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The hard casualties of cultural civil war



Waukesha Parade incident and casualties

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 3rd day of December in the year 2021. Today I will be talking about the irreconcilable differences that seem to exist between members of this society right now and how those differences have led to actual casualties. The best example is the massacre of 6 people and injuring of 60 others in Waukesha, Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago.

Cause of the casualties – the Waukesha Christmas Parade Incident

The beginning of this story seems simple. A small town on the west side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin held its annual Christmas parade on Sunday night a couple of weeks ago. A man driving a red SUV, reportedly a career criminal named Darrell Brooks, plowed through the spectators and parade participants, apparently on purpose, killing six people at this point, and injuring more than 60.

When I say that Mr. Brooks was a career criminal, I mean that he had a record of arrest, incarceration, release, violence, rearrest, release, drug abuse, rearrest, and release stretching back 22 to years to the age of 17. He led a life of crime and violence including assault on domestic partners, rape and impregnating a teenager along with many other violent crimes. For 22 years not a single social safety net or single prosecutor stopped him until it was too late.

I suggest that Mr. Brooks is the symbolic representative of one side of the cultural divide that confronts this country and the entire West. The Christmas Parade massacre was apparently no accident since Mr. Brooks has been charged with six counts of intentional murder. Many witnesses said he drove through numerous police and civilian efforts to stop him including physical barriers, so he did it on purpose. At the time he had five open arrest warrants including two felonies.

The perpetrator tried a similar stunt two days before

Just two days before he had been arrested for deliberately trying to run over a woman and her child. For that arrest he was released on $1000 bond posted by his mother. So, for 10% or $100 to a bondsman she got him released. A few months ago, he was released on $500 bond or $50 to the bondsman from his previous violent felony charge. Court records show that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression growing up fatherless in Milwaukee. He was admitted to a mental hospital at 12 and attempted suicide numerous times in his early life after the death of his grandmother.


He wrote a letter to a judge in 2007 detailing all this along with statements of the history of alcoholism and violent abuse in his family. A Christian woman tried to steer him away from his life, but he always returned to it He was an addict and habitual domestic abuser prone to violence, and threats with weapons. He abandoned his first-born son before the child was three months old. He got his first felony charge at age 17 for substantial battery after he raped and impregnated his child’s mother. He plead guilty but served just 129 days in jail.

A record as long as his arm

His record goes on for 22 years and his rap sheet is more than 50 pages long, but I will stop there and fast forward to the days before the Waukesha Christmas parade. Mr. Brooks was a part time rapper who used the name Mathboi Fly as his rap handle. His rap and his social media post were filled with violent hate messages directed at Jews and especially white people. He said that World War lll would start when people learn Hitler was right and did the world a favor by killing Jews.

The New York Post investigated his social media accounts and his rap lyrics, where he bragged, again according to the NY Post, that he was a terrorist and a killer in the city. He talked incessantly about violent acts toward white people such as knocking them out and killing them. So, to put a cap on this introduction of Darrell Brooks he was a lifetime violent criminal with five outstanding arrest warrants including violent felonies and he was walking around free on $1000 bond posted by his mother when he decided to attack the Waukesha Parade with his vehicle killing 6 and injuring more than 60. In other words, he finally snapped and made good on all the threats he had been making.

DA Chisholm – his guilt in the casualties

Who fights on Darrell Brooks’ side of the cultural civil war and who kept constantly releasing that man into a society of unprotected people because that person might bear some of the responsibility? If a person had a rattlesnake in a cage and he released the snake into a home where there were all kinds of people including kids and the snake bit people and killed them who is responsible for the deaths? The snake is just being a snake but the person who released the snake should know better or accept the consequences. The snake is just a weapon in the hands of the one who released him.

Out of some misguided sense of reform or justice or kindness he does not want to imprison the snake, so he turns him lose repeatedly until he finally kills. This man was elected and paid specifically to protect the public from such threats, but instead of protecting the innocent he murders them. That man is Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, who was elected to the position in 2007, and has spent the 14 years of his career working for cash-bail reform because he believes it criminalizes poverty.


Diversion, he says

He says he wants to divert nonviolent offenders into alternate programs and away from the criminal justice system, but I point out that Darrell Brooks was a violent offender with a history of violent attacks and threats. The DA speaks about wanting to reduce the number of incarcerations in Milwaukee County. He describes himself on his web site as a “bold reformer with a track record of keeping our community safe.”

I wonder who Mr. Chisholm thinks he represents. Would it be the citizens of Milwaukee County who elected him and who pay his salary or the violent criminals who prey on them. Apparently and very unfortunately for the citizens of those communities’ prosecutors around the country who consider themselves progressives are following his lead. He actually conducts classes for other prosecutors to teach them how to do it.

The result of these classes and these progressive prosecutors has been a wave of murder, robbery, and other violent crime across the country. Take a look at Philadelphia, Boston, St. Louis, and San Francisco, to name just the ones he lists on his website as having designed similar programs. These cities are some of the most crime ridden places in this country. Chicago holds out I suppose because it already has almost 800 murders this year, so it doesn’t need Mr. Chisholm’s classes.

Chisholm knows his program will have collateral casualties – and accepts them

He is not and has not been unaware of what he is doing, however because he proudly admits it. In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel he said,

Is there going to be an individual I divert, or I put into treatment program, who’s going to go out and kill somebody? You bet. Guaranteed. It’s guaranteed to happen. It does not invalidate the overall approach.

Well Mr. Chisholm that is where you are wrong and if you will pardon the pun, dead wrong. Such a massacre does invalidate the process as does the very premise of knowing you are releasing violent criminals.


I wonder if he will take his premise to the families of the victims. The loss of their husbands, wives, children, brothers and sisters, the wrecking of their lives and livelihoods was just a quite reasonable sacrifice so that career violent criminals like Darrell Brooks did not have to sit behind bars for their crimes. Mr. Chisholm, funded at least in part by the George Soros organization, will find a way to justify it and you can be sure of that. He has media cover and media help for his policies after all. The media seems to be very good covering up racial explanations when there clearly is one and inventing one when there clearly is none.

Another part of the war: Wisconsin v. Rittenhouse

That is all part of the war, I suppose, the disinformation, the racial politics where there is none, and when your constant propaganda invents one, then just ignore it if it doesn’t fit your political point of view. Just south of Milwaukee, in Kenosha, another Milwaukee suburb, the Kyle Rittenhouse trial concluded with a not guilty verdict just days before the Waukesha massacre. Was there a connection? Darrell Brooks seemed to think so, even though there was no racial angle in the Rittenhouse trial. The media went out of its way to invent one thus fueling the anger and hatred of a man already on the edge.

Mr. Rittenhouse had no violent criminal record but all four he was accused of killing or assaulting did. Three of them were felons including one who was accused of raping male children. Mr. Brooks had more in common with those people than he did with Mr. Rittenhouse because he was a violent criminal and dedicated racist who called for violence against the race he hated. One difference is that Mr. Brooks had a $1000 bond available for $100 to enable him to freely run over and kill innocent people. Mr. Rittenhouse had a 2-million-dollar bond, so he remained in jail pending trial.

The casualties are usually not among the makers of bad public policy

This war being waged against a rule-based society with the bond of similar ideas to hold it together is tearing apart those bonds. It is creating a whole class of people such as Darrell Brooks and many like him in cities around the country who are destroying the rule of law and the social contract which has always bound us together. Prosecutors, politicians and media who wage the fight are usually not the casualties.

The political class, the Soros funded class, the billionaires, those educated in Marxism or whatever they chose to call it, are destroying the rules and the mechanisms designed to halt the slide and society is sliding into an abyss that is no longer safe and functioning. The people being harmed are ordinary people and those causing the harm are too often isolated from their deeds and seem to view it as just theoretical.


If you try to connect all this to the other things happening such as the executive overreach in the form of mandates, virus treatments suppressed with only vaccines allowed at first there seems to be no connection. My argument is that they are all part of the same Marxist assault on the West, the assault is taught to the best and brightest and on down the line and eventually these students work their way into leadership. It is an effort to undermine the rule of law and the orderly regulation of society.

A deliberate policy

One might think that this massacre would get the attention of the “reformers” but here in my city of Memphis, the ACLU has threatened the city with a lawsuit if it refuses to immediately reform it’s bail system. That is progressive speak for release criminals without bail. The mayor has said he hopes to avoid lawlessness in this city so we will see.

The first tactic, if you want to deconstruct liberal democracy, is to convince people that there is nothing worth saving, i.e., we in the West have only accomplished what we have through the labor of those we oppressed. Secondly, Western Society is plagued with white supremacy for which there is no cure because of cultural hegemony. Western society is, therefore, illegitimate, and undeserving of preservation. This rationale is straight from the Soviet era of the 20’s and 30’s and will not result in utopia, but in chaos, poverty, and misery for most.

Finally, folks. Who determines the canon, the measuring rod, the standard for this society? We still have the ability to choose, for now, so let’s endeavor to do so wisely.

At least that’s the way I see it.


Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

Editor’s Notes

This article comes from and appears here by permission.

In addition, the attitudes of Democratic Party officeholders outside of Wisconsin are noteworthy. Take, for instances, this tweet by a Democrat from Chesterfield County, Virginia.

Andy Ngo had to use a screenshot because Peggy Tener Taylor took her account private after leaving her snide tweet.

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