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War on the next generation

The global elite has declared war on the next generation, by conditioning people into anti-reproductive lifestyle choices.

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CNAV has said before that population has become a theater of war. The United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and other elite-controlled organizations repeatedly say this Earth is not big enough for all the people on it. Accordingly, they – or some agent(s) acting on their behalf – are engineering a population collapse. In contrast, Elon Musk warns that a population collapse would be a problem, and threatens to become one. And our own Linda Goudsmit, who has been fighting this war for years, has a new book preparing for release. People like Goudsmit and Musk are afraid for the next generation. The elites are afraid of the next generation.

Strategies of the war on the next generation

Linda Goudsmit has made a career of discussing one strategy in the elite war of extinction of everyone but themselves. These elites seek to influence all adults to think and behave like children, with a narrow timespan – what’s happening now. So they gave us a virus they could convince everyone would drop people like flies. Then they gave us a vaccine that dropped our elders like flies – and many people of childbearing or child-siring age as well. Those this preparation did not kill, it sterilized. In the meantime these medical maniacs warn of a need for “meat wagons” that didn’t roll the last time. And if they roll this time, they’ll roll for a cause of their own making.

But much more than this concerns Goudsmit, as it should. The elites have corrupted the education establishment in a way that should make Horace Mann and John Dewey green with envy. The dumbing-down of “free public schools” was bad enough. Worse is the introduction of the concept “gender fluidity” to make parents willingly send their children to the Frankenstein’s clinics our hospitals have become. Surgical mutilation and hormonal poisoning are now the prescription of the day. This can have only one object: sterilization of all but the children of the elite.

Would James G. Blaine turn green with envy? Or would the unintended consequences of his campaign horrify him and make him run to the nearest not-necessarily-Catholic pastor, screaming, “Bless me, Minister, for I have sinned!”? We might never know.

Don’t believe this promise…!

Incredibly, the medical profession preens with reports like this one – of “successful” uterine transplants into women lacking a uterus. Now the LGBTQIA+ lobby demands trials with biological males as well as genetic females. But the fine print tells us this cannot work at scale.


More than 42 [uterine transplant] procedures have now been performed globally, and at least 12 live births have been reported.

A ratio of two live births for every seven uterine transplants is not promising. Nor should anyone expect even that degree of success in biological males. Being male or female involves more than gross anatomy; one must also consider endocrine function. (Endocrine derives from two Greek words meaning to judge the internal environment.) And, of course, the production of eggs and seed.

In any case, this is a distraction. Sterilization is the object. Any promises of producing fertile transgender subjects, are utterly empty. Perhaps some particular modern Doctor Frankenstein might actually believe (s)he can succeed at this aim. But the donors know better. They appeal to the vanity of these Doctors Frankenstein as well as the twisted hopes of millions of psychologically child-abused subjects who present with LGBTQIA+ psychiatric syndromes. (And those of the occasional parent who wanted a child of a different gender and will stop at nothing to turn the child they have into the child they wanted.) And they are lying. These donors want the planet to themselves, and are holding out a promise they never intend to fulfill. This also shows that Marcus Porcius Festus was accusing the wrong person of going crazy with book-learning. (Acts 26:24.)

Dangerous fanaticism

Recently an episode took place in New Hampshire that shows how a twisted sense of justice has driven more than a few legislators over the edge. House Bill 619 will forbid doctors to mutilate surgically or poison hormonally any minor child. It will also forbid them to refer such child to an out-of-state doctor who would do the same.

Republicans in the New Hampshire House of Representatives introduced this bill last year, only to see it die in committee. But they re-introduced the bill this year, as a “carry-forward.” This time, it passed the State House, 199-175, with nine abstentions and thirteen absences. (Four seats in this 400-person body are currently vacant.) Twenty other States have already passed such laws, according to US News and World Report.

Incredibly, the debate on this bill centered on which set of doctors to believe. The contest was between Doctors Frankenstein maniacally eager to press forward, and their colleagues who said, “Moment mal!” The “wait-a-minute” sayers won out. Twelve Democrats and two independents joined all Republicans present to pass the bill, according to NH Journal.


One Democrat (Rep. Jonah Wheeler of Peterborough) delivered a speech to announce his vote. Perhaps his vote swayed others, and it might even have been critical to success. (Had all fourteen voted Nay instead of Aye, the bill would have died.) But the rest of the Democratic Caucus behaved like deadly fanatics.

He had to change seats!

Mr. Wheeler, upon entering the anteroom, found several Democrats confronting him angrily. “An old-fashioned struggle session,” said one anonymous Republican. (This refers to a mass shaming common in Communist China.) Another Republican – Rep. Tom Mannion of Pelham – did speak for attribution:

It was the bravest thing I’ve seen from a Democrat; it was powerful stuff.… When Jonah went to the anteroom, a bunch of Democrats were aggressively confronting him, saying he owed an apology to [transgender] members. He didn’t back down. I heard him say, “This is called ‘legislating.’” And they said he should go in the other room and hang out with Republicans if he wasn’t going to toe the line. Rep. Tom Mannion (R-Pelham, N.H.)

Said Wheeler himself:

I was told in the anteroom that I “didn’t belong.” I responded by saying that I was elected by my constituents and I have just as much a right to be here as anyone else. I did say this is legislating, and I have to give credit where credit is due: it was Rep. Michael O’Brien (D-Nashua) who came in and calmed everyone down. Rep. Jonah Wheeler (D-Peterborough, n.h.)

But the game didn’t end there. The Democratic Caucus Leader, Rep. Matt Wilhelm of Manchester, called a meeting of the caucus. Witnesses say it degenerated rapidly into the utterance, by members, of threats against Wheeler’s life. Several House Sergeants-at-arms, overhearing the threats, called the police. Elements of the State House Security Unit arrived, took information, and told Wheeler that some of his fellow members had threatened him. They did not elaborate. But then the Clerk of the House actually moved him to a back-row seat for the rest of the day.

What can explain such fanatical devotion to depopulation? Does anyone actually believe that “aspiration,” when it runs contrary to anatomy or physiology, is an imperative that doctors (and laypeople) must respect at all costs? More likely, the elite has conditioned many people to believe that. Such conditioning vindicates Goudsmit’s theory – for if her theory were incorrect, such conditioning could never “take” nor hold.


Other States making war on the next generation

In contrast, Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) vetoed a bill that would have had similar import, plus forbidding biological men to compete against biological women. Within days, reports surfaced that he has accepted $40,000 from children’s hospitals that allow such mutilating and poisonous procedures. (If hospitals can afford that kind of campaign donations, what must their “generous communities” think of that? Or: who among members of those communities are willing to finance this kind of activity, and why?)

Likewise, the State of California now extends surgical mutilation and hormonal poisoning to illegal immigrants – to adults, anyway. Actually that runs counter to the Great Replacement – for they now offer to sterilize the very “replacements” that have come.

Last month Florida’s teacher’s union sued the State to block a new law curtailing their discretion in speaking of their pupils using their “preferred” third-person singular pronouns. Notice how this debate happens only in America and other countries that speak English. That’s because English reintroduced the neuter gender after different conquering armies assigned different genders to certain classes of inanimate objects. When the Angles and Saxons declared the sea male, and the Danes declared it female, the common folk said, “Screw it! It’s an ‘it’!” Now they want to abolish gender, not only for inanimate objects, but also for humans and lower animals. Without recognition of biological gender, the next generation will not come to be.


All the above shows that a war is raging against the next generation, to make sure it never comes to be – at least, not a fertile one. Only the worst sort of misanthrope would want such an outcome. Recognizing the motive is the first step in plotting and mounting a counterattack.

The second step is to outline changes in the law to rein in these Doctors Frankenstein. “Aspiration” must have a limit, and when someone “aspires” to change biological gender, then that someone has reached the limit. Therefore “affirmation” of “identified” or “aspired” gender is never appropriate. What is appropriate is finding out, and correcting, the bad influences that would lead anyone to so “aspire.”


In turn this requires forbidding any lesson plans that treat any such “aspiration” as anything more than a life-altering mistake. Laws like those now in force in Florida are a good start. But proper instruction in moral philosophy must become part of any high-school curriculum.

That, in turn, requires setting a standard of value that follows logically from the premises that:

  1. Our bodies have a design, and
  2. That design comes from an Architech Who left us a Manual of Instructions to follow.

We would do well to follow it. And – spoiler alert – that Manual does not allow anyone to arrogate to himself the title of Chief Executive Officer, or Chairman of any Board of Directors, for a human State to rule the world.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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