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Election of 2020 – evidence for fraud

From a Twitter journalist comes this compilation of clear and convincing evidence that the Election of 2020 was decided by fraud.

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Today a frequent Twitter Files competitor offered a thread with a history of the most suspect purveyors of electronic voting machines in the United States today. His thread provides evidence supporting a reasonable suspicion that the Democrat Party – or someone else – stole the Election of 2020. In fact, by the written law in Arizona, for example, this thread provides enough evidence to call for a complete re-examination of that election. Unfortunately the ideological corruption that pervades the Senate will prevent the kid of action our society ought to take.

Previous evidence for the Election of 2020 being an anomaly

Your editor is not a lawyer – but he is an Officer of Election. And many things happened in various jurisdictions in the Election of 2020 to call it into serious question.

The Election of 2020 was actually fifty-one separate elections, one in each State and one in the District of Columbia. In most jurisdictions the election played out as expected – either Donald Trump or Joe Biden “carried” most States the pollsters expected them to carry. Those expectations might have been mistaken in some cases. For example, voters in Virginia have told CNAV that they have long suspected that Trump, not Biden, carried Virginia. But the Democratic Division of Elections was determined not to certify any such result. And to this day, certain activists – speaking not for attribution – have adopted a mission to seek a declaratory judgment that all optical-scan electronic voting machines in Virginia do not merit certification. Their continued usage, therefore, stands in violation of the law.

Specific evidence

That aside, the Election of 2020 turned on seven States that Biden “carried” that Trump should have carried. Most of these, Trump did carry in 2016. They are, of course, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. In each of these jurisdictions, strange things happened that already raise reasonable suspicion. They include without limitation:

  • The Suitcase Scandal in the State Farm Arena, Atlanta, Georgia, and
  • Snack trucks bringing in pre-filled-out ballots to precincts late at night, and the OOEs papering over the windows to conceal their activities.

As an Officer of Election, your editor can attest that no excuse exists for:

  1. Pulling out “suitcases” from under black cloth-draped tables or desks,
  2. Extracting bunches of ballots from said “suitcases,” and
  3. Running them through an optical scanner up to forty times.

In OOE parlance, a suitcase is any holder of election equipment or supplies, that a unit registrar packages for pickup by Chief Officers of Election for use in their precincts. (A unit can be a county or an independent city.)

More than a year ago, Dinesh D’Souza released his documentary, 2000 Mules, detailing another questionable practice: ballot harvesting. What made it illegal is that someone, called a mule, would bring in bunches of ballots – not his, and not from his relatives – and drop them into the unattended drop boxes that many jurisdictions installed by reason of the SARS-CoV-2 “pandemic.” CNAV reviewed it then. That alone would suffice to prove the Election of 2020 stolen.

The Election of 2020 thread

Bear this in mind while reviewing this thread by influencer Dom Lucre, Breaker of Narratives. As usual his anchor tweet always begins sarcastically, with the talking point he seeks to disprove.

Of course, only now that Elon Musk owns Twitter and has eliminated most of the censorship regime, does anyone dare tell this story of the Election of 2020. And the users know it. This user expressed the most common fear:

Another user pointed out an obvious conflict of interest on the part of Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah):

Which is to say, both parties are equally guilty.


This user raised two possible answer to the question: cui bono?

CNAV will add a third cui bono possibility: the World Economic Forum. But the gain they seek is not pecuniary at all, but ideological.

Still another user linked to further information on Dominion, Smartmatic, Sequoia (the Chicago firm), and Venezuela.

However, this appears to be a whitewash document that The New York Times offered to try to refute inconvenient truth claims against Dominion, Smartmatic, and Sequoia.


By no coincidence, the founder and CEO of Dominion Voting Systems said he expects his company to lose all clients. He blames the eventual loss of business on “the big lie” about the Election of 2020. But perhaps he should have thought of the consequence of buying out a purveyor of electronic voting machines (Smartmatic) that already had a nasty reputation for rigging an election in the country of its founding.


Furthermore, the approval of the purchase by Smartmatic of Sequoia Systems, the voting machine provider in Chicago, proves the equal guilt of the Republican Establishment. Lou Dobbs, then a very square newsman, roundly denounced the purchase, and rightly so. The approval of that sale during “Dubya’s” first term will rank in infamy along with Gerald R. Ford’s Secretary of Agriculture, Earl Butz, negotiating the deal with the Japanese to sell them High Fructose Corn Syrup.

In addition to the review of 2000 Mules, CNAV has talked before about The Twitter Files and Hunter Biden’s Laptop.

We also know that electronic voting machines, regardless of vendor, are eminently hackable:

To say nothing of the Durham Report, that provides clear and convincing evidence of ideological corruption at the FBI.

CNAV has also said before that the FBI is now a monster.



CNAV will now recommend the only things we can recommend, in light of this evidence. First, abolish all voting by machine. Go back to hand counting of paper ballots. The French managed to decide an election within twenty-four hours; we should follow their example.

Second, abolish the FBI. Such crime-fighting functions of which anyone has need, let Pinkerton’s Detective Agency resume them. The rest of its activities can and should stop.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has already implemented the third recommendation: prefer articles of impeachment against Joe Biden. Sadly, that can serve only to embarrass the Senate, which is of no moment, since the Senate has no shame. But we also have Kari Lake’s recommendation for how to beat the rigged system.

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