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The anti-globalist cause

The globalists have a cause, and it is control, and appropriation of wealth. The anti-globalist cause is the cause of liberty – and life.

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The anti-globalist cause

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 31st day of March in the year of our Lord 2023. I will be talking about the cause of the globalists, who they are at least in part, as well as what they are doing to this world, but I will also be talking about the anti-globalist cause which in today’s world represents good in the never-ending battle with evil.

The globalist cause: the cause of great wealth

I will argue that the globalist cause is the cause of global wealth, and global control of people and their institutions. It is the cause of what we have come to call billionaires today due to the inflation of the currency, but it has existed throughout human history as the cause of evil. The great acceleration of the globalist cause happened with the fall of the Soviet Union and the rise of the new technology we are all familiar with. Russia was led by weak and corrupt leaders and quickly became a kleptocracy or a nation run by organized crime.

The criminal oligarchs in Russia took control of Russian industry and even the Russian government and military and with that control they transferred Russian wealth out of the country to various offshore accounts apparently for their own benefit. Even their looting of Russia and its people can’t compare with the global criminal billionaire oligarchs I will describe because they apparently seek only the accumulation of vast wealth and not the destruction of humanity like the others.

America has its oligarchs, same as Russia

In America we have no reason to look down our collective noses at the Russians because we have the same problem although our oligarchs pretend, they have cleaner hands. In fact, I will argue that our oligarch problem in the West is bigger than the one Putin faced when he came to power in 2000. The entire Western World is currently in the grips of a class of billionaire elites who have obtained complete control of all our institutions. They control the media, the political establishment, education, financial markets, banks, world trade, social issues, and public health. I’m sure they control much more but those are the obvious things that come first to mind.

These elite establishment billionaires see every problem as global and every problem, primarily created by them, must have a global solution. The various censorship campaigns that we have recently experienced coupled with the lies and fake news stories such as Russiagate and the other efforts to impeach Trump. One would think that Donald Trump should be one of them, but their paranoid fear and hatred of him leads me to believe that he is not.


An agenda for total control

The recent covid disaster and the hysteria it created primarily orchestrated by the billionaire oligarchs such as Bill Gates and the like as well as the repressive control measures that came out of it serve the interests of those who lust for control. They want total control of all the people who currently reside and who will ever reside on planet earth. To achieve control, they have adapted the goal of the destruction of the American Republic and the other once free nations of the West. To what extent these people have extended their tentacles into other aspects of society we will explore today.

Recent polls tell us what should be obvious and that is that the bedrock institutions and values of our society have collapsed or they are in serious decline. Religious faith and patriotism are at all time lows in America. The values of religion, patriotism, raising children, hard work, etc. have all been replaced by something else. Can you guess what the new value is? If you guessed money and its acquisition, you are correct. That’s right, according to many polls money is now the most important thing to most Americans.

It seems that we have a billionaire on just about every corner and they are all evil people who will not be satisfied until everything that is good and holy is destroyed and replaced with things that are evil, sick, twisted, and most of all insane.

Examples of that control

Does our new class of billionaire oligarchs have control of the problems that beset America today? Are they the control masters? Do the politicians simply act as puppets for the globalist oligarchs that pull the strings? How can one know for sure, but I will confess that it sure looks that way to me. Some of the insanity I will talk about in a minute is hard to explain any other way.

Mandated injections of a poison long since proven unable to deliver any positive benefit. Forced lockdown of virtually the entire world, instituted by the government and forced by intimidation of free speech resulting in an Orwellian government-imposed censorship of opposing thought. Prosecution of innocent people who are guilty of nothing besides opposing the political agenda of evil people. More recently the burning and destruction of food processing plants, the attacks on farming, consolidation of farms with the substitution of patented products for human consumption. In Europe the literal destruction of the second largest food exporting nation of farmers in the world, the Dutch.


Anti-globalist uprising – in Holland

The Dutch people have risen in protest over the elite, globalist destruction of their food supply and livelihoods to the point that farmers have formed their own political party, and many have been elected. Why would an elite globalist oligarch and billionaire want to destroy the food supply of ordinary people? They tell us it’s because of climate change. The farms give off nitrogen which is somehow leading to a climate apocalypse and only the wise all-knowing oligarch billionaire globalists have the authority and wisdom to correct this problem and save planet earth from the ravages of ignorant little people like us.

A person would have to be completely insane to believe what I just told you these people expect us to believe. Are you insane folks, I didn’t think so. No, the real reason, as you undoubtedly can guess, is control because it is far easier to control weak starving people. If the destruction of our food isn’t stopped and soon, we will be forced to come to them like baby birds so they can put bugs in our mouths. I’m not kidding about that by the way because across the Western World insane people are buying into the propaganda that it is somehow necessary to quit eating meat and start eating bugs in order to save the planet.

Falling birth rates

Another tactic that seems to follow right in line with what I have been saying is to make sure that more intelligent people stop having children, which is happening across the West. Birth rates are falling in Western countries especially among the educated class. Yes, right now there is a strong correlation between education and childlessness. Simply put, the smarter you are the fewer children you have and the more ignorant the more children.

Are we then headed for a literal ideocracy. No, because in that movie the same phenomenon that I just mentioned as presently happening resulted in a future world run by idiots. The difference is that the globalists envision a world of idiots run by them. The surviving people will be like sheep, cattle, or just dependent serfs on the globalist plantation. We will be happy though, in the soon to come world run by oligarch billionaires, because they have told us we will own nothing, and we will like it. We will live in whatever conditions they determine best for those of us who survive their pandemics, their wars, and their food destruction.

The surveillance state

The things I have mentioned so far all coincide with a focus on control of the human species by a few people. Complete planet wide surveillance of every movement with computerized social control or social credit as in Communist China. The maniacal focus that we see today on gender issues. The growing number of people who are so insane that they believe and expect us to believe that men can become women and women men just by thinking about it. Men can bear children and women can father children and we are so propagandized that many of us actually believe that. Are these things that no sane person could believe just random occurrences in a society undergoing rapid change or evidence of the involvement of something far more sinister?


Evidence of the far more sinister kind is all around us. We know that the FBI, the DOJ, the IRS, and the various intelligence agencies are all totally corrupt and have been illegally weaponized against the American people. Those agencies were all involved in what came to be called Russiagate but was really a coup against a sitting United States president. To what extent then, are these agencies involved in the other nefarious things that I have mentioned or in other crimes that I haven’t thought of?

An anti-globalist warning

To help us answer some of those questions I will call on a man whose words I have great respect for and that is Colonel Douglas Macgregor. I won’t bother to quote his entire statement, but he was talking about a quote from George Soros over 10 years ago in which Soros said that Russia is the last nationalist state that rests on a foundation of orthodox Christian culture with Russian identity at its core. That has to be removed, and it will require direct war between America, NATO, and Russia to remove it. Mr. Soros wishes the war could be primarily fought by Eastern Europeans because they don’t mind mass casualties but alas if it must be the casualty averse West, so be it.

Now quoting Colonel Macgregor.

So, I think that the people who are in charge in the West and the people in Washington think they have successfully destroyed the identities of the European and American peoples, that we have no sense of ourselves, our borders are undefended, we present no resistance to the incoming migrants from the developing world who essentially roll over us as though we owe them a living and that our laws do not count. Thus far I would say that is an accurate evaluation of what we’ve been doing. And I think that’s a great victory for George Soros and the globalists.

The globalist vision – an open society

So, we will become, or perhaps we have become, an open society. Perhaps our future is as nothing but an amorphous mass of people who believe nothing and who have nothing to believe in except some desire for money. This thinking is so evil and so destructive that I am amazed that Soros and people like him are tolerated, but I guess the toleration of them, and the adaptation of their ideas is evidence of what I have been arguing. This information supplied by Colonel Macgregor in part sums up much of the thinking of the globalist world today.

These globalist billionaire oligarchs have a deeply passionate hatred toward Christianity, toward Christians, and toward those who love their country and resist its destruction. These people are obstacles to their ultimate goal of a borderless one-world government headed by billionaire oligarchs, not by we the people. The example that Colonel MacGregor gave about Russia being the last nationalist state based on a Christian culture could perhaps be applied to people and groups in the United States who resist the globalist oligarch propaganda and lies.


The anti-globalist cause must act

The oligarchs are now so strong and confident that they talk openly about transitioning away from representative government, and of their desire for the destruction of the nation state. They meet and they plan the suffering of the rest of us that will finally bring us into compliance. The future world of our children and their prodigy is at stake right now. Who will decide it? Who will preserve freedom?

Finally, folks, there are so many psychopaths in high places that a truly evil psychopathic mass murderer can sometimes fly under the radar without notice but somebody needs to notice him and start listening to what he says.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.


From; appears by permission.

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