child? Would you flee to another state as Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt to avoid Herod’s edict that the firstborn be put to death. I ask if you would flee because some states will resist any coming forced vaccines especially for children. Consider taking your family to a state that respects human life at least to that degree.

Not everyone agrees with me or even with the mild words of Dr. Siler. Wednesday morning, I received an email from a left of center publication inviting me to join a petition of 100,000 names seeking to persuade the federal government to make vaccination mandatory for air travel. Yes, go ahead Mr. left winger, go ahead and divide us into two classes of people and make sure you happen to be in the chosen class. Go ahead and destroy what little that is left of individual freedom in America. Go ahead and invite the leviathan state to become even more totalitarian. In short, go ahead and take the side of fascist tyranny over that of individuals freedom.

The federal government is already there

The federal government is already a step or two ahead, however. USA Today tells us in its October 26 edition that

Unvaccinated Americans to face tighter COVID testing requirements in new US travel system.

The article falls short of telling us that we can’t fly anymore without the vaccine, but it comes very close. Testing is now within 24 hours rather that 3 days as before. If you are abroad and seeking to get home, good luck unless you are vaccinated and willing to have last minute tests.

It seems like a joke when you first read it, but the requirements for citizens to return from abroad are becoming very difficult indeed. In fact, I would be very reluctant to travel except on a dire emergency which I suppose is the idea. The joke comes into play when you know that hundreds of thousands of migrants are invited across the border and released into the country without vaccination. The same non-vaccine status exists for the Afghan refugees coming to America to escape the Taliban. It is enough to induce one to suspect an ulterior motive.

Worse abroad

In other Western countries such as Australia where you must download an app to tell authorities where you are at all times to Lithuania where you must have an “opportunity pass” to shop in a grocery or department store it is even worse. The American government is not leveling sanctions for human rights violations which tells one that the American government agrees with the policies and looks forward to having similar things here. The situation will get progressively worse despite good news from the virus wars if I am correct.

The State does not own your children

Finally, folks, do those who push the vaccines on 5-year-olds hate their own children or just yours? Don’t forget that the state does not own your children and does not care what you think is best for them. Regardless, you don’t have to give in unless you choose to, not yet at least. Protect your children from the clutches of the all-knowing, all wise, and all-powerful state as long as possible. I advise you to be careful especially around people who lie constantly about everything. Why should you believe them about anything, especially about something as important as your children?

At least that’s the way I see it,

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

From, appearing here by permission

Editor’s Note

The author did not take the time on the radio to list Dr. Siler’s reasons for refusing the vaccine. So your editor will. Herewith the six reasons:

  1. The risk of serious health problems from COVID-19 infection in healthy children is very low.
  2. If your child is chronically ill, obese, diabetic, or immuno-compromised consider using the vaccine.
  3. There can be serious short term side effects in children from the vaccine. Several countries have stopped using some of these vaccines in children.
  4. The vaccines are less effective against the now dominant Delta strain.
  5. The vaccine effect wears off in months and my child will likely have boosters once or twice a year increasing the risk of side effects.
  6. The long-term side effects are not known and with many years of life left, children may have long term problems not even known now.
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