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Poll shows Latinos overwhelmingly support Democrats in Nevada’s race for Senate, Governorship



According to a new Univision poll Latino registered voters in Nevada have shown a strong preference for Democrat nominees in both Nevada’s Senate and gubernatorial contests.

The poll found that Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) has the backing of 60 percent of Latino registered voters, in comparison Republican nominee Adam Laxalt has 27 percent support and 13 percent remain undecided or have said they will vote for another candidate.

In the gubernatorial contest, the outcome was similar, with 60 percent of Latino registered voters supporting Governor Steve Sisolak’s (D) reelection bid, in comparison 26 percent supported Republican nominee Joe Lombardo and 14 percent remain on the fence or plan to vote for another candidate.

The Latinos polled said that inflation is the most crucial issue they wish President Biden to address.

Forty-eight percent of Latinos ranked inflation and the cost of living as one of the most important issues.

Twenty-four percent of those polled said that health care was the most pressing issue.

Issues further down the pecking order were foreign policy and the Ukraine war at four percent, energy policy at four percent, criminal justice and police reform at four percent, while COVID-19 has slipped to 5 percent.

Latinos represent 17% of registered voters in the state of Nevada, giving them an important say in tight races in the Senate and the governorship.

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Donald R. Laster, Jr

If people keep electing Democrats; i,e, Socialist, Marxist, NAZIs (National Socialist), Communist, etc.; then everyone will continue to suffer. The Democrats want to be rulers and not servants. Remember, elected individuals are elected to SERVE the public not be rulers. A elected official is basically a waiter.


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