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Better off? Cake, anyone?

Still think we’re better off under this pResident? He threw a wild party on the White House lawn, and the stock market tanked.

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Nine days ago, CNAV asked whether Americans were better off now than they were less than two years ago. We answered, No. Now the Democrats have shown that they literally do not care.

Better off? Democrats try to say Yes …

Yesterday, according to The Hill, the pResident hosted a big party at the White House, and invited 1000 people. He did this to showcase his greatest (so far) legislative achievement, the Inflation Reduction Act. CNAV said then, and repeats today, that this Act will reduce nothing but the well-being of the people. But the pResident brazenly (or obliviously) declared,

With this law, the American people won, and special interests lost.

Who “the American people” are, is far from clear. Who the “special interests” are, is easy to spot: that phrase applies to all but the permanent political class.

Yesterday afternoon, Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, took a question on what specifically the Inflation Reduction Act will do for people. And she did not give a single straight answer.

The gobbledygook she offered at first, does not matter. But what an unnamed reporter asked next, does matter:

Is it fair to suggest to people that somehow they’re going to see some inflation reduction right now while they’re hurting the most?

Incredibly, she denied the hurt! To support the denial, she listed certain tax credits or rebates the bill provides for those—who must already own single-family residences—who install better-insulating windows and doors, and complete solar collecting systems.

About those solar panel systems

Even active solar power collection will not solve any problems for a homeowner, and will likely create other problems. A typical solar-panel installation costs about as much as a new roof, and lasts about as long. For that matter, the best time to install such a system is when the roof needs replacement anyway.

Worse, those tax credits or rebates will cover only a basic system. Such a system must feed extra power back into the grid during the day, when most people don’t need it. Then at night, when the system provides no power, then people need the power. Furthermore, if the grid collapses, or if a storm cuts key connections, the system is not even allowed to generate any power. The only way to get any benefit from such a system is to add backup batteries to it.

Not only does that get expensive, but those batteries have their issues, too. Specifically, you can only recharge those batteries so many times. Tree-like “dendrites” form inside the battery, like stalactites or stalagmites in a cave. Sooner or later, a dendrite will directly connect the two electrodes of the battery. Result: fire—or worse, an explosion.

Even if all of Elon Musk’s engineers can solve the problem (and those engineers are working on it, in all fairness to the owner of the largest electrification brand), what does this Act do for apartment dwellers? Nothing. Apartment developers do not get the same benefits. So neither do their tenants.

The stock market tells us that we’re not better off

And yet, the pResident says,

With this law, the American people won, and special interests lost.

Well, tell that to those who invested in common or preferred stocks. Yesterday, while it was party time at the White House, the stock market dropped 1200 points. The Hill tells that story, too.

If “a picture is worth a thousand words,” this tweet from “The Right To Bear Memes” is worth a million.

Notice! It takes a snapshot from That Speech, the one that looks like something out of Star Wars Episode Seven: The Force Awakens, and replaces the backdrop with a two-dimensional display of stocks that lost value. Naturally, those boxes show in the same shade of red as the original staging.

Why did the stock market take such a dive? Because inflation clocked in higher than expected. Even draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to near-zero to lower fuel prices artificially, did not help.

And then what did the pResident do? He flew to Delaware to vote in its Democratic primary.

No mail-in ballot for him! (If we did things the French way, he still need not have flown there to vote in person. He could have sent any Delaware resident, after registering that person as his proxy.) No, Biden did that for a photo-op, and still insisted that we’re better off for having him. This is Marie Antoinette saying, “Let them eat cake,” all over again. (That is, if that happened at all; most historians dispute this.)

We’re in a recession

Remember: we are in a recession, however much the pResident wants to deny it. The Mayor of New York let that slip last month. Sales of existing homes fell 5.9 percent in July. Even Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) knows the truth, though she tried to put it in the future tense. The total net worth of all households fell by $6.1 trillion in the second quarter.

Whatever anyone thinks of Republicans generally, or those who have won most primaries, they did not steal and burn $6.1 trillion of other people’s money. The Democrats did that, and they’re still doing it.

Don’t say it. “But Trump! But January 6!” Fiddlesticks. Lay aside for a moment the evidence at least suggesting that the January 6 event was a false-flag pseudo-operation. That is incidental anyway. Let’s talk about something important! And the important thing is that we are not better off now than before noon on January 20, 2021. Shelf after empty shelf in the stores testifies to this. Not all the FBI raids on Trump or his allies will restock those shelves.

So even if you think every dirty, rotten thing the Department of Justice has alleged against the former President and his allies is true (which CNAV does not concede for one cesium clock cycle!), maybe it’s time to bring those people back. The people running things today, don’t know how. Trump and his friends do – as they showed.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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