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Boston Marathon Bombing Updates



Boston aftermath - and set-up

The Boston Marathon bombing story, or at least those parts of it that might suggest who did it, has changed radically. As a result, the people now have less confidence in their government, not more. This is not the result any government would want. Furthermore, the government might not want to admit, even to itself, who did the deed.

Boston Marathon Bombing: Where the story stands

The basic narrative of the Boston Marathon bombing changed little over the past day. Two bombs went off, seconds apart. The first was not inside the Fairmount Copley Square Hotel. Both bombs were at ground level. That explains why most victims lost their legs. (A high-level bomb would have hurt many people in the head and chest, and blown off arms.)

These blasts killed three people, including an eight-year-old boy and an restaurant manager. The blasts also injured well over a hundred more. Hospitals in Boston still list seventeen victims as “critical.”

Authorities now deny finding a third bomb at 600 Boylston Street. They also deny that the fire at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library had any connection with the Boston Marathon bombing.

Whoever made the bombs, built them from 6-liter pressure cookers and hid them in black duffel bags. (This from the Associated Press.) One carried ball bearings. (This explains why one witness discovered tiny balls, almost like bird shot, in his pockets.) The other carried nails. Surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital found many of these nails in their patients as they operated. These bombs looked like the kind of roadside bombs our troops have found, or run into, in Afghanistan. The recipe for them, according to Fox News Channel, came from the Al-Qaeda on-line magazine Inspire.


Authorities did set a heavy guard around a 20-year-old Saudi national at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Witnesses spotted him running away from one of the blasts. He came in to the hospital with severe burns on his legs. Authorities got a warrant to search his apartment in Boston. And after searching it, and questioning him, they now rule him out as a suspect. As far as they’re concerned, he’s “clean.”

Aaron Klein, Israel bureau chief for WND, reported this morning that authorities in Pakistan and Afghanistan arrested several Al-Qaeda suspects. (Or so Klein heard from several informants he has cultivated in the Gaza Strip.) They boasted they laid on the Boston Marathon bombing to retaliate for an air raid that killed five Taliban men near the Afghan-Pakistani border. So far, no authority in either country has confirmed arresting anyone.

Boston Marathon bombing: the blame game

Boston Marathon Bombing - map of the two blasts

Boston Marathon Bombing: where the bombs were. Graphic: Anna Frodesiak, CC BY-SA 2.0 Generic License

The government has now put itself in a difficult position. They have no suspects. They say only that they are looking into it, “will get to the bottom of it,” and “will find out who did this.” But they seem no closer to knowing who planted those bombs than when they first went off. Or do they know, and don’t want to tell?

David Axelrod, once one of de facto President Obama’s closest advisers, tried to lay the blame non-specifically on anti-tax activists. (Clip One, go.) From The Weekly Standard:

I’m sure what was going through the president’s mind is – we really don’t know who did this – it was tax day.

Yes, it was Tax Day. It was the deadline for tax returns from individuals and from partnerships. But if anyone was going to protest the income tax, they would sooner send in a woman runner to wear a “body stocking” and strip to this garment as she neared the finish line. Lady Godiva, not Guy Fawkes, is the favorite anti-tax symbol.

Gary DeMar at Godfather Politics gathered more examples of leftist commentators trying to blame right-wing activists for the Boston Marathon Bombing. WND had two more examples from CNN and CBS.


“Truthers” have also sprung up to blame the government itself. Mike Adams at Natural News charged that the Boston Police Department bomb squad knew ahead of time about the Boston Marathon Bombing. He quotes witnesses telling him several officers shouted, “Don’t worry! This is just a drill” after the first blast. He also says “bomb sniffing dogs” were at the start and finish lines long before either blast. This, plus the feeble attempts to blame “right wing extremists,” suggests a modern Reichstagsbrand to Adams.

To his credit, Adams suggested how to tell a “false flag” from a real terrorist attack:

Regardless of what you might think is behind this right now, the real proof will be found in what Obama calls for in response to the bombings.

If he calls for TSA on the streets of America to “keep everybody safe” at sporting events, then it’s all clearly a false flag rolled out for a political purpose. It was all a pretext to justify a TSA lockdown.

If the [Boston Marathon bombing] is used to frame and blame veterans, patriots or “right-wing extremists,” then it’s clearly a false flag, too. Veterans and patriots have been severely demonized by the Obama administration as well as the leftist media.

If the administration avoids using the bombings to roll out its political agenda, then it might have legitimately been a random terrorist attack by a deranged individual. We’ll have to wait and see what Obama calls for in reaction to the attacks in order to know their true political purpose.


Thus far, the de facto president has not called for any heavy security presence on American streets. Nor has he picked up on the anti-right-wing blame game. (The InfoWars crew did get someone in to ask about any “advance knowledge” at a press conference in Boston; see Clip Two. But the Boston authorities certainly could have laid on a drill “just in case.” That’s why they could respond so quickly. That might also explain an earlier report that they found and defused a third bomb on Boylston Street. Maybe the third bomb, if it was even there, was part of the drill and not part of the plot.)

One other person picked up on what they thought was a gruesome fraud in an ABC-TV video: a bloody body part that now you saw, now you didn’t. The alleged body part disappears when a police officer walks in front of it. (Clip Three, go.) But play Clip Four, and pay attention beginning two minutes and thirty seconds in. You’ll see a bright red object, looking like a red Biohazard bag, blowing away in the wind as the officer walks past.

The other observer took alarm because the mainstream media were busy blaming “patriots” and “veterans” for the Boston Marathon bombing. She thought she heard someone hinting that Americans needed to give up freedom for safety, as Israelis seemed to have done. The problem: if anyone said that about Israel, he is exaggerating. Yes, in Israel one does see more police, and especially more troops, than in America. But except in Judea and Samaria, or on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, or other especially sensitive places, no one randomly accosts people to ask for “Your papers, please.” (Or they didn’t two years ago when this correspondent visited that country.)

Boston Marathon bombing: the real culprits?

The government does not seem to be laying blame on “the right wing,” even if its left-wing apologists did. But they seem to want to ignore the real culprits. Because we now have evidence to suggest they knew in advance where an attack might come, and who would do it, and did nothing.

Reza Khalili, also of WND, filed this report this afternoon. The title alone should give anyone pause: “US was warned of terror attacks.” Khalili gives this link to an interview for Fars News Agency by the deputy chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces.


If the people of America and Europe do not confront the aggressive policies of their governments, they cannot then remain far from the possible future events.

And what “aggressive policies” is he talking about? Involvement in the Syrian civil war. The general also said Al-Qaeda would be Iran’s proxy in such action.

So if Obama now says Al-Qaeda (or a home-grown cell) did the Boston Marathon Bombing, he might have to admit three things he’d rather hide:

  1. US diplomats, agents, or other “operatives” are mixing it up in Syria. Benghazi affair, anyone?
  2. Al-Qaeda is not “on the run” at all. And worse yet:
  3. Al-Qaeda can strike on American soil.

The only problem with that scenario: Al-Qaeda controls the Syrian opposition, too. But that might not matter. The Iranians might be in league with one Al-Qaeda faction, and the Syrian rebels with another.

Regardless of the source, the United States government blundered, and badly. The Boston Marathon Bombing might not make them look like the black-hearted knaves that would plant bombs to kill their own people just to get a headline. But instead they now look like the Keystone Kops trying to fight a real war and being hopelessly out of their class. ARVE Error: need id and provider
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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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Terry, it’s obvious what’s going on: you and the rest of the far right in America are terrified — TERRIFIED — that the culprit in this will be proven to be one of your own. I know in your paranoia, you believe that the Big Bad Barack will come for, but ultimately, the real thing you have to fear is that, just like after Oklahoma City, the radical right will be discredited.

Fergus Mason

“He also says “bomb sniffing dogs” were at the start and finish lines long before either blast.”

And I’m sure he’s absolutely right. Search dogs have a fairly good chance of finding an IED before it detonates, but they’re not really necessary afterwards.


Your first sentence makes no sense.

“Instead, they wish the whole thing hadn’t happen. Even his expressions of outrage stick in his throat. His delivery of them has been more wooden than at any other time I’ve heard him speak. And that shows that he has a good idea who the perpetrators are, or at least whom they work for. And he can’t admit that, because it doesn’t fit his narrative.”

First, what are you saying, he should be happy it happened? As for Obama having knowledge of who did it that he’s not commenting on, have you considered the thought that it’s an ongoing investigation and he might not want to give a hint to the culprits that the FBI or whoever is closing in?


I didn’t say the righties did it. I said you were terrified of that being the case. Unlike you, I’m withholding judgment.


So you speak for everyone on the American right? Everyone? You are so perceptive and psychic you can say with absolute certainty there is not one deranged individual who might do something like this?

link to

Fergus Mason

“Al-Qaeda as a proxy for Iran”

Uh, no. You do know that Iran (Shia) and al-Qaeda (Salafist Sunni) absolutely loathe each other, right?

Fergus Mason

“Then why did the deputy chief of staff for the Iranian military speak approvingly of using Al-Qaeda proxies? Follow the link and you’ll see.”

Well, the linked article is in Farsi, which I don’t read, and I can’t find that interview on the English language version. However Iran have plenty groups they can use as proxies, so I see no reason they’d use one they hate. I also can’t see AQ working for people they regard as liberal (yes, really) heretics. I’m not buying this one at all.

James B

Terry, You say, “[the righties] would never have done such a thing”. One word in reply: Oklahoma.

Fergus Mason

“Nevertheless, I saw a translation of the general’s remarks, that mentioned AQ.”

Got a link? I ask because I would be VERY surprised at any hint of collaboration between Iran and AQ. That would be even more absurd than Saddam Hussein having had links with them.

Fergus Mason

“The Reza Khalili article has the link. Follow that.”

I did. However it doesn’t seem to mention anything about Iran/AQ cooperation that comes from an Iranian source. The General certainly said AQ could move to the west, but he didn’t say Iran would have anything to do with it. And as I said, Iran and AQ detest each other. Iran has actually provided a lot of intelligence on AQ activities to the UK and USA.

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