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Boston Marathon Bombing: 1 suspect dead



Boston aftermath - and set-up

The Boston Marathon Bombing story broke wide-open during the night. The FBI seems to have identified—correctly—two suspects. The two shot it out with police, who killed one and are now looking for another. But this story also could embarrass the Obama administration for at least two reasons.

Boston Marathon Bombing: the latest

Yesterday at 5:00 p.m. ET, the FBI released photographs of two white men, one wearing a black baseball cap and the other wearing a white one. The FBI said they had footage of the two:

  1. Walking on the scene with backpacks, and then
  2. Walking off the scene without their backpacks.

More telling: they had footage of White Hat leaving his backpack at the second blast site.

The worthies at reacted in outrage. “These can’t be the perps!” they cried in effect. True enough, neither picture matched the pictures they had on their Web site. (And this was after the FBI, or someone close to it, said they were ready to arrest someone in the Boston Marathon Bombing, then didn’t do it.) As night fell, Infowars finally revealed what they really suspected. They identified their “suspects,” truthfully or not, as Navy SEALS. Thus they committed themselves to the false-flag story – and now chose to accuse US Navy and other special-forces units. That was the most serious charge anyone had made against the government. White Hat and Black Hat, Infowars head Alex Jones said, were “classic patsies.” ARVE Error: need id and provider

Except for one thing: when Alex Jones delivered that broadcast, White Hat and Black Hat had already tried to make a break for it. And by then the world knew who they were. Not “patsies.” And not “red-blooded Americans” either. They were Chechens, though White Hat was born in Kyrgyzia and Black Hat in Great Russia. In fact they were brothers. Both were dedicated Muslims – and Islamists. The distinction: a Muslim merely observes the classic religious practices of Islam. An Islamist dedicates himself to the armed conquest of the world in the name of “Allah.”

The two men were Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, ages 26 and 19. As of the time of posting, Tamerlan Tzarnaev (Black Hat) is dead. His brother Dzhokhar (White Hat) is still running from police. They think they have him trapped in Watertown, Massachusetts, a suburb to the west of Boston. Boston has shut down its buses and subways, to deny Dzhokhar:

  1. A target, or
  2. A way of escape.

Tamerlan and Dzhokhar seem to have done damage enough, beyond the Boston Marathon Bombing itself. They “carjacked” a Mercedes-model sport-utility vehicle and kept its owner hostage for thirty minutes. They then shoved him out into the parking lot of a convenience store. (The ex-hostage ran into the store and shouted “They’re going to kill me!” several times until he finally calmed down and convinced the store clerks he wasn’t drunk.) They then drove onto the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Campus police sent a squad car to answer a call about a “disturbance.” Police later found that guard dead in his patrol car, and guard and car both riddled with bullets. Police then spotted the Mercedes and gave chase. The two exchanged automatic gunfire with police, and threw out several bombs they had made. (First reports said they were hand grenades, and Alex Jones relied on that to suggest the pair the cops were chasing were Navy SEALS.)

The police now have the bullet-riddled Mercedes, and the body of Tamerlan. Dzhokhar got away; how, no one is telling. has this auto-refreshing page giving the latest on efforts to run down the Boston Marathon Bombing suspects. WND also has the Boston Marathon Bombing story on its front page at this hour. The Patriot Action Network has its own page, with 11 updates so far.

How can we be sure we have the suspects?

Boston Marathon Bombing - map of the two blasts

Boston Marathon Bombing: where the bombs were. Graphic: Anna Frodesiak, CC BY-SA 2.0 Generic License

Ironically, the Internet itself gives us the clue that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tzarnaev did carry out the Boston Marathon Bombing. Users of looked at footage from a Fox station in Boston, from Marathon day. They knew at once they had good shots of the men planting the bombs. They even started running down the brands of the hats the Brothers Tzarnaev wore.

Half an hour later, the FBI released their photographs. Photographs of the same two men. Thus they “scooped” even Alex Jones and his crew (see below).

This is what happens when a large group of individuals with a lot of time and seemingly infinite access to information can do. It’s amazing that, after several days of investigation by the U.S. intelligence community, Reddit users had drawn the same conclusion on suspects in the same amount of time.

Kevin Cirilli of describes the ties of the Brothers Tzarnaev to Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. Those two boys seem to have a long history with radical Islamism. At least Tamerlan does. He seems to have taken the lead.

John Foley at Information Week points out that no one could hope to pull off anything like the Boston Marathon Bombing and get away “clean.” Not in a modern American city, wired as it is for picture and sound wherever you go.


Boston Marathon Bombing: embarrassments to go around

The Boston Marathon Bombing story now has enough in it to embarrass many people who seem to have a stake in it.

Alex Jones lays an egg

First, Infowars seems unwilling to admit, for once, that the government did not cause mass casualties in a major US city. Never once did anyone in government try to blame either:

  1. A lone man with a mental problem and an obsession with guns and/or gun rights, or:
  2. Anti-tax or other anti-government “patriots.”

The media certainly did. And former Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) snidely said anyone calling for tax cuts should eat his words. (His theory: after all, you need police, and police are government. Barney Frank never once thought that maybe his opponents might hold that police are a proper function of government, but the welfare office is not.)

But even in the middle of his tirade for gun control, Barack Obama did not blame his political opponents for the Boston Marathon Bombing. When he spoke in Boston at the memorial service for the three who died that day, Obama said those who did the deed would “face justice.” He didn’t even try to identify them.

Anyone laying on a false-flag operation would surely have someone ready to blame, and lay the blame loudly and forcefully at every turn. Why didn’t Obama do that this time?

Perhaps on this account:


Obama administration faces inconvenient truths

Since taking office, de facto President Obama has tried to blank-out words like terrorism from the national discourse. The Fort Hood Incident was workplace violence. Our troops were on overseas contingency operations. And any mass-casualty event was a man-made disaster.

And now at least two men, who lived in this country for years, sought to kill several people in it. They now have four deaths to their shame, and nearly two hundred maimings.

Worse yet: twelve years after the original Nine-eleven Incident, the Obama administration now lets Saudi Arabia “vet” its own travelers to this country. Very few countries have this favor. And now evidence suggests at least one Saudi national might have taken some part in the Boston Marathon Bombing after all. Even though authorities said he was “clean.”

Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi belongs to a clan having many Al-Qaeda ties. And on Wednesday evening, Steve Emerson, a recognized Middle East expert, broke this news on Sean Hannity’s TV program: the United States will deport Ali Alharbi “on national security grounds.” ARVE Error: need id and provider

Hannity recalled that Reuters had reported earlier that Secretary of State John Kerry and the Saudi Foreign Minister had canceled a meeting they planned to have. Actually, they closed it to the press. Why? Kerry’s people said it was to relieve Kerry’s “busy schedule.” (If Reuters reported on any meeting changed, they have since scrubbed any such article.)


Diana West, writing at WND, asks whether the Obama administration is covering up for Saudi Arabia. Not that the kingdom itself had a hand in the Boston Marathon Bombing. Instead, that the US government wants to avoid even the suggestion that anyone from that desert kingdom had a hand in this or any other mass-casualty incident on American soil. So they will spirit Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi out of the United States as if he were carrying typhoid fever. Just as the Bush administration also spirited several Saudi nationals out of the country after the Nine-eleven Incident.

This week, it was Prince Saud again, at age 73 still foreign minister, who was visiting Washington. His photo-op with Secretary of State John Kerry, scheduled for the Tuesday morning after the Boston bombings, was abruptly canceled due to “scheduling” concerns – an alibi openly derided during a State briefing by the Associated Press’ Matt Lee. A closed meeting, however, took place. “Let me provide a readout of the meeting for all of you,” State spokesman Patrick Ventrell schoolmarmishly intoned, likely driving Lee’s acid skepticism.

The first reports strongly suggested that Alharbi himself had done the Boston Marathon Bombing. That’s not likely. After all, that’s not his mug the Reddit users and the FBI pulled out of the video slipstream. But why spirit him out of the country? Might he know more about the Brothers Tzarnaev than he has told? True, we have no reason to suppose he has. That is, we wouldn’t have, but for the special treatment he might be getting. And why else did Kerry and Saud reschedule and close their meeting, if not on his specific account?

To paraphrase Desi Arnaz, Senior: Obama, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do.


Dzhokhar Tzarnaev is now in police custody. Police arrested him in Watertown. He returned to a house that the police had already searched. But the alert owner of the house noticed an open boathouse door, and then a blood trail, and called police. They came, surrounded the boat, and waited him out. He is wounded, but alive. Police confirmed this at about 8:45 p.m. ET.


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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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Perhaps this will teach you the fallacy of trusting InfoWars as a source, Terry.

But as for your demand the administration explain, you’ve demonstrated that you have either have no interest in an explanation, or will ignore anyone given, because THE EXPLANATION IS ALREADY THERE: it’s two different Saudi nationals.

I’m curious, though: what was your response in the days after 9/11, when the glorious George Bush lifted the air travel ban to allow members of the bin Laden family to leave the country?

Fergus Mason

“I think that’s one of the biggest blunders that Bush Jr. made — spiriting those Saudis out of the country like that.”

On the other hand bin Laden’s family had effectively disowned him and keeping them in the country might have led to unpleasantness.

“As to Infowars, I gave them the benefit of doubt”

Generous, but not really recommended.

Fergus Mason

“A reasonable jury can have them dead-to-rights.”

Most likely, but I pretty much lose interest at that point. Better if he’d been shot, really; no good ever comes of arresting people like that. What matters more is working out why they did it. My guess is lone wolf Islamists, but it’s certainly worth doing some digging. That needs to be done by professionals, though, not by speculation on the internet.

Fergus Mason

“On the contrary: a trial, with the discovery process, is just the ticket to remove a lot of doubts, answer a lot of questions, and detail a lot of hidden motives.”

Nope. A trial in the USA is a circus of prancing lawyers. It isn’t even remotely concerned about the truth; it’s about which side gets to “win.” A properly run intelligence investigation may uncover useful truths; a trial won’t.

“Aren’t you curious to know whether they are part of a larger pack?”

Of course! I suspect I already know the answer, though, which is that they were crackpots who used the al-Qaeda brand name. Most Islamist terror attacks in the west fall into this bracket.

“Of which the real alpha dog might be somewhere in old Soviet territory?”


“Tamerlin Tzarnaev did not learn his craft by himself.”

Actually he very likely did. Devices of that level of sophistication aren’t all that hard. The information is all online.

“Someone taught him to work with explosives without blowing himself up for his pains.”

Again, no, probably not. If he’d been properly trained the devices would have done a lot more damage. As it was they only managed low-order detonations. To me, everything about this says “AQ franchisees, internet bomb design.”

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