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Allen West leads in Texas



Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.-22nd) in 2011

Lt. Col. Allen West USA (retired) offered himself as a candidate for Governor of Texas last July. (Here is his campaign site.) At the time, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) held a commanding lead. No longer. Not only has Gov. Abbott lost more than half his vote share, but Allen West now polls higher than he does.

Where Allen West stands today

Back in July of 2021, a two-way poll between Greg Abbott and Allen West showed Abbott beating West 73-17 percent. 10 percent of voters in that poll were undecided. But the polling company determined that 71 percent of the “undecideds” leaned Abbott over West.

What a difference six months makes! Clash Daily reported today on a poll of 447 likely Texas Republican primary voters in the Governor’s race.

1.02 % machine random sample of 1,900,000 High propensity likey Republican Primary voters’

19,356 PTP text messages and phone calls … 447 responses.

4.52 margin of error; 95% confidence level.

And here is what they found:

CandidatePercent of Vote
Greg Abbott32.98
Allen West35.12
Rick Perry14.99
Don Huffines1.79
Chad Prather1.34
Allen West leads Greg Abbott and indeed all candidates in this poll.

One can readily see that Allen West has taken the lead, though not a majority lead. If the primary ran today, it would end in a runoff – with Allen West still in the lead.

What happened?

Joe Biden, that’s what happened. As Clash Daily explains it:

But now that the state is facing some serious crises and an administration that is openly hostile to Texan values and best interests, who should Texans look for to stand up for Texas?

Someone whose biggest play is running to the courts every time Biden throws Texas under the bus, hoping a friendly judge will (eventually) grant us relief?

Or do Texans need something more?

In September of 2021, Allen West appeared before Tucker Carlson on Fox News Channel. There he called Gov. Abbott out on failure to use the Texas National Guard effectively. Then hetold Tucker how he would secure the Texas border.

Who would ever want to be President and not want to protect the sovereignty of the United States of America? But who would want to be a Governor and not want to protect the sovereignty of their state which has an almost 1,300-mile border?

That is only one appearance Allen West made before the poll. This Clash Daily story lists eleven others. Here is Allen West, two days before the poll ran:

Nor has he stopped there. After the poll ran, West called out the Governor for lack of leadership concerning suicides in the Texas National Guard.

So perhaps he commands a higher lead today. The more reason why he should be Governor (or President!) of Texas.

For other articles, see the Texit List.


CNAV is proud to note Allen West’s back-link to this article. See it and other similar articles here.

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