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Nikki Haley, will you please leave?

Nikki Haley won’t leave, though she can’t win – but she isn’t campaigning to win, but to make Trump lose. The country cannot afford this.

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Ambassador Nikki Haley will not stop flinging her high-heeled shoes into the machinery of the Republican Presidential nomination process. Already a commentator who has worked for Republicans and Democrats both, is all but asking her to leave. But he and the rest of us know why she will not leave. Several high-powered – though not necessarily high-profile – donors continue to support her campaign. They don’t expect her to win. But they themselves are flinging their expensive shoes into the works by keeping her in the race. That’s why Donald Trump said he would accept no funding from anyone now supporting Nikki Haley.

A week of bad Nikki Haley news

The French coined a wonderful verb and noun form to describe the act of wrecking a machine, project, or process through carelessness or spite. CNAV has described this before. To review: early in the Industrial Revolution, textile workers, in one of the first recorded job actions, literally threw their wooden shoes into the looms. Because this happened in France, the French gave us a new word. The word in French for a wooden shoe is sabot. To wreck something, deliberately or carelessly, by this or any other means, goes by the verb saboter (SAAH-boh-tay). From which come the nouns sabotage and saboteur.

Or, as in this case, saboteuse, or Trojan mare. Judge the actions of Nikki Haley accordingly. The expulsion of Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) necessitated another special election. New York’s Republican Party put forward a total RINO in Mazi Melesa Pilip. Indeed she has been a Democrat for most of her life. Tom Suozzi, whom Santos defeated initially, ran to get his seat back and won. And Nikki Haley blamed Donald Trump for this loss! Mouthpiece Olvia Perez-Cubas said:

Let’s just say the quiet part out loud. Donald Trump continues to be a huge weight against Republican candidates. Despite the enormous and obvious failings of Joe Biden, we just lost another winnable Republican House seat because voters overwhelmingly reject Donald Trump. Until Republicans wake up, we will continue to lose. Time for a new generation of conservative leadership that doesn’t turn off the American people.

Donald Trump laid it on the line:

Refusal to endorse the winner

Trump leads Haley 67% to 22% among likely South Carolina voters in the primary to take place in two days.


Worth remembering is that Nikki Haley recruited crossovers in New Hampshire and Iowa, and still lost both events. And no wonder. Hers is the politics of compromise and moral relativism. Trump’s is the politics of winning.

But Nikki Haley will not even commit to endorsing the winner. On ABC’s This Week Jonathan Karl asked her straight-out whether she would support the winner – as she pledged. She refused to answer, according to The Hill.

That means I’m going to run and I’m going to win, and y’all can talk about support later.

At a campaign rally in Irmo, South Carolina, Nikki Haley blamed Trump for another untoward overseas event: the death of Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny. She accused Vladimir Putin, the Russian strong man, of killing Navalny. Then she said:

Trump needs to answer to that. Does he think Putin killed him? Does he think Putin was right to kill him? And does he think Navalny was a hero?

First, CNAV does not suspect Putin in the death of Navalny. Yes, The Daily Mail reported the “finding” of a “body” with bruises on it. But if Navalny’s guards beat him to death, why release incriminating photographs? Self-incrimination is never an option for dictators (which is what leftist say Putin is). Besides,why kill this prisoner when people were forgetting him? Killing him would be like Herod Antipas killing John the Baptist because his preadolescent stepdaughter wheedled him after giving a provocative dance at his court. (Mark 6:14-29.) Vladimir Putin might be many things, but stupid he is not.

Wild speculation and wilder statements

Second, every statement out of Russia about Navalny’s death is self-serving to whoever is making it. Therefore, we don’t know. For all we do know, he could have died from the COVID vaccine.


No one can say for certain whether Navalny got a COVID vaccine or not. “Community Noters” might not want to admit that he got it, if he did. Everyone wants to say that Putin had him murdered – and apply no higher standard of proof to that statement than to the statement he died from a vaccine.

So it ill befits Nikki Haley to contribute to such speculation. That didn’t stop her from so indulging. Some of her statements have been wild in the extreme.

In other words, “do something.” A contributor at Defense Priorities says, “Enough already!” Why, he asks, must the United States always “do something”? Indeed Nikki Haley wants continued U.S. involvement in Ukraine, at a time when some are saying that country can’t win. Trump wants to end that war, or at least get America out of it.

Here’s another wild thing she’s said lately:

X users did not receive this well, as the reactions, and BizPacReview and We Love Trump, show.It brought back the revelation that she has committed adultery – twice.


Nikki Haley tees up a speech

On Monday (February 19), she announced a “State of the Race” speech for Tuesday noon in Greenville, South Carolina. Speculation was rife that she would at last withdraw from the race.

Instead she defiantly said she would stay in the race until the last State voted.

Some of you — perhaps a few of you in the media — came here today to see if I’m dropping out of the race. Well, I’m not.

For what it’s worth, Sunny Hostin at The View found some of Nikki Haley’s statements “inauthentic.”

She continued to talk about how Trump can’t win because he’s in court all the time (as a defendant):

Instead of asking me what states I’m gonna win, why don’t we ask how he’s gonna win a general election after spending a full year in a courtroom?

Except that Trump can win, and she can’t, and everybody knows that. Mary Lou Masters at The Daily Caller reports new polling from Texas that makes this point. Trump leads Haley, 80% to 9%. She also trails Biden by nine points, while Trump leads Biden by seven points.


That doesn’t seem to faze her. But Jack Posobiec at Human Events knows why that is.

Later that day, a fresh clue to that “true role” surfaced. Former Director of Central Intelligence Michael Morrell has given her his endorsement. He is one of the 51 “spooks” who signed the letter claiming the Hunter Biden Laptop was “Russian disinformation.” In fact he was one of the “principal organizers” of that Gang of Fifty-one.

Where that leaves us

Dick Morris, thoroughly angry, called Nikki Haley a “nuisance” and accused her of sabotage. He took note that no one expects her to win in South Carolina, nor in Michigan, nor on Super Tuesday. Former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker told NewsMax her campaign has become “a slow-motion car wreck.” He also directly disputed her claim about people outwardly supporting Trump but privately despising him.

I’m talking to ordinary, everyday hard-working Americans. And you know they’re all behind Donald Trump. They want Donald Trump because they know he fights for them and what they believe in.

Sadly, many other so-called experts have lined up behind her. Philip Wegmann, for example, tried a little Trump quoque on the question of Haley’s Democratic money. Sean Trende, on the other hand, was calling her “a minor annoyance” even before Dick Morris called her a “nuisance.”

CNAV returns to what we called Nikki Haley before: a Trojan mare. Her latest endorsement means she is a Trojan mare, not only for the Democratic Party but also for the Deep State. The denizens of the Deep State half expect Trump to erect gallows after his second inauguration.


I’m fighting for my life! Not just my political life; my life!

Actor Ray Collins, as J. W. Gettys, in Citizen Kane

So they put forward a candidate who actually believes in the moral basis, however flawed, of the Endless War Program. Though she can’t win, they keep paying. That is how she makes her living. But her purpose is merely to throw her high-heeled shoes into the Trump Machine. Even her donors can’t get through their thick heads that the gears will simply grind those shoes to pulp and keep turning.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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Donald R. Laster, Jr

And people still need to ask if she and anyone else running for President and Vice-President are eligible to serve in the office. Mr Obama and Mrs Harris are not. They both failed both citizenship requirements and committed and are committing crimes. A natural born citizen of a country is a person born in the country of parents, a mother and father, who are citizens of the country. And remember, Mr Obama and Mrs Harris invalidated Mr Biden’s selection as Vice-President and President since the Electoral College is choosing the President and Vice-President as a team.


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