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COVID and the destruction of the Bill of Rights



The coronavirus or COVID virion or virus particle, in profile and section. New normal? Or are we seeing bogus morbidity and mortality statistics from it?

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is the 19th day of November in this the year of our Lord 2021, the week before Thanksgiving. (So no Castle Report next week.) Take time to give thanks, to reflect, and to enjoy your families. Today I will be talking about how the reaction to the Covid virus has created a climate of fear that has allowed the government to destroy the Bill of Rights with very little opposition, at least until now.

Socialism as the enemy of freedom

Socialism is the enemy of the Constitution and of constitutional government in general. Socialism is at war with the Constitution and for the last century at least, socialism has been triumphant over constitutional government. The result of that triumph has been the centralization of almost everything along with the rising power of government bureaucracies which intimidate, regulate, and control almost everything. Things such as the medical industries in western countries are now virtually owned by the various governments in which they reside. Therefore, doctors, scientists, and others in the medical profession are intimidated and influenced by the politics that now controls what they do, how they think, and what they can and will do for their patients.

The advice of doctors to their patients bears a remarkable resemblance to the political thumb under which that doctor resides. Here is what most people apparently do not understand and where most, if not all, of the divide among people originates. Governments lie, cheat, and steal and they always have. Perhaps, at least it appears, that they always will, and we should, therefore, keep that fact in mind when we deal with anything governmental, or anything controlled by government. Today, unfortunately, that is almost everything.

Government leaders and staff are, after all, human

Governments are made up of mortal human beings like the rest of us, but they do not see themselves that way. The Constitution was written as a document whereby ordinary citizens could hold government accountable and prevent it from running out of control. Ordinary people were free to criticize government officials as enshrined in the 1st amendment. The triumph of socialism destroyed the Constitution or at least the Bill of Rights and so there is nothing left but the oppressive hand of government and its captive bureaucracies and captive media or propaganda wing.

Since what used to pass for journalists are now captive, any dissident searching for truth will be quickly destroyed and treated as a conspiracy theorist or Russian agent. Since dissidents are not real journalists as say a writer for the New York Times or Washington Post is, they have no first amendment protection and can be arrested on made up charges at the government’s whim as was Julian Assange. The only people allowed to call themselves journalists are those who spout out the official authoritarian narrative as it is presented to them.

Exit journalism; enter Department (read Ministry) of Propaganda

To close this introductory section, I will quote Paul Craig Roberts:

Everyone who reads the New York Times, Washington Post, listens to NPR, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and the rest of the official media is engaging in self-brainwashing, self-indoctrination. They are making themselves blind, stupid, and acceptable of tyranny.

This is the condition in which we now find ourselves and the rest of this report addresses how it all relates to Covid.

Draconian measures do not slow down COVID

There have been serious problems in dealing with Covid in Europe where they have no constitution and no bill of rights, just a tradition of self-government. In Italy for example, the government has decided that everyone must have a Green Pass to participate in normal Italian life. The Green Pass is what is given upon vaccination, so it is basically an internal passport. Italians have taken to the streets across Italy to protest the destruction of basic freedom because they know for certain that the vaccine does not confer immunity and does not stop transmission and therefore does nothing to stop the spread of Covid throughout the population, and therefore vaccination is pointless except as an exercise of obedience in the face of fear.

Since those facts are now obvious and even publicly admitted by the likes of Tony Fauci and the CDC, there must be some ulterior reason for trying to intimidate or force the vaccine into unwilling people. A massive protest was held last Saturday the 13th in Milan and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was invited to speak. I have followed his work for many years through the Trial Lawyers Association of which he is a hall of fame member, and through his efforts to protect us from the vaccine. I wish I could give you the entire speech since it was not covered by the American press, but time will not permit so just read his book which was released this week entitled “The Real Anthony Fauci.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks truth to arrogant COVID power

Mr. Kennedy’s speech was one of the clearest explanations that I have heard of the entire Covid controversy and the government’s response to it. Let me give you a few quotes from the speech beginning with the opening paragraph.

No government in the history of mankind has ever relinquished power voluntarily. The power that they have taken away from us over the past 20 months they will never give back. They have taken away our freedom of speech, they have closed the churches, they have taken away jury trials against companies, no matter how negligent they are, no matter how reckless they are, no matter how grievous your injury, you cannot sue that company.

They have taken away our property rights in the United States. They closed a million businesses for a year with no just compensation and no due process. They have taken away our right to be free of warrantless searches and seizures and surveillance by the government. In the United States all of those rights are enumerated in our Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution. And among the most important of those rights, after the right of free expression, which is gone, is the right to be able to participate in rule-making.

Due process abolished

He went on to describe a system in which no due process exists. There are no real tests and no real attempt to publish and explain the law that is being proposed to the people instead it is just issued as a mandate. The people who might oppose the law are not allowed to comment, ask questions, or bring in their own scientists, doctors, and other experts to testify. Those safeguards have all been obliterated. Today the law is what one man says it is and that man is Tony Fauci, a man who has never treated a single Covid patient.

All of these rights that the Founders of our country died for, sacrificed their properties, their livelihoods, to give us the Bill of Rights, and all of these rights over 20 months have been obliterated, taken from the American people—but not just the American people. This is a global coup d’ etat against liberal democracies across the planet. And all of these rights that were taken away from us, these governments said it was only temporary. They said it would only be two weeks. In truth, you can all see what is happening: They will never give them back unless we make them.

It’s not about health or fighting COVID but about control

He pointed out to the Italian People that the Green Pass is not for health, but it is for totalitarian control of transportation, bank accounts, movement, every aspect of their lives. This is not a new idea. They had the same idea in Germany in 1937. They had a pass for people they wanted to control. We need a Green Pass to make sure everybody gets vaccinated, but they admit it does not prevent transmission, and does not prevent you from getting the disease, the vaccine will not stop the pandemic, so why do we all need to get vaccinated?

Public health is about saving lives, but this is about control and controlling our society and controlling our children. The only reason people don’t understand these things is the manipulation of fear. Mr. Kennedy pointed out that if people would just take the time to do their own research instead of trusting an untrustworthy government and its owned medical establishment, they would be more afraid of the vaccine than the virus. The government and the pharmaceutical companies have a device to turn off human brains from thinking clearly and that device is fear.

Fear and the CIA’s role in it

Fear prevents critical thinking. If we will just do what we are told, then we will be safe, and if we get sick then it must be because we did not do what we were told. The captors under this Stockholm Syndrome lock down a whole country for a year, and people are grateful to their captors, and they think the only way to survive is through absolute obedience. Fear causes people to say no I don’t trust the government, and I don’t think it is doing its job properly, but I still want the vaccine and I still think that if you do not get vaccinated, you are a danger to me and everyone else.

Apparently from the very beginning, as strange as it sounds, the CIA has been involved in creating this climate of fear. The CIA has been in all the formative meetings and test meetings and Mr. Kennedy points out that the CIA is not a health agency, so Agency involvement is quite a mystery. The CIA says not a word about public health, instead it talks about how we use the pandemic as a pretext to clamp down totalitarian controls and how to deconstruct democracy. They spent one quarter of the day in their original meeting talking about how to be sure no one is allowed to spread the rumor that the coronavirus pandemic is laboratory generated. That meeting was held in October 2019 and its details are in Kennedy’s book.

CIA involved in simulating pandemics long before COVID

Mr. Kennedy, in researching his book, found hundreds of simulations of pandemics all with CIA involvement and all discussing how to stop resistance to vaccines, how to lockdown populations, etc. These simulations and meetings have gone on for decades, and the CIA wrote the script for every one of the simulation exercises. The CIA in 1967 conducted an experiment called the Milgram experiment which found that when a powerful medical officer orders people to do something wrong, something that violates their conscience, that violates their basic values, 67% of people will obey authority over their values. 67% of the people will be hypnotized by fear into obeying a position of authority, a figure of authority, but 33% will not obey.


In closing his speech Mr. Kennedy said,

This year we saw the destruction of the American Constitution. The Constitution was written by a group of people who understood that there are worse things than dying. And they put their lives on the front line, their property, their careers, their livelihoods, to fight for those rights that we have lost in the previous 20 months. And now it is the job of everybody in this crowd, to go out and fight back, to resist, resist, resist, and to reclaim out government, to reclaim our lives, to reclaim our liberty, for our children, for our country, and for all future generations.

And I can tell you this, I will stand side by side with you, and if I have to die for this, I’m going to die with my boots on.

Don’t let them

Finally, folks these people are so evil they would inject your 5-year-old with a bioweapon. Its not a vaccine because it does not do what a vaccine, by definition, does. Evil people reach out their cold hands to you and say take my hand and I will calm your fears, but as Senator Rand Paul said to Dr. Fauci in a senate hearing, you have killed millions of people with your gain of function research. We so desperately want to trust and to take the hand, but it is not the hand of our founders, our mothers and fathers and grandparents. This is a new hand and afraid or not we take it at the peril of ourselves and our posterity.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.


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Darrell Castle is an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee, a former USMC Combat Officer, 2008 Vice Presidential nominee, and 2016 Presidential nominee. Darrell gives his unique analysis of current national and international events from a historical and constitutional perspective. You can subscribe to Darrell's weekly podcast at

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