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Biden facing more Articles of Impeachment

Rep. Greg Staube (R-Fla.) introduced four Articles of Impeachment against President Biden, arising out of recent revelations of corruption.

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Biden facing more Articles of Impeachment

A Florida Representative introduced four Articles of Impeachment against President Joe Biden, the third Member of Congress to do so.

Latest Biden impeachment articles

Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fla.) introduced four Articles of Impeachment against Biden on Friday, alleging:

  • Bribery,
  • Obstruction of justice,
  • Fraud, and
  • Financial involvement in drugs and prostitution.

All this arises out of his involvement, that recent documents and interviews show, with the shady business deals of his son, Hunter. The Washington Examiner gives more details. Steube’s bribery article refers to payments Biden received, and influence he exerted to win bribes, while he was Vice-President. The House Oversight Committee has recently alleged that the Biden family received $20 million in total payments from foreign sources.

Obstruction of justice refers to interference with IRS investigations of Hunter Biden’s tax returns, as two whistleblowers reported.

“Fraud” refers here to investment fraud, in that Biden recruited other “investors” to support several business ventures that all failed. The article charges that Biden used “false and fraudulent pretenses and promises” to win the investors. These details come from the Tampa Free Press.

The financial-involvement angle refers to Biden paying for his son’s drug habits and prostitutes’ “fees.”


The House of Representatives is already considering a formal impeachment inquiry, given recent revelations in the Judiciary and Oversight Committees.

Rep. Steube released a detailed statement describing his articles and his reasons for filing them. He also made the full text of his proposed impeachment resolution available here.

Previous articles of impeachment

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greeene (R-Ga.) filed her own articles, back in May. The House delayed action on those, by a vote of 219-208.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) introduced impeachment articles in June 2023, these focusing on Biden’s handling of the immigration crisis, particularly at the U.S.-Mexican border. She introduced those in a privileged motion, intending to force a vote.

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