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Obama eligibility: Arpaio posse in Hawaii



The Obama birth certificate. Why is this still accepted as valid? The Birther movement still matters, for the precedent.

The Obama eligibility case might break wide-open. Concerned citizens in Arizona flood the offices of the Secretary of State and the Attorney General every day. Meanwhile, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County has sent the head of his Cold Case Posse, and a Maricopa County deputy detective, to Hawaii.

Obama eligibility: Arizona SOS

Last week, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett told leaders of the Surprise Tea Party that he would not put the name of Barack H. Obama on the ballot, for electing Presidential electors, unless Hawaiian officials satisfied him that Obama has a valid Hawaiian birth certificate. He carefully corrected the impression that Arizonans might have, namely that “Sheriff Joe” had found that the White House Obama birth certificate file is a forgery. The sheriff actually said, on March 1, 2012, that he had probable cause to suspect forgery by whoever created that White House file. In an Obama eligibility case in New Jersey, Lawyer Alexandra Hill said in open court that the White House file would not serve as evidence that Obama is eligible to the office of President. If that impressed Bennett, he did not tell the Tea Party activists.

But Bennett did tell them this:

If Hawaii can’t or won’t provide verification of the President’s birth certificate, I will not put his name on the ballot.

Bennett must have electrified the voters of Arizona by saying that. Or perhaps Sheriff Arpaio did. Joe Kovacs of WND quotes Bennett as counting 1,200 e-mails that concerned citizens have sent to him, and to the Arizona Attorney General, since the Arpaio press conference.

Bennett also appeared on a local radio program. He told host Mike Broomhead that no official in Hawaii has told him anything about the Obama birth certificate. Bennett doesn’t expect to get an original birth certificate. No State Department of Health gives that away. Instead, they give out certified copies. But Hawaiian officials will not even do that.


Bennett then told Broomhead what he had earlier told the Surprise Tea Party: if officials in Hawaii cannot or will not satisfy him, he will keep Obama’s name off the ballot. Either that, or he will ask every candidate for President to send in a valid certified copy of a birth certificate. Obama has never done this. In the New Jersey case (Purpura and Moran v. Obama), Elections Division Director Robert Giles told Purpura that no Obama eligibility evidence is on file, even from the Election of 2008.

The White House Obama birth certificate file seems to be full of errors. They include a printed misspelling (“TXE” for “THE”), a whimsical signature that the signer never used on any other official document, and a listing of the birthplace of Obama’s father as “Kenya, East Africa.” That name has never applied to the region in Africa whose citizens now call the Republic of Kenya.

Arpaio sends men to Hawaii

The Obama birth certificate: probable casualty in the Obama eligibility battle

Obama's long-form birth certificate, as released by the White House. A photocopy of an image in a book, with green safety-paper texture added after-the-fact. Suppose a teacher had assigned this as homework? Would that teacher still be teaching?

Last night, WND published this staff report saying that Arpaio had raised the stakes. He has sent Mike Zullo, the lead investigator in his Cold Case Posse, to Hawaii to track down any leads that he can. Arpaio also sent a regular deputy detective, so that Zullo would have someone official with him when he tries to talk to Hawaiian officials. So now, for the first time, a law-enforcement officer on the official payroll is playing a role in an Obama eligibility case. This detective’s role is supportive only. Arpaio made plain that his deputy’s job is to advise, or to talk to any officials who might refuse to talk to Mr. Zullo. The Cold Case Posse does its own fundraising and will reimburse the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for the costs of two round-trip air fares, plus hotel accommodations. (WND‘s Jerome Corsi is in Hawaii with the two men. He will not report until they come back from Hawaii. The sheriff seems to be worried about leaks.)

Arpaio acted after Bennett spoke on the radio about Hawaiian officials not cooperating. He said then that Hawaiian officials “must be hiding something.”

This outrages Obama apologists, who rail against Arpaio for “wasting taxpayers’ money.” Some of these are the same apologists who smugly said that no “official LEO” was investigating. Until now.

Other Obama eligibility news

The Internet is buzzing, of course, about an earlier Obama memoir that lists Obama’s birthplace as Kenya. His literary agent listed him as Kenyan-born in 1991. WND then took screenshots from five-year-old Internet caches that showed the same thing. Obama has touted his Kenyan, not American, birth as recently as 2007. This has provoked laughter in other media (like But it also shows, at least, that Obama will change his own biography, as well as where he stands on issues, whenever it suits him. (He has also changed official biographies of past Presidents to tout his record. Pharaohs of Egypt often changed or even wiped out the biographies of their predecessors, and for much the same reason.)


Other Obama eligibility cases are still active. In a Florida case, plaintiff Mike Voeltz made plain that Secretaries of State have a “ministerial duty” to make sure that any name on any ballot belong to one qualified to hold the office he or she is running for. He cited the 2000 case if Bush v. Gore as binding precedent in Florida.


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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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You know, I thought you were clever enough to skip this one. Evidently not.

The reason the state of Hawaii is giving these idiots such a hard time is because people like you kept bothering them with so many “requests for confirmation” that the Governor – ”Republican” Linda Lingle – signed a bill that meant people asking for a particular certificate had to show why they wanted it.

There is nothing in the Constitution that requires a candidate’s birth certificate to be disclosed. There’s no such provision in Arizona law either. It also turns out that Bennett is a member of Romney’s campaign team, and I’d like to see any judge uphold a “due process” case when a SoS applies one set of laws to one candidate and another set of laws to another candidate.

I know you hate the idea, but it’s okay for a black man to be President these days. He’ll be president for four more years come November, so you’ll have plenty of time to get used to the idea.


And since he was born in Hawaii, as his birth certificate proves, he meets that criteria. Your attempts to introduce other criteria that haven’t been met by previous presidential candidates is pathetic and racist. Even Bennett has now realised this and has given up. Now, Obama simply has to meet the same criteria as everyone else, namely that he fills out the necessary paperwork. End of story.


You have no birth certificate because Obama isn’t required to show one! Even the scanned image he released was more than he had to provide.

Don’t tell me you take those idiotic “invalidating mistakes ” seriously? The person who put that list together clearly knows nothing about the way in which records are kept, the way computers process files or anything else germane to the question.

You’ve lost. Time to give in with what little grace remains to you and move on.

Ace McWicked

“I know you hate the idea, but it’s okay for a black man to be President these days”

At least he isn’t a Mexican, eh Terry.

Nathan Bickel

rpeh: Re: Your May 22, 2012 at 4:17 pm

There are relatively few people (in comparison with the failing irresponsible mainstream media) who have faithfully and responsibly covered this whole Obama identity scandal, – and Terry Hurlbut has been one of them.

Personally, “rpeh,” I am astounded that you haven’t learned more things from Conservative News and Views regarding this whole issue, since you frequent this site, and sometimes liter it with irrational and / or questionable, comments.

But, be that as it may, I am happy that free speech and the 1st Amendment is here for you, as it is also for me. Conservative News and Views is not in the habit of restricting comments and supportive substansiating informational links like many sites seem to be now doing.

Having stated the above – please read my “take” on where this Obama identity scandal is headed. Perhaps, you will begin to pull in your anti-birther and / or birther bashing horns, in, before you and others will be forced to eat crow over defending Obama for all his manifold deceptions:

Obama Identity Scandal Grows

link to

One more thing – “rpeh” – there is no need on your part to attempt to be another Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton, by introducing the race card into this discussion. That’s part of what I meant, earlier in this comment, when I stated, that you sometimes “liter” Conservative News and Views “with irrational and / or questionable, comments.”

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


“Pastor”, I’ve learned several things from this site. The first is that the accusations of racism leveled against birthers are true.

You, on the other hand, haven’t read anything I’ve written or you wouldn’t tell a British citizen that he’s protected by the first amendment.

The truth is that birthers have never appeared when candidates like McCain and Goldwater were around, but ooze out of the woodwork the moment a black man unpacks his bags in the White House. Just look at all the contradictory rumours, all designed to cast doubt on his history.

When this idiocy started I didn’t believe the charges of racism that were made against its instigators. After the release of two different forms of birth certificate and all the related investigation, I don’t see that there’s any other explanation.

Your “take” is nothing more than quotes from a self-promoting charlatan trying to con the public into buying his book.


Aaaand it’s over. Hawaii has certified that Obama was indeed born there in 1961.

So what’s the next allegation, Terry? Corruption? Bribery? What unfounded statement are you going to try now?


Oh puh-leeze.

Admit it, you’ve run out of straws to clutch. Just do a Google search and you’ll all the media are reporting on it. Hawaii responded (even though they should have told that Arizona idiot to lump it.)

That said, I eagerly await your next installment of ‘Wah! it’s all a conspiracy!”


Working backwords from the predetermined conclusion, Abercrombie must have been threatened or bribed by Obama. I don’t see any other reason he would cover for him. I guess maybe we could say he’s a RINO who was already Obama’s pocket. Funny, considering his history of criticizing Obama, but it was probably just to try and add legitimacy to the birth certificate coverup.

If and when Bennett accepts Hawaii’s verification, that will only mean Obama has gotten to him, too. Just another person Obama threatened/bribed. That will have to be the truth, because we already know Obama wasn’t born there.


Ah yes, he is a democrat. It just makes it that much easier to connect everything on my bedroom walls with red string.

So since we know Obama was not born in Hawaii, we know that Abercrombie must be covering for him.

And then if Bennett accepts the verification, then we can conclude that Obama and his thugs got to him with threats/bribes.

That’s what makes the most sense.


Wrong again Terry. Here’s the same story from Democratic Underground, The Daily Kos and (since you’re sure to level baseless accusations at those two), Hawaii News Now.

Case closed. It’s over. Obama was born in Hawaii so you’ll have to fall back on your ridiculous assertion about Obama’s father somehow making Obama ineligible, despite several precedents to the contrary.


Wow… so your response is to clap your hands over your ears, close your eyes and chant “la-la-la-la Hawaii didn’t do that!”

Denial much?


You birthers should read this book by one of Sheriff Joe’s posse: “A Question of Credibility: A Conflict of Interest”

Oh wait, no you won’t because it says something you disagree with – that Joe is a fraud and a crook.


link to

Can we finally move past this?

Oh, and just in case you criticize the source for being from “liberal San Francisco”:

link to

Now the question is: will the “birthers” finally admit defeat? Probably not, since this birth certificate nonsense got resolved back in 2008 and people have still been at it.

So now I challenge you: Where is Romney’s birth certificate? And where is Ron Paul’s birth certificate? Have they released theirs?

[…] Arpaio posse in Hawaii […]

[…] Arpaio posse in Hawaii […]

[…] Arpaio posse in Hawaii […]

[…] Arpaio posse in Hawaii […]


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