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Civilizational America – core values

Civilizational America must defend its core values of property, liberty, and especially life, which are under attack as never before.

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America, or rather the values that made it great, has come under the worst attack in its history. The attackers have intensified their offensive – because lately certain key leaders have taken upon themselves the defense of those values. Like bullies smarting from a blow from his target, these civilizational value deniers have renewed their attack. Oddly, two of the three recent American bank failures have revealed more of the tactics of that attack. The only way for good-hearted Americans to win, is to understand what values they need to defend. These are core civilizational values – and understanding them has become vital.

The full scope of the attack on civilizational America

By now all Americans know about the collapse of Silvergate, Silicon Valley, and Signature Banks. But they might not know what at least two of those banks were doing shortly before they failed. Silicon Valley Bank committed $5 billion to support a campaign to curtail resource use – specifically, fossil fuels. For perspective, their books were $2 billion out-of-balance. So if they hadn’t committed to that disastrous project, they might still be in business. (And now that the FDIC has called on all the other banks to bail them out, they’re still at it.)

Likewise, Signature Bank’s executive staff made several videos – the “dance party videos” – demonstrating anti-civilizational bias, not attention to their business. At least one of these videos featured the introduction of gender-neutral third-person singular pronouns into spoken English. In fact, whoever prepared the display of a third-person singular system other than “they, their(s), them” managed to borrow a nominative and objective pronoun substitute from two different systems. They took “ze” from an anonymous 2013 proposal, and “hir” from the Hyde 2001 system. If their financial acumen was as sloppy as their research, no wonder that bank failed.

This attack on the concept of gender has spread to other languages, including Polish, Swedish, and Norwegian. Someone who tried to introduce this concept into French provoked concerted opposition. Larousse, the French equivalent of the Oxford English Dictionary, calls that what it is: a direct attack on French civilization.

Little things to big things

These might seem like little things, but little things lead to big things. Erasing gender from English, for example, is part of erasing gender from the human identity. How else to explain the raft of requests for “sexual reassignment therapy,” that amount to surgical mutilation and hormonal poisoning? A popular entertainer recently knelt before one such “patient” on live television. And why did another entertainer (definitely past her prime) actually decry laws to forbid doctors to treat children in this way? (And also to say that your biological or born gender determines your sporting division.) Said she:


This is how Hitler started, just weeding everybody out.

The laws she decries say nothing about summary execution or even about segregation. Furthermore, such treatments are non-viable anyway. Lay aside that one subjected to such treatment, cannot reproduce. (That’s very likely the idea.) We now hear of patient remorse – and worse, those who opt for (or get pushed into) such treatment are more likely, rather than less, to consider ending it all.

Even apart from that, critical feminism – for lack of a better term – tells men they are worse than superfluous.

Each newly join’d aspirant to the clan / Must repudiate the tyrant known as Man! / They mock at him and flout him, / For they do not care about him, / And they’re going to do without him / If they can! W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, from Princess Ida

And how shall posterity come into being? Blank-out.

Civilizational America is not a dictatorship

Still, civilizational America cannot be a dictatorship. So adults who want to embrace such ideologies and practices, may do so. (They should remember, though, that some of us will have trouble understanding them.) The problem is that they want to force those ideologies on the rest of us. That can have only one motive: to depopulate the country. Once again, population becomes a theater of war between civilization and anti-civilization.

That’s the motive for making women’s sport “a retirement plan for failed male athletes.”


More broadly that move these ideologues to make a woman ashamed of the concept woman or the role of women.

Recreational drugs pose another, more immediate and deadly, problem. Today the drug that bears most mention, is the synthetic opioid, fentanyl. Fentanyl has medicinal value – as, for example, an anesthetic. But we hear of people dying every day from overdoses. And here we have an extreme irony: Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) blames the American people for the spectacle of fentanyl smuggling across the U.S.-Mexican border. Actually she makes the absurd claim that Americans are doing the actual smuggling. Of the role of Mexican drug cartels, she prefers not to speak. But if Americans do bear any of the blame, they do so only by demanding it. A viable civilization does not support that kind of demand, and does not contribute to it.

But that creates another problem. Democrats have traditionally worked to legalize recreational drugs. Have they now changed their minds?

Defending the core values

So how shall we defend American civilizational core values? As it happens, America starts at a different place from the other civilizational states – Russia, India, and perhaps China. (Whether China is a civilizational state or an empire builder, they’ll have to sort out for themselves.) Americans do not define any such thing as “the American race.” We know that there is only one race – the human race. Instead, Americans have a set of values that it invites anyone to share.

The Constitution of the United States remains today the best framework to serve these core values. It is far from perfect, to be sure. But last summer, the United States Supreme Court put in place several decisions that make those core values easier to defend. They include:


Of course, many State governments – and the United States Senate – stand opposed to these values. Therefore the defense of them requires continuing to press the point in our law courts. Be sure that the other side will.

What are the values?

  • Begin with life first – and life must start at conception. No one has yet made a consistent argument for that. Someone must – and Justice Clarence Thomas seems to stand ready to accept it.
  • Liberty next – which means ordered liberty. One person’s liberty ends where another’s life or property begins.
  • Property – or “the pursuit of happiness” as Jefferson put it – comes third. Property of all kinds deserves protection. But some property assertions are never acceptable – like asserting that any person is the property of another.

That last requires two clarifications. Obviously, slavery, in the original sense, is never permissible. But nor may the State declare all persons the property of all other persons.

Beyond these things, one must define certain concepts that do allow – even require – the state to override what some individuals might consider their liberty. The concept minor is one. Minors do exist, and a sound society forbids them certain activities. It also forbids adults to entice them into those activities. That’s why:

Sales of cigarettes to MINORS [were] FORBIDDEN by law.

The same holds for the purchase, attempt to purchase, consumption, or transport of alcoholic beverages by or to minors. That also applies to sexual reassignment or “gender affirmation.” No child can make such a decision. Though some might argue that such reassignment is biologically or medically easier before puberty than during or after, that does not make it permissible.

Why the escalation of the attack on civilizational America?

The attack on the civilizational values – even the population – of America has accelerated for a simple reason. Those who want to promote a one-world government with themselves at its leaders, know that demographics limits their time. Their most ardent adherents aren’t having children. Some can’t – because they have chosen lifestyles, and sometimes medical experimentation, that prevent it. Others refuse – and even want to deny the choice of having children to others. Witness Jane Fonda calling for a violent response to Dobbs.

As long as this continues, the political left, not the right, will die out. The Deep State knows this. That’s why they pushed an “immunization” preparation that many are now acknowledging was worse than useless. And that could explain the Ohio Train Wreck and the handling of it.

Besides the birth-rate divide, America has a rural-urban divide. In a well functioning civilization, cities function as incubators of learning and the arts. But in America today, cities have become incubators of anti-civilizational values. Five months ago, one influencer predicted that this divide could result in civil war. If so, those who controlled the resources, and preserved civilizational values, would win.


That’s because good civilizational values also make good fighting men.

Things need not come to that pass. It will be left to defenders of civilizational values to defend their own space, preferably by legal and judicial means. After that, attrition alone will decide the contest.

Examples of the continued attack

Lauren Witzke, a recent Senate candidate, has noticed the attack on civilizational America for some time. Yesterday she mentioned Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow. That does not make the one-worlders happy. But Ms. Witzke points out certain things neither Russia nor China tolerates:

Nor does this attack limit itself to America. Michael Shellenberger, yesterday at noon fifteen, shared a story of a “transgender” with patient remorse. She is suing her doctors for misdiagnosing her as a “trans man” when she was not. And she has this to say:

The most interesting part of her story is that she is on the Autism Spectrum. Such people might be more susceptible to manipulation – at least at first. As such they are the canaries in the coal mine, with regard to a medical establishment run amok in service to the Deep State. But in bringing her lawsuit, she illustrates something else. And that is: if you lie to anyone on The Spectrum, and that person comes to realize it, you have made an implacable enemy.


In summary

In short, Americans must decide whether they want to be part of a civilization, or join a murder-suicide pact. The ideologies of the political left all have in common the inevitable destruction of life. The left dares not refrain from this line of attack, because they know they are dying out. “Demography is destiny,” they crowed, until they realized who were having the children – and who weren’t. Then they said, “Uh-oh!” After that, they changed their tactics and intermediate objective – but their ultimate objective remains.

Civilizations rise or fall as they defend or abandon new life, for without new life, the civilization dies.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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