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The Ray Epps Twitter File

Ray Epps was definitely an FBI agent provocateur, and this latest Twitter thread proves that beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Ray Epps surfaces again, this time on his own Twitter file, thanks to “Dom Lucre, Breaker of Narratives.” This totally independent Twitter “journalist” confirms everything CNAV suspected about him, and brings more supporting evidence. The only question CNAV has about Dom Lucre’s narrative is: who is using whom? He seems to think the Democratic Party is using the FBI. But could the Deep State be using the Democratic Party, having suborned it long ago? CNAV considers that far more likely – and once again must note Trump’s greatest failing: lack of imagination.

Ray Epps in review

Ray Epps first came to our attention more than a year ago. We asked then, what was he doing in Washington, D.C., the night before, and on that day? Answer: he was telling crowds of people that, on the day President Trump was to speak,

We have to go into the Capitol! INTO THE CAPITOL!

And the crowd started a repeated chant of, “Fed!” After the event, we noted when the FBI put him on a wanted-poster collage,

Now you see Ray Epps wanted by the FBI,...

and then took him off.

...and now you don't see Ray Epps (No. 16) anymore.

The Wayback Machine is your friend for detecting and tracking alterations of a Web page. As they did in this case.

The following tweets survive, or at least have seen reinstatement of their accounts:

Ray Epps also appears in these four Rumble videos and composites:


In addition, Marjorie Taylor Greene got her Twitter accounts back soon after Elon Musk took over that platform. So her tweets survive, including these gems:

Shortly thereafter, the government found Ray Epps. Then the Democrats held their Day of Remembrance. On that occasion, CNAV had more to say, including these video embeds:

This photograph shows a section of fence with an “Area Closed” sign before someone cut it down.

Ray Epps allied breach team took down this fence and sign.

The J6 Committee mentions Ray Epps only to dismiss him

When the “January 6 Committee” met, they mentioned Ray Epps only to deny the extent of his involvement. That, as we said then, was an unforced error.

Consider more surviving resources. (One vanished during preparation, but we have a Wayback Machine link.)


Adam Kinzinger left a thread that perhaps he shouldn’t have, revealing his own mind-set:

Evidence has surfaced belying some of the things Kinzinger said, like about Ray Epps not entering the Capitol.

His colleagues reacted with understandable tartness:

Trip Gabriel of The New York Times embarrassed himself and the Democrats further:

Other users pointed out inconsistencies in everyone’s accounts of Epps.


Dr. Steve Turley said it best: Ray Epps was a loose end, and the Democrats wanted people to forget him.

The latest thread

With that in mind, consider this thread that Dom Lucre dropped Sunday afternoon (odd numbers):


Dom Lucre is developing a reputation for thread titles that say the exact opposite of what they reveal. He uses irony to get attention, and it seems to be highly effective. This has caused misunderstanding, but one user understands perfectly:

One user expressed skepticism:

Overall you made this thread well, my top problems are:

1. He’s Oath Keeper per the FBI video, so likely a Trumper and a republican despite your claim there is no evidence.


2. No one but Caldwell stood trial that didn’t enter the Capitol on video

3. His words weren’t a crime
— Antoninus Fronto (@Marcus161) February 5, 2023

Unfortunately this user lost his account, and even the Wayback Machine cannot recover it – though CNAV’s archiving system did. Here is the link, if anyone else can claim to have an archive:

To take his points one at a time:

  1. Remember what Dom Lucre said in the thread: the FBI often infiltrates the organizations it targets. COINTELPRO, in the Sixties and Seventies, was a prize example; this is another.
  2. Why did anyone stand trial who entered a building normally open to the public, after someone had taken down the signs and fences that would have told people to stay out?
  3. To the contrary, Ray Epps’ words were a crime. It’s called incitement to a felony.

Concerning Point One above, this user points that out.

Another user denied flatly that Epps was a “Fed,” and another user pointed out some damning evidence that came up in Committee.

He texted his nephew “I was there. I orchestrated it.” Jan 6th committee had that text conversation. They asked him. He bs’d about it and kinzinger let it slide. He’s a fed or a deep state plant. One or the other.
— Cabbage of a Ting (@CabbageOfATing) February 6, 2023

The author since deleted this tweet, for reasons that escape CNAV. This link remains, but the Wayback Machine cannot resolve it.

Still another mentioned things she’d questioned from the start:


This thread, with its many links and embeds, confirms everything we’ve said about Ray Epps. It also adds clear evidence that he did indeed enter the Capitol. And for the first time we see the arbitrary boundary that the Justice Department set around the Capitol. This smacks of an ex post facto declaration, or at least entrapment. Ray Epps and his team down police barriers, and the FBI failed to arrest or prosecute despite ample opportunity. Therefore, he was acting under their orders – and Dom Lucre nails him to the wall, dead-to-rights.


But in so doing, he also nails the government to the wall, dead-to-rights. As he showed in an earlier thread, the government took pains to provoke people to unlawful acts. Furthermore, members of the “January 6 Committee” inexcusably gave the FBI and Ray Epps a pass. Adam Kinzinger, in his thread, affirmed a lie that he must have known was a lie. (Or at least, it was his job to know.)

Thus we have further proof that the Democratic Party sought bills of attainder and an ex post facto law against Donald Trump and all who voted for him. Midterms, despite the Blue Seawalls, ensures that they won’t get what they sought – this time. But the Democratic Party isn’t the final master. The Deep State, that shadow world government that runs the United Nations and World Economic Forum, is. Which makes them all foreign agents, therefore guilty of treason.

Update, April 24, 2023

Since the original publication of this article, three things have happened:

  1. Dom_Lucre deleted his entire thread, if Twitter Trust and Safety didn’t. On the night of 23 April 2023 he re-released the thread, even adding more information.
  2. Antonius Fronto, Username Marcus161, lost his privileges, if he did not surrender them voluntarily. The Wayback Machine could not recover the tweet, but CNAV recovered its text manually.
  3. Similarly, the account “Cabbage on a Ting” deleted his tweet. CNAV recovered it manually.

This article now reflects updates reflective of all the above re-releases and manual recoveries. CNAV apologizes for any inconvenience that might have resulted before its discovery of the various deletions.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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