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What caused the Red Wave?



Glenn Youngkin personified the Red Wave

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is the 5th day of November in this the year of our Lord 2021. On this report, I will be talking about last Tuesday’s election results and looking for an answer to what caused the massive swing in voter sentiment that turned so many traditionally blue offices into a sea of red. Was it as the president described it, just a bunch of extremely conservative Trump supporters along with people upset because congress has delayed passage of build back better boondoggles.

President Biden does not satisfy in explaining the Red Wave

I will start by saying that I don’t think President Biden is correct in his explanation of the results. In fact, his reasoning makes me think he is at minimum borderline delusional. To say that the American people are so upset that congress is reluctant to pass his trillion-dollar spending bills and they took it out on unsuspecting Democrats at the polls is delusional, but I suppose he had to think of something that was not his fault. Surely, he understands that the American people can see that his unrestrained money creation in the face of steadily rising prices is causing extreme hardship.

He is in the pocket, the purse, the kitchen, and the business of every American family. He and his party have rejected the problems of the middle class working American and last Tuesday those workers gave him the middle finger. Every time a person goes to the store and hamburger is 50 cents or a dollar more per pound and at the gas station the cost is 50 cents or a dollar more per gallon that family just took a pay cut. If they work for a small business as most people do, then that business probably can not afford to raise wages. If they work for a large company that can afford to raise wages, then those pay raises are passed on to customers and inflation is thereby fueled ultimately making the situation even worse.

Theft is theft no matter from whom you steal

The president tells us that his new spending proposals will be free of tax increases for those making less than $400,000 per year. First of all, theft is theft whether the victim can afford it or not, but also the increased spending taxes and economically kills the working people for the very reasons listed above. Every increase in the cost of living is a tax born by working people, but not so much by the moneyed class. I therefore conclude that he and the radical left of his party are delusional and completely out of touch and out of empathy for the average working American.

People don’t want his handouts in an effort to salve some of the problems he created. Oh, they will take them as most won’t reject free money, but what they really want and what they need is a good paying job with some dignity. That’s quite a formula the Democrats have, first destroy the economy, then try to repair it by printing free money for their cronies thus fueling massive inflation. Yes, there are some economic geniuses working in this administration.

The Red Wave machine: Virginia

Let me change direction for a minute and talk about what happened, at least in the state of Virginia. That state conducts its statewide elections in odd numbered years and restricts the governor to one term although a second term is OK once a term is missed. That is what happened with the Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe who was seeking a second term after missing a term. He was beaten by two points by Glenn Youngkin who has never held political office.

Republican Winsome Sears a Jamaican immigrant who joined the Marine Corps to gain citizenship, was elected Lieutenant Governor. She presents a wonderfully emotional story of her family coming to America with $1.75 and nothing else back during the Kennedy Administration. She is an example, a living example, of what can be accomplished in America no matter what color you are. If that were all it would be plenty but there’s more. Republican Jason Miyares, the son of a Cuban immigrant, was elected state Attorney General. To make a clean sweep of it Republicans overcame a ten vote difference and took control of the Virginia legislature.

McAuliffe blows the gaffe

What could have caused such a wide swing away from deeply entrenched Democrat candidates? Many things as we will see but primarily it was Terry McAuliffe’s answer during a televised debate, to a question regarding parents rejecting critical race theory as a message for their kids in public school. He said he didn’t think parents had any right to decide what should be taught in school. They also objected to homosexual pornography being used in textbooks for elementary school kids. He might as well have said, look stupid, when you put your kids on that bus in the morning, we own them, and we will teach them anything we want to teach and there is nothing you can do about it.

Anyone who has ever had a child can feel the rage, the protective instinct a parent has for their child, and they voted accordingly. Instead of apologizing and saying I misspoke, or I was taken out of context, or using some other lie, the Democrats doubled down on behalf of bureaucrats on the school board by requesting that the FBI investigate the parents. The term domestic terrorist was dusted off and applied to the parents which made the situation far worse.

The rape of two Lucreces by a single Tarquin(ia)

We can add to the critical race theory policies of the Democrats, the transsexual agenda of the Biden Administration. One of the parents who was arrested because of his objections at a meeting was angry because his 15-year-old daughter was raped in a girls’ bathroom in a public school by a boy wearing a dress because he was transsexual. The school administration sent the boy to a different school where he promptly raped another girl. Normal people will object to such things but in Virginia apparently many are not normal people.

To counter the rapes, the school board brought out the racism charge that is the last stand for a coward with no argument and nothing left to say. A group calling itself the Lincoln Project, dressed as what they thought would be appropriate for white supremacists.1 The group staged a fake demonstration on behalf of Youngkin. It was noted that one of the white supremacists was black, and the group quickly admitted that they were paid by Democrats to do it

Nationalizing the election: McAuliffe’s last mistake

Out of desperation, I suppose, McAuliffe decided to nationalize the election by bringing President Biden and former President Obama to campaign for him. So, Joe Biden, coming off a trip to the the G-20 summit in which he met with the Pope after an 85-car motorcade through Rome didn’t look good for the climate change portion of the trip. The president then went to Glasgow, Scotland where he publicly fell asleep during one of the climate change speeches. Who could blame him given the boring nature of the thing and his schedule, nevertheless it was ridiculed around the world? Apparently, Mr. McAuliffe was unaware of the president’s trip and his falling popularity numbers.

That trip, then right into McAuliffe’s campaign, must have been tiring for the president, but it brought his entire agenda right into the campaign. It was a pretty stupid decision, and one Youngkin did not make with Trump, McAuliffe tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to campaign against Trump, but his opponent did not take the bait. When things are going badly and you can feel it getting dark, it’s time to bring in the light so Obama, the light bearer comes on stage and tells Virginians in his condescending way that we don’t have time for these culture wars. That comment added nothing to the campaign except to reinforce the image of Democrats being out of touch with ordinary people.

The Red Wave crashes over New Jersey and New York

The carnage was not limited to Virginia although I point out that much of the last civil war was fought on Virginia soil, and that state maintains its relevance today. In New Jersey, a state which Biden won by 16 points, the Democrat governor appears to have won by less than a point pending New Jersey’s recount law. In New York, Democrat Eric Adams was elected mayor although he had no real competition. He was elected by campaigning on a basically Republican agenda and rejecting the last four years of communist Bill De Blasio’s disastrous regime. In just four years that man took a city widely regarded as the world’s greatest, the world’s capital, Times Square as the meeting place of the world, the world’s safest big city, and turned it into a crime ridden, boarded up, rat infested, third world hell hole that people were fleeing in droves.

Eric Adams, borough president of Brooklyn, and former New York police officer campaigned on an agenda that he would fix all the problems. He will be a law-and-order mayor, he tells us as well as a pro business mayor and a pro tourism mayor. Will he be able to accomplish all those things or any of them? We Will see, but I wish him well because I miss New York the way it used to be. It’s been done before, because Rudy Giuliani brought the city back from third world trash heap to some of its greatest days.

Advice to Eric Adams: ride the Red Wave, don’t try to fight it

In my opinion, the first step to the return of New York, is to end the division, the apartheid of the unvaccinated, and persuade people that it would be best to end the woke lunacy, along with the lock downs and mandates. The voters in Virginia sent a message that they wanted to end the madness and the elected candidate, they believe, best represents their views. Mayor Adams should view his election as a mandate to end the woke lunacy in New York. He had no real opposition in the general election, but in the primary campaign he did, and the people chose him because they wanted change, and an end to the violent crime wave sweeping the city.

I must admit I don’t quite understand why the leftist radicals chose the term woke as their mantra. How can you be woke if you reflect the center of the allowable opinion on every single issue? They are the acceptable ones, the voice of authority, and the enablers of authoritarian politicians. Speaking of woke, no one fits that term more closely than former mayor De Blasio. He destroyed New York City in only four years, and now he has announced that he wants to destroy the entire state of New York by getting himself elected governor in the next election. Maybe he will accomplish his goal because every time I think it can’t get any more stupid it does.

Summing up

In conclusion, it might be reasonable to conclude that the Democrats would back away from the progressive agenda of AOC, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Bernie Sanders as the voters clearly want them to do, but it seems they are instead pressing ahead with their 4 trillion-dollar boondoggle money creation. We know that those at the top are complete lunatics, but perhaps some others who want to survive politically down line from them will change enough to at least put some sugar in the woke gas tank.

Finally, folks, do I think that the elections will usher another age of prosperity whereby I can fly on a public airplane again, attend a sporting event, eat in a restaurant, etc. without harassment? No, I don’t think that will happen soon, just as I don’t expect Glenn Youngkin to turn into Patrick, give me liberty or give me death Henry.2 I am happy though because many people made their voices heard loud and clear and they are all saying enough. People just want someone to stop the chaos and let them be normal.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

From; appears here by permission

Editor’s Notes

1 Maybe. Or maybe Democratic Party operatives did the dress-up thing and the Lincoln Project chose to take the blame.

2 It will take more than this one election to do that.

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