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Obama eligibility: Arpaio wants proof



The Obama birth certificate. Why is this still accepted as valid? The Birther movement still matters, for the precedent.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants more Obama eligibility proof from Hawaii. His Cold Case Posse leader said that what Hawaii has shown, is not valid. But getting a valid document might prove impossible—and Hawaiian officials might have deliberately made it so.

Obama eligibility today

Sheriff Arpaio gave an interview to Aaron Klein on WABC-TV (New York City). He said flatly that the “verification of birth” from Alvin T. Onaka, the Hawaii State Registrar, does not “impress” him.

Why doesn’t [Arizona SOS Ken Bennett] ask for the birth certificate? The microfilm, look at the originals to see if it exists? … Just saying that there is some information about the president’s background doesn’t impress me.

Arpaio denied that he sought to disqualify Barack H. Obama as President.

I wanted to clear the president. I’m not accusing him of any crime; I just want to see the microfilm. We have two twins on the microfilm around the time the president was born. So let’s see the microfilm, let’s see the original copy of the birth certificate, then we’ll put this to rest.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the only LEO conducting an Obama eligibility investigation

Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ.

The twins that Arpaio mentioned were Susan and Gretchen Nordyke. They were born on the afternoon of August 5. The Obama birth certificate document from the White House says he was born on the morning of August 4. No one has explained why the Nordyke twins have birth certificate numbers smaller than Obama’s.

Mike Zullo, a retired detective from New Jersey, now heads the Cold Case Posse of Maricopa County, Arizona. Over the weekend, he accused Hawaii officials of defrauding the people of Arizona.

We have developed incontrovertible proof that the verification provided by the Hawaii Department of Health to Arizona’s secretary of state on May 22 really doesn’t verify anything of significance.

Zullo won’t say yet what that proof is. But he pointed out two problems with the “verification” letter from Alvin Onaka:


The letter says what time Obama was born, but not what date. (It gives dates that Obama’s mother, and a hospital attendant, supposedly signed the certificate. Those dates agree with the published White House file.)

The initials “gk” appear to the right of Alvin Onaka’s signature. The “gk” letters look like secretary’s initials. But secretaries who type documents for bosses to sign, do not initial the signatures. (Typical boss-and-secretary initials look like this: “BOS:sec”.) Zullo suggested that Onaka’s secretary might have rubber-stamped the letter with a signature stamp while Onaka was absent.

Obama eligibility last year

Three months before Obama released a PDF file to look like a birth certificate, Pen Johannson published this article. In it she accuses many Hawaiian municipal and State officials, including former Governor Linda Lingle (R-HI), of misleading the American people with regard to Barack Obama’s birth. The problem began in the late summer of 2008. The Democratic Party of Hawaii submitted an Official Certification of Nomination (OCON) to Hawaiian election officials. The problem; The DPH stopped short of certifying that Obama is qualified to be President under the US Constitution. After that fiasco, the Democratic National Committee hurriedly sent another OCON to the Hawaii election office. But they might never have gotten in on time, because they have no “received” or “filed” stamps.

As a result, Hawaii’s chief elections officer disqualified Obama until he could hold a hearing. So when did that hearing take place? Possibly in late October. Obama abruptly flew to Hawaii to visit his sick grandmother in the second half of October. Pam Geller (Atlas Shrugs) was suspicious even then:

I think he is going to visit his birth certificate.

And perhaps he did. In any case, Johannson names several Hawaii Democratic Party and State government officials. All won promotions, transfers, or highly lucrative jobs.


The taxpayer money canard

Sheriff Arpaio took time to answer repeated canards that he is “wasting taxpayers’ money.” In fact, the Cold Case Posse raises private money, and will reimburse the Sheriff’s Office for the cost of flight tickets to Hawaii, and hotel stays, for Zullo and a Maricopa County deputy accompanying him. Arpaio said also, “The Posse’s paying for the deputy, too.” That could mean that the Posse will pay the deputy for his time as well as his travel expenses. (Arpaio also hinted that Donald Trump might donate to the Cold Case Posse. Trump has not confirmed this.)

In addition, Christopher, Viscount Monckton of Brenchley repeated what he has said earlier: that the Obama birth certificate file is an obvious, and bad, forgery.

Geraldo Rivera interviewed Lord Monckton for his own radio program on Thursday evening. Rivera scathingly said that Lord Monckton had no evidence. He even said that the viscount, and those he allied himself with, were “smoking crack together.” Unaccountably, Rivera does not link to his interview on the archive page for his show. Instead, he repeats the show he did the night before. But got the tape and uploaded it to YouTube. How long the tape will stay on YouTube, no one can say. That depends on whether Rivera “flags” the tape for copyright violation.


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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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So once again this joke of a sheriff continues to seek publicity and donations.

The Arizona Secretary of State has accepted that Hawaii has provided sufficient documentation to qualfiy Obama to be on the ballot this fall. The burden of proof is not what’s going to “satisfy” Arpaio – it’s what the law requires, and the law has been met per the person empowered under the law to make that call.

At this point Arpaio needs to either accept this and move on, or immediately provide a DA with enough hard evidence to convince an Arizona grand jury that their Secretary of State has just committed a crime in this matter. Otherwise, any use of taxpayer resources to continue this vendetta, even if reimbursed later by birther donations, is a dereliction of duty to the citizens who expect law enforcement instead of conspiracy chasing.

[…] Arpaio wants proof […]

[…] Arpaio wants proof […]

[…] Arpaio wants proof […]

[…] Arpaio wants proof […]

[…] Arpaio wants proof […]


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