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The skeletons report

Yes, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has a few skeletons – minor in comparison to the evil forces he has pledged to fight.

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Robert F. Kennedy,l Jr. by Gage Skidmore

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 12th day of May in the year of our Lord 2023. Empires live and empires die, just like people. But is it possible to rein in the empire and save the republic before it dies? (Or leads us into World War lll?) Is there anyone willing and able to speak the truth and ask the right questions about what this government is doing and why it is doing it in politics today?

What Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would do

Politicians in general almost never do anything helpful. In fact they usually do the opposite of the thing that would be most helpful. Is there any politician out there today who is willing to ask the right questions to rein in the empire and possibly save the republic? I did get some very encouraging words from the announcement speech of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

He said one of his goals was to end the divide. But so far nobody can find a good or safe way out of that divide. He would do that by encouraging people to talk about the values that we have in common, rather than the issues that keep us apart. Most importantly, he said,

I am going to do that by telling the truth to the American people.

Well that would be a pleasant change, wouldn’t it? Because it is now difficult or impossible to hear a politician tell the truth about anything.

The truth can be a very shocking thing and so rare that people hardly ever recognize it for what it is. Normally the truth is maligned or put down as a conspiracy theory. Because we simply cannot or will not accept the shocking nature of it. Like truth, trust in government is extremely rare and hard to find these days. In 1960 trust in government was 80% but today it is 22%. A recent poll by ABC News showed 36% satisfied with Joe Biden’s performance as President. But only 33% believe him to be honest and trustworthy.


Asking the right questions

I suspect that people are tired of it all. They are tired of the government sending drag queens to recruit new sailors for the navy and expecting that navy to confront the Chinese Navy in the Pacific. It just doesn’t make any sense and people want to know why we are doing it. The high cost of war and maintaining the empire or the military, security, intelligence, state should make us question it even if we think it is doing the right thing. What do we give up or forego when we send well over $100 billion in weapons and funds to Ukraine?

Mr. Kennedy says that he is willing to ask those questions. In fact, he proposes bringing America’s $1.5 trillion empire project to a close. He is a breath of fresh air because he is breaking the ties of the Democrat/Republican woke and war agenda as it has been proposed and conducted for decades. His proposals would present the dirty truth to the American people and get them out of the empire business.

Concrete proposals to end empire building and war

He proposes to bring the troops home and close many of America’s approximately 750 foreign military bases. Do we really need them, he asks, and if you say we do then what purpose do they serve. Do they make us safer or less safe. Under this proposal much of the military, security, and intelligence budget would be saved. Throughout my lifetime the powers that be, the global elite, or however you choose to refer to them, have been very good at putting America and with it the world in positions that make war inevitable. Once war is inevitable, well guess what, we get war.

War benefits many just as it destroys many. In our system of bottomless credit, money to pay for it all is just a computer keystroke away. But it all goes on the balance sheet as debt. Ultimately, as Mr. Kennedy explained in his announcement speech, it amounts to a system of socialism for the rich and a grinding relentless capitalism for the poor. It is all those poor and middle-class people who have been destroyed by the system who could ultimately support him, but only if they hear him. If the mainstream media continues to shut him out, he will have to find other avenues to be heard.

Kennedy on COVID-19

He was recently invited to Hillsdale College to speak to them about COVID, the vaccines and the pharmaceutical industry in general. I watched his speech I believe on You Tube and I recommend that you watch it as well.1


That 48 minutes contains the dark and dirty truth that I have been talking about. He gives the listener the yet unrevealed truth about how the virus was enhanced first in American labs then, when forced offshore, to Wuhan, China. He describes how the Tony Fauci-led National Institute for Health funded gain of function research at about 150 American colleges to make naturally existing viruses more lethal to humans.

Why do that which would obviously put humanity in danger? The answer is so that the viruses could be used as bioweapons. It was a way to avoid the international bans of bioweapons which made such research and development the equivalent of war crimes. He states plainly and unequivocally that after 40 years of litigation against pharmaceutical companies and having seen their internal documents they are “criminal enterprises, every one of them.” Listen to the speech and I promise you will be shocked. But the truth is worth it and I think it is the only way back to sanity and a republic instead of an empire.

Whistleblower protections

Kennedy’s stated commitment to the truth involves allowing whistleblowers to tell the truth without going to jail. Since he is a trial lawyer with decades of environmental and pharmaceutical litigation behind him, he knows that in the corporate world whistleblowers are often rewarded handsomely, but in the government world they go to jail for espionage. To that end he proposes to pardon Julian Assange who has been in jail for about a decade without any real due process. People who dare to tell the truth in this world today are viewed as criminals, but if telling the truth is the number one plank in your platform you must let people tell it.

He has a knack for giving tough answers to the most difficult questions and his are the answers you just can’t talk about in America today. That is why his campaign is such a breath of fresh air. For example, he was interviewed on Tuesday of this week by Mark Steyn. And the question of mass shootings, gun control, the 2nd amendment and other such subjects came up. Quote from the interview:

The same is true, Mark, with all these shootings. Nobody is looking at the pharmaceutical contribution to that. Anecdotally, it appears that almost every one of these shooters were on SSRIs or some other psychiatric drug, and this is only happening in America, where all these people are taking these psychiatric drugs. We take four times as many as any other country in the West, the average European country. And there’s no time in history—I mean, we’ve always had guns in this country. Switzerland has more guns per capita than we do, and you don’t see that happening there. And I’m not defending all guns everywhere, but I’m just saying, something happened. Prior to the introduction of Prozac—these kinds of shootings were almost unknown.

A force to reckon with

In my opinion, if this man can gain some traction and suddenly become relevant, he will be a force for both parties to deal with. What are some of the ways that our global ruling elite have available to solve problems like those caused by an intelligent, man committed to the truth who is gaining strength day by day. The first choice is money – which I don’t believe would interest Bobby Kennedy at this point in his life. The second choice is scandal. And that is the one we will discuss now. Because the third has already been used on his uncle and his father.


He mentioned in his announcement speech that he had so many skeletons in his closet that if they could vote he would be elected king of the world. That comment caused me to wonder and research exactly what he meant. The internet gives one access to virtually all information that exists if you have the time and patience to look for it.

Skeletons in the Kennedy closet?

I will start the skeletons report by saying that he was 14 years old when his father was murdered. When he was 28, he had an addiction to heroin and had decided to fly to South Dakota where he was going to enroll in a treatment center located in the Black Hills. While on the flight to South Dakota he was found to have in his possession 1/10th gram of heroin. This is a felony. He was arrested, charged, and later pleaded guilty to possession. Since he was a first offender and didn’t have enough to resell, he was given probation and 1500 hours of community service. He completed his stint in rehab, apparently successfully, and began community service with the Riverkeeper Organization.

His work with Riverkeeper led him into environmental law, especially concerning water pollution. His litigation and work on the Hudson River may have saved that river and the Hudson Valley along with it.

Marriages and divorces – a typical Kennedy story

In 1982 he married a lady named Emily Black who bore two of his seven children. In 1994 he filed for divorce and married Mary Richardson who was 6 months pregnant at the time of their marriage. Mary bore 4 children and had a very tumultuous and difficult life. She had numerous drunk driving arrests and lost her license. She had depressive disorder and suffered from other mental illness. But in her own right she was a bright and talented woman who was highly regarded as an architect and was co-founder of the Food Allergy Initiative, the world’s largest source of private funding for that research.

In 2010 Robert filed for divorce from Mary. But the divorce did not immediately go through, and in 2012 she hanged herself in a barn on their property. In 2014 he married an actress named Cheryl Hines who has born him one child. It seems that these are the types of problems that have followed the Kennedys throughout my lifetime. So now I have opened the basement door exposing the skeletons that I am aware of.


Father and son

It has been 55 years since Senator Robert F, Kennedy stepped onto the national stage and started winning primaries against a sitting Democrat President. It has therefore been done before and the country was also in a perilous state. Robert Kennedy (Bobby) was the one who was going to get us out of an unpopular war, and help us heal the wounds that caused the deep divide in America. Unfortunately, an assassin’s bullet ended his campaign and his life.

Today that hope is back in the form of his son Robert F. Kennedy Jr. History, as it turns out, may not repeat itself. But nevertheless the country today bears a remarkable resemblance to 1968. I argue that the situation internationally is worse today than it was in 1968 because the defense budget is much higher, the control of the media much tighter, and now we flirt with nuclear war with Russia and China. Will the people hear him and will they accept him and if they do can he heal the great divide? He is probably the only candidate who has a chance to do that.

Another Kennedy, the skeletons, and…

Finally, Folks, just as Bobby Kennedy seems committed to the truth I endeavor to also be so committed. The politicians who are his competition along with their captive media will dismiss him as a lunatic, a fraud, a conspiracy nut on an ego trip, but he is none of those things. He is the real thing, at least it appears that way to me at this moment. I know as well that if we depend on the media to deliver the truth to us we will never hear it.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks.


This is Darrell Castle.

From; appears by permission.

About the image

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 .

1 You can watch sixteen minutes on YouTube. Watch the full speech at this link at – Ed.

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