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The Russiagate Lies

Russiagate blew open in the Twitter Files yesterday: two U.S. Senators and a Representative bullied Twitter into promoting deadly lies.

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Yesterday morning, reporter Matt Taibbi released Twitter Files part 14. It tells how some of our elected officials took an active role in spreading official government disinformation to the people. This is Russiagate – selling the notion that a sitting President is in fact an agent of an external enemy. (And also the notion that a certain foreign power is an external enemy.)You have heard me call that ideological corruption – corruption not primarily for anyone’s pecuniary benefit, though that might be part of it (especially with a venal shakedown artist like Hillary Rodham Clinton), but for the low, cunning, and dangerous purpose of establishing and maintaining tyranny.

This is worse than having rogue three-letter agencies breathing down your neck. We are talking about offenses that rate expulsion from the House of Representatives and especially the Senate. Twitter’s role in this affair is bad enough – but I condemn more strongly, those who gave Twitter their orders.

What is Russiagate?

Hillary Rodham Clinton, as part of her campaign, prevailed upon someone – maybe President Obama, maybe his Attorney General – to promote a narrative that her opponent, Donald J. Trump, was taking instruction, even by a secret radio (shades of the paranoid Fifties and early Sixties!), from Russian intelligence. This ideological corruption extended to her law firm, Perkins Coie, and one of its senior associates, Michael Sussman. The sheer ugliness of that episode prompted Elon Musk to denounce that firm and suggest that no person of good heart should ever retain them.

But did Elon know more than he cared to share in one brief tweet? Certainly he did not expand upon that in a detailed thread. But Matt Taibbi now has. Of course Russiagate goes far beyond a law firm. As I say, we are talking about members of the Highest Deliberative Body in the Land, and at least one member of what is supposed to be The People’s House.

The Russiagate thread

Herewith the thread, as every other tweet. As ever, these tweets have many embedded images of documents, emails, articles, and similar supporting information.

“Truth and reconciliation” could refer to two commissions by that name, in South Africa and Canada. Both commissions deal with legacies of human-rights violations by the dominant group against a disfavored group. These groups were Canada’s First Nations and South Africa’s Xhosas, Zulus, and other black tribal nations.

If that was the metaphor Matt Taibbi intended to use, those come close to fighting words. But in CNAV’s opinion, this situation calls for that precise metaphor. It ill befits a Senator, or a Representative, to order a common communications carrier to take part in such disinformation. Twitter executives tried to tell them, in effect, that they were building mountains from molehills. No matter. Those two Senators, and that one Representative, had made up their minds. So did several legacy media outlets – including at least one partner in the Beeb’s Trusted News Initiative.


At least one user, Tracy Beanz, reminded everyone of a thread she herself had published, concerning Missouri v. Biden.

Other users have called for prosecution of the persons Taibbi named in his thread. Because two of them are Senators and one a Representative, that would require the filing of ethics complaints. The Constitution tells us that each chamber of Congress, and only that chamber, may discipline or expel members.

Other users conclude, as Taibbi must have, that Russiagate was all a lie. To that, another user made this reply:

Yes, Democrats have been lying to everyone for years about Russia. The lies began shortly after the Russians renounced Communism and adopted civilizational values.

Still another user compared Russiagate to the filing of a false police report.

Actually, Adam Schiff’s offense might be worse. This user is talking about misprision of a felony. Senators Feinstein and Blumenthal, and Representative Schiff, engaged in misprision of acts of war.

And who are Alliance for Securing Democracy, anyway? On their home page they display their sympathies clearly. They show a Ukrainian flag flying taller than a U.S. flag and an E.U. flag. Furthermore, they are an explicit arm of the German Marshall Fund, which has existed for fifty years and tie themselves to the plan for European nation-rebuilding by General George C. Marshall. Clearly they are a globalist group. How long they have been advocating for Ukraine is less clear.


But this much is clear: Congress is shot through with ideological corruption. To suggest that Russiagate started with a President certain politicians (and civil servants) did not like, would be too facile. The Western trans-national Deep State considers Russia its own declared enemy. And perhaps it has good reason for that – good to them but not so good to the American people. Donald Trump tried to expose this darkness among those charged with our country’s defense, and they turned on him.

But worse than that, members of Congress also turned on the President, and bullied two social media into helping them. (Recall that “DiFi” addressed her open letter to Mark Zuckerburg as well as Jack Dorsey.) Since becoming Speaker of the House, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has removed Rep. Schiff from his committee assignments. He should be filing a complaint with the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct – the “Ethics Committee.” CNAV urges all Americans to call their Representatives to recommend an ethics complaint against Schiff. (And while you’re at it, call your Senators to urge ethics complaints against Senators Feinstein and Blumenthal.)

For misprision of acts of war, misprision of treason, abridging the freedom of speech, and bringing this country close to a war with a power armed with hypersonic missiles, those three rate expulsion from their respective Houses of Congress. That applies to anyone else involved in this treason – for which they should all stand trial. Matt Taibbi and his colleagues, are witnesses.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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