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New Jersey governor’s election takes turn following undercover videos, vaccine mandate plans



The New Jersey gubernatorial race has taken a turn after an undercover video was released concerning Governor and Democrat Candidate Phil Murphy.

On Monday, just over a week before the election, Project Veritas released an undercover video, which reportedly sought to incriminate Murphy’s campaign. The conservative activist organization has uploaded a series of videos this week, which allegedly feature a senior advisor sharing information with a journalist. Topics in the videos include vaccine mandates and taxpayer funds allotted to undocumented residents.

James O’Keefe, the leader of Project Veritas, went to speak to Murphy and the advisor in-person to ask them follow-up questions. Both declined to comment. However, based on the footage posted, Murphy is planning on imposing stronger Covid-19 mandates and that $40 million in New Jersey taxpayer money was allotted to undocumented workers.

Murphy has criticized his Republican opponent, Jack Ciattarelli, for not condemning Project Veritas. Instead, his campaign released a statement saying that “if this tape is verified [Murphy] has a lot of explaining to do” (Yahoo).

spokeswoman for Murphy, Alayna Alfaro, said in response to the videos, “The video does not depict any member of the administration, or anyone involved in public health policy [and Murphy] never had any plans, nor is it making plans, for a blanket COVID-19 vaccine mandate.”

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